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If you are looking for roleplay information on Fadeportals see: Fadeportals (RP)


A Fadeportal may be purchased via Karma. They allow the user to go from one location (where the Fadeportal is set), to another previously designated location instantaneously as if using the power Teleport.

Fadeportal prior to use. Set to 7, -6 World


Fadeportals can not teleport a user into a private abode unless the person who sets the Fadeportal owns said private location.


By default, Fadeportals are one way, meaning a character can go through them and they are dropped at a previously designated location. To create a two way portal, two portals must be purchased with reciprocating locations.

Fadeportals are set the same way computer terminals, crafting benches, forges and other convenience items are. As such, they can only be placed in locations owned by characters. Any fadeportals found in public locations should be approached with some caution as there is no indication where they go prior to stepping through one.

Once used, a fadeportal takes the user to the pre-designated location.

The interface for a Fadeportal is the same as with any door. To use the Fadeportal, you have to be on the correct square, and hit the door icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Once the icon is hit, the character will be automatically transported.

Anyone with access to the location where the Fadeportal is set, can use the Fadeportal.

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