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Name: Noxism
Type: religion
Leader: Cassandra
Founded: 2012-07-26
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Purpose: Believers in the Goddess Nox

Members: 8
Territory owned: none
Av. Level: 44.3
Av. Align: Samaritans
Av. Deaths: 0
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Members of this religion believe in the Goddess Nox, sometimes called "Mother Night". They share a common creation myth, although they may interpret it differently or even believe it to be fiction/metaphor.

Membership is not restricted in any way, and members are under no obligation or expectation. All who apply are approved. Membership simply denotes that the character currently claims to believe in Nox. Members practice their faith in a variety of ways, and may or may not recognize the authority of Noxian priesthoods such as the Order of Night's Embrace or the Paladins of Nox.

Contrary to the faction page, the religion was not founded by Cassandra, and is not formally led by her. It is simply a set of beliefs which date back to before the Holocaust. Cassandra is only one member of it, though she has devoted herself to its revival and the recovery of lost texts and artifacts.

Known Sects:
- The Order of Night's Embrace
- The Paladins of Nox

- Creation Myth
- The Dusk Sanctum is a sacred space open to all Noxians, located below Crypt 13. It is also accessible from the Honeymead Library and the Abandoned Mansion.
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