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The Story of Nox and Helios

The Story of Nox and Helios is the Creation Myth and/or fundamental belief on which all the Sects of Noxism are based. The story has been split into 2 sections to show what would have been believed pre and post holocaust, as the story has been added too since vampires returned to the Earth.
Note: Wiki articles are usually OOC information, but Cassandra will gladly sit down and relate this exact story just as written to anyone with even a passing interest in it. Feel free to use The Story of Nox and Helios as IC info.


In the beginning, there was the darkness. Expansive and all-encompassing, She was everywhere and everything, and She was alone. Seeking to have another to share existence with, She drew herself back, leaving a place where She was not. In that place which was left shone a bright light, golden and warm. They looked upon each other, and they came to know their names. The darkness was named Nox, and the light was named Helios, and for a time they lived together peacefully.
Together they created the heavens and the earth, the oceans and the land, and every living thing. They split eternity in two, with Nox overseeing half of Time and Helios overseeing the other. Nox's reign was called Night, and Helios' reign was called Day. Their creation flourished, with Helios' warmth and light causing things to grow and Nox's dark cover allowing them rest and peace. They continued adding to their creation, with Helios giving form to the deer and the fire, while Nox added nocturnal creatures such as the owl, and gifting Helios' fire with smoke. Nox was filled with joy at this endeavour, and her companion Helios.
Then, one night as she awoke, Nox found something new beneath the skies. His name was Man, and he was more powerful than anything yet living upon the earth. He walked the land during the day, tearing apart their creation and forming it into devices of their own making. Worse, they used Helios' fire to burn away at her blessed and restful cover, allowing them to blaspheme the order of creation, working far into the night at their wretched machinations.
"Helios!" she cried, her words insubstantial and divine, given voice by the hushed sussurus of the night's creatures, and the soft rustle of grass across a midnight plain. "What have you done? These creatures will destroy everything we've worked for!"
Helios' reply came in the form of mud cracking beneath the sun, and the shouts of man falling upon the sacredness of creation. "I am greater than you, Nox!" he roared. "I am the rightful god of this creation, and it will proclaim my name as its lord, not your petty balance! I will reign supreme in this place, and you will serve me!" His declarations went on and on, for Helios was given to great feats of rhetoric and tirades.
Nox, however, was a being of silence and action. She reached out, clouding mens' minds and leaving them weak, leaving them agitated and restless, in conflict even with one another. Cruel Helios, seeing this, struck back against her - leaving the image of his light upon her. The wound sought to heal itself, but reopened over the course of time, endlessly healing and rupturing, leaving a bit of light to shine down within the night, what men came to call the Moon.
Nox wept bitterly at this treachery, drops of her very essence cascading down through the skies and soaking into the men of Helios' creation. Her gift transformed them, causing them to become as far beyond men as men were beyond the base creatures of their joint efforts. They could not withstand the foul, unholy gaze of Helios and shunned the daylight, but when She reigned, so did they. These creatures were called vampires, Nox's redemption, and once again Man withdrew from Her demesnes, fearing the night instead of respecting it as other creatures did. The vampires stirred Nox's heart and pride, and she knew that these were her true children.
Still, cruel Helios continued to wreak havoc on the beautiful balance of their creation, choosing to destroy the most beautiful creatures when he could not gain power over the vampires. In this way many were nearly lost - the ferocious Hydra, the beautiful Pegasus, the immortal Phoenix. Nox did what she could for them, taking them and hiding them away in story and legend, safe within the fabric of the world.


Vampires grew and flourished, stretching the boundaries of Nox's perfect balance, until finally one departed Her ways completely. Seeing his opportunity to destroy Nox's creation, Helios raised up a vast army to eliminate vampires, and he almost succeeded. When things seemed almost lost, Nox sent a messenger to vampire-kind, the spirit of one of Her greatest servants given form as a crow. Nox's messenger sought out Her childer, helping them escape Helios' grasp into the safety of the Shadow Realm.
In time, despite the best efforts of one of their own who had been corrupted by foul Helios, Nox's childer found their way back to the world. They took their place once again against his tyranny and destruction, and the tools of injustice and disunity that he used against them. To this day they thrive within Her embrace, growing ever stronger, ever more becoming Nox's true Justice over treachery.

What is Noxism?

Members of this religion believe in the Goddess Nox. Members may practice their religion formally or casually, and may or may not recognize the authority of Noxian priesthoods such as the Order of Night's Embrace or the Paladins of Nox.

Known Sects of Noxism


Noxeososism celebrates both Nox and Helios equally, recognising the fact that both deities are essential in creating and maintaining balance within the known universe. As much as there is no night without day or light without dark, for those of this sect there can be no Nox without Helios. Even the name of the faith itself shows this with the Latin word 'nox' (night) and 'eosos' (dawn) being placed side by side.

The Order of Night's Embrace

Information to come.

The Paladins of Nox

Founded in the latter part of the 14th century, the Paladins of Nox were a direct answer to the Order of Saint James of the Sword who had begun to train as both sorcerers and paladins. A military arm of the religion, their primary goal was the protection of vampiric kind through any means necessary. What began as a group to defend the species from outside threats transformed in to one that defended from internal ones as well when the Paladins of Nox went to war with The Red Order.

Fighting a war on multiple fronts, the Paladins of Nox were unable to keep up and the majority were killed in the middle part of the 18th century before the Holocaust was completed.

Since the return, only Jonah Vedarian has held the mantle of a Paladin of Nox, styled as the Hammer due to a vision imparted to him by Cassandra. Picking up where the previous Paladins left off, their current focus is threats both internal and external, hunting bounty offenders, paladins, fae, and other supernatural beings that have begun to enter the city.

Signing up


Membership of the religion is not restricted in any way, and members are under no obligation or expectation. All who apply are approved. Membership simply denotes that the character currently claims to believe in Nox. To sign your character up as a believer, you need to go to the "Faction" page here and click where it says Apply to join (which can be found on the left hand side of the page, just above the emblem).

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