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Created by: Tytonidae


Vampiric Secrecy "You shall not utter the name of our kind" Exposing our existence puts us all at risk and for those dumbasses who have not yet worked it out, you also put those humans you claim to be helping at risk. Don’t do it.

Loyalty "You shall have no loyalty before vampire-kind" If your loyalties come into to conflict then protecting vampire secrecy should be your priority.

Complacency “You shall not, in any way, aid an offender.” This is pretty self explanatory but for those who need a little more; An offender is one who has been found guilty of breaking these laws, if you help one then you become one too.

Siring "You shall not sire recklessly" Be selective when siring. Whilst a sire cannot control those actions of those they turn, they do have a responsibility to the community when any action or behaviour of a childe becomes a danger to us all. Contain it or cut it loose.

War "You shall not kill without need" While killing is occasionally necessary to protect vampire kind there is a smart way and a dumb way. Make sure it is necessary and do it right or find yourself in deep trouble.

Stealing/Vandalism “You shall not take what does not belong to you.” Do not steal from other vampires. If it isn’t yours, don’t touch it. Simple.

Summoning/Enthralling “You shall not summon/enthrall that which you cannot control.” Ignorance is not bliss, it just makes you look stupid. If you summoned or enthralled it, then you control it. If not, then kill it before we find you.

Trespassing “You shall not enter a property uninvited.” Again, rather straight forward. If you don’t own it and you weren’t invited, don’t go in it. The only exception to this rule is when an offender is being hunted. In some cases if the owner is found to be protecting the offender they will be subject to punishment as well.

Subversion “You shall not, in any way, use the New Code in a deceitful manner for personal gain.” If you try to be clever and are found to be manipulating the Code for personal gain you will die.

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