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You may also be looking for gameplay mechanics related to NPCs.

This page is devoted to canon information which pertains to NPCs, who can be interacted with on the grid. You will note that some NPCs have their own pages, such as Zombies (RP), they will be briefly touched on here, but for more information, you should read the related NPC page.

You may also note that certain NPCs are not on this page. NPCs such as wolves, for example, are just wolves, and therefor do not require further elaboration.

This page is not related to specific human NPCs such as Thralls, or Important Figures in Harper Rock.

Ancient Zombie

  • Zombies which are essentially little more than skeletons, these creatures represent animated corpses of the long dead.

Blood Thief

  • Blood thieves are NPC versions of members of the Blood Thief Class. As such, they look human, though they may grow fangs if near vampires.


  • A type of siren, they are demifae, and can be described as snake-like in appearance, having certain snake physical traits such as scales. They are currently all controlled by the Hebigumo Foundation.
  • In their natural state, they have fish-like tails (like a mermaid), have scales, and serpentine eyes.
  • They can shapeshift to appear human, and frequently seek mates.
  • Seductive, charming, dangerous.
  • They come in two varieties on grid: Shaman, and Worker.


  • See; Fade Beasts (RP).
  • Beings made of living shadow, they are part flesh and part spirit.
  • Very strong, and extremely dangerous.

Feral Vampire

  • Undead creatures, feral vampires are zombies which have ingested some vampire blood. They are not vampires, but have gained some of their strengths.

Hunter Footsoldier

  • Hunter Footsoldiers are hunters. They therefor look human, and will attack Vampires on sight. They usually carry a pretty decent amount of firepower.


  • Are one of the types of Siren. Currently, they are all affiliated with the Hebigumo Foundation. Their natural form is that of a giant spider with a human torso. They can shapeshift to appear more human.
  • They frequently eat their mates after copulation.
  • Are extremely vicious, and completely lack empathy.
  • Are attracted to material wealth.

Jorogumo Matriarch

  • Appear almost completely inhuman. The Matriarchs rule siren nests, which tend to manifest as a type of raid, called Team Raids. They are very powerful, always female, and are similar to a bee queen.

Lesser Jorogumo

  • Weaker Jorogumo. Like the Matriarchs, they are demifae.


  • The NPC Factions#Lionelli, are a very powerful vampire, bloodline.
  • They are a criminal family, who constantly seek to gain new territories.
  • They are extremely ruthless, and will do anything to gain more power.
  • They may be described in RP with whatever physical and personality traits you desire. As many of them belong to particular bridges, it is suggested you exercise discretion when describing their paths, and powers.


  • Information about Mooncalfs can be found here.
  • They are undead, and created by master necromancers.
  • They are basically several corpses or corpse parts put together to make a new and unique monster.

Greater Mooncalf

  • Mooncalfs which not only have human parts, but animal parts, making them significantly stronger.


Paladin discussed here are NPCs, and are similar, but not the same as characters of the Paladin Class.

Paladin Berserker

  • Paladin Berserkers are most commonly associated with The Order of St. James. However, as of Chapter 5, the Order was driven out of Harper Rock. Thus, any paladin berskerers your characters run into work independently, or for another unknown faction. Frequently they are hunters. They are visually the same as humans, though some may choose to fight entirely in the nude. They are covered in tattoos, which give them their power.

Paladin Elder

  • Very strong paladins, presumed to be significantly older than their berserker counterparts. They may be, but are not necessarily, several years older than the human lifespan should allow. They look human.

Rogue Necromancer

  • Rogue Necromancers are Vampires, who operate outside of the beliefs, customs, and structures of other vampires in Harper Rock.
  • Little is known about them, though they can be found in raids.
  • Rogue Necromancers are obsessed with raising the undead and do not care about Vampiric Secrecy.


Ancient Sorcerer

  • Extremely powerful sorcerers, who frequently lead hunter mini-factions. They are most commonly seen in raids. They are visually indistinguishable from other humans but wield massive magical energies, and may be extremely old (despite potentially looking quite young).

Apprentice Sorcerer

  • Frequently, though not always, they assist hunters, and are visibly indistinguishable from any other human character, in roleplay. They are assumed to be very similar to the sorcerer class.


  • Spirits are deceased humans, which mediums can sometimes speak to; though this is not a guarantee they will be easy to talk to.
  • Spirits 'appear' on the physical plane by building anima. Anima, allows them to interact on a limited basis, with the real world. When that anima is depleted, they lose their ability to manifest until they build up more again.
  • Spirits in the Shadow Realm are there because of their close proximity to the Rift; they were essentially pulled inside, as humans would not naturally go to the Shadow Realm upon dying. The Shadow Realm only began consuming human spirits a decade prior to the Sundering.
  • Spirit consumption may be described at the writer's discretion, however the default manner is to simply walk into them. Because vampires are spiritual creatures themselves, they absorb the spirit's anima into their own.

Trayonetic Bear

  • Trayonetic bears are undead creatures. They are bears who have died while someone was attempting to turn them into animal blood thieves. Because they were in the process of transitioning, they are essentially zombies, but with certain vampiric traits, such as heightened strength, etc. They may be described in various stages of decay.


  • Vampire NPCs are just like any other vampire, only they are not played. If you are writing interacting with a vampire NPC, you can give them whatever personality or physical attributes you like. You can also select their path, etc. Bear in mind that NPC vampires on the grid have a set strength, but for the sake of RP, you may modify how powerful they are within reason.


  • For more information about zombies, see Zombies (RP)
  • Zombies are animated corpses. Generally they are created when a spirit is forced into a dead body and are therefor undead.
  • Zombies can be created by necromancers, though they occur naturally around the Rift, under the Quarantine Zone.

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