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Welcome to the Path of the Vampire and Blood of the Vampire Wiki. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Wiki Moderator on the Forum and she will be sure to get back to you promptly.

If you are new to either game be sure to check out our Beginner's Guide. The guide has a wealth of valuable information for new players, and can be used to understand core gaming and roleplay concepts. You may also want to go through the tutorial on grid, as it will walk you through several aspects of gameplay, and offer a few small perks. Finally, it's suggested you read the story introduction because it will help you jump into the roleplay world without having to read all of the mythos prior to posting.

If you would like to contribute to Path's canon, or if you would like to suggest or request roleplay articles, you may do so here.

If you find any pages in error, report it to the wiki mod, or to the Storyteller. Or you can correct the information yourself.

If you find information on a topic lacking, unclear, or if you think it may be wrong, you can contact the wiki mod, storyteller, or post to that page's talk page with your concerns. Any errors or misconceptions will be quickly remedied.


The Wiki is OOC. None of the information can be accessed by your character, as the Path of the Vampire wiki is merely an out of character resource. Characters may have limited knowledge of content found in the roleplay articles. Even then, be sure to use discretion and only use information which your character would know. For example, when looking at the Zombies (RP) page, a character who has come into contact with zombies would obviously know what they look like. If they have been a citizen of Harper Rock for a while, they would know some rumors about them, etc.

Please do not make character, business, faction, or bloodline articles. If you would like to add a faction page, add it to the Faction Listing. There is also a listing for Sub-Bloodlines, and a Business Listings.

Be sure a page does not currently exist before making a new one. Duplicate pages will be condensed.

Try to limit the amount of information repeated on the wiki. Instead of taking articles and repeating them wholesale, please just link a new or existing page to relevant information, so that when an update happens, a person doesn't have to sort through a half dozen pages to update the same information in several places. Having several smaller pages with the accurate and up to date information is better than having numerous sprawling pages with the same information.

Thank you for reading.

Adding Content

It is preferable for you to create a wiki user account with a name that is identical or at least very similar to your grid account name. This way we can know who edited what page, and who we should contact if anything goes wrong. It would also help to keep an eye for spambots. If you have already created an account with a name that is not like your character's and don't wish to make a new account, you can create a user page by clicking on the username at the top right of the screen (next to My Talk and My Preferences) and mention who you play.

When you are editing the wiki, we ask that you practice Wiki Etiquette.

For help with wiki coding for pages, please go here: Path Wiki Codes. You can test your coding in the Wiki Sandbox. There are more detailed codes found at the Wikipedia CheatSheet

For detailed instructions on how to create a new page, or new content, see the Help:Contents

Content which is always in need of addition or update is: major updates and small updates.

Content which may require review, additional links, or may need linked to relevant pages can be found: Special:DeadendPages and Special:LonelyPages

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