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Powers are abilities that are path (or class) dependent. Each path has 10 unique power. The paths are linked via Bridges which have 5 unique powers for vampires and 1 unique power for humans or semideus. Each power has two levels to it - Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Every vampire and semideus naturally belongs to a Path. Humans may choose their class. All can unlock at least one bridge and learn the powers of another path/class. Vampires can have the potential to unlock all the bridges and paths of their brethren; however, doing so does not bring with it any other characteristics of the paths (such as strengths or weaknesses) - your character's one path will be the one you chose for them.

Powers are gained by collecting PXP. Each power costs a different amount of PXP depending on its location. It is advised that you look at the cost of the powers you want so you can plan ahead.


Example of a Path Power Grid

Your character's powers can be gained through the "Powers" option in the "Character" drop down menu.

The powers page shows the power grid where you can obtain powers. It always opens to the grid for their base path. Clicking the arrows on either side will allow you access to the neighboring bridges, while the larger arrow at the right will take you to the mastery powers.

When you hold your mouse over one of the blood splats/circles in the image, you will be shown the information for the power, including the name; the type of power; how much anima it takes to activate it; how much PXP it costs to buy; and a brief description of what the power does.

Buying a power is as simple as clicking the appropriate blood splat, which will then turn red. If you place your mouse over the red splat, you'll be presented with the information on the Tier 2 version of that same power. Buying the Tier 2 power works in the same way as buying the initial power, but the splat will turn red with a white glow around it. It is important to note you must buy the Tier 1 power to purchase the Tier 2 version.

For vampires to move beyond their base path, they will need to acquire some the path's basic powers. From here, they can move on to one of three areas: one of the two neighboring bridges (which eventually lead to other paths) or they can master the path by going straight on into the mastery which contains the most potent powers.

Powers may be purchased in any order and in any combination once a path or bridge is unlocked. It is not required to have all powers on a particular path or bridge to move forward. A vampire, however, will need to have a certain number unlocked before they can bridge.


Example of a Vampire's Bridge Power Grid

Bridging is the process of moving from one path or bridge to another. A bridge is the smaller specialized pathway between two paths.

To be able to bridge to a new path/bridge, the vampire must have learned a selection of powers in the path/bridge from which they are moving away. On a path, 8 powers must have been purchased. On a bridge, that number is reduced to 6. Tier 1 powers count as 1 power while Tier 2 powers count as 2 (once for the Tier 1, once for the Tier 2).


Each path/bridge has a Wraith Guide associated with it that is paid 1,000 EXP to unlock the desired path/bridge, though the first unlock is free.

Wraiths can be searched for throughout the city using Seeker powers. When locations are found, typically they are posted in the Wraith Guide Locations section of Using Terminals#Crownet.

Dual Classes

Dual classing is the process humans and semideus use to bridge from their base path to another. They are only allowed to perform this bridge once, hence the name.

In order to dual class, humans and semideus must complete the required quest This grants them an unique bridge power and access to the secondary path.


An example of a Mastery Power Grid.

To gain mastery powers, simply take a mastery faeshard to Aeryn the Ritualist in the abandoned mansion (19, -2, Wilderness). These faeshards will cost you $2,000,000, and can be bought from magic shops. To work out which faeshard you need, go to your power grid and click on the arrow facing right from the path you wish to gain mastery over.

The specific class, path, or bridge a faeshard is used for is also listed in the description of the faeshard at the magic shop.

Each mastery power on your home path/class (the path you started on) will cost you 30 PXP. However, each mastery power on any other path/class will cost you 300 PXP per power.


The purchase of powers is done with PXP.

Within a path, PXP costs increase as one approaches the mastery bridge. For a home path, the cost of powers is considered to be base cost, ranging from 2 PXP to 15 PXP. For vampire bridges, costs increase as one approaches the center power before decreasing again. Base bridge powers (those bridges on either side of a vampire's home path) range from 16 PXP to 24 PXP.

As a vampire moves away from their base path, the PXP costs increase in accordance to distance from the base path.

  • One Path Away - 2x PXP Cost
  • One Bridge Away - 1.5x PXP Cost
  • Two Paths Away - 3x PXP Cost
  • Two Bridges Away - 2x PXP Cost
  • Three Paths Away (ie, across the path circle) - 4x PXP cost

For humans and semideus, the cost of powers on their secondary path are double the base cost.

The only exception to this is Mastery powers. Mastery powers on a base path are 30 PXP each. Any Mastery Powers outside these will be available at 300 PXP each.


Skirmish powers can be activated using "Quick Cast", which is shown on the left side panel of the main grid page. Turning on the "Quick Cast" option is done either on the Settings page or at the top of the "Learned Powers" page. To use any other types of powers, you will need to use the "Learned Powers" page.

Example Skirmish Powers section

All purchased powers are accessible via the "Activate Powers" link which is on the left side panel of the main grid page. This page ("Learned Powers") is broken into four sections - one for each type of power. Some powers fall into more than one category and will show in all applicable sections.

Skirmish Powers are those powers that can be used in PVP. Each power is listed with its name, the path/bridge the power is from, a brief description, anima cost and an use button. Using a Skirmish Power requires that you be in the same square as the target, whom is then chosen in the available drop-down box before clicking 'Use'.

Example Grid Powers section

Grid Powers are those powers that typically require some sort of input to use and/or do not fall into one of the other categories. Powers listed here are not direct skirmish powers, though some, such as Mind Block, are still considered PVP powers. Each power is listed by name with the path/bridge it is from, the anima cost along with its activation information.

Battle Powers are those powers that can be used in battles - NPC or Gauntlet. The power is listed by name, the path/bridge it is from and the description. To use these powers in battle, you must set your Battle Tactics to allow their use.

Constant Powers are those powers that do not cost any anima to use and are considered to be perpetually active. Some of there powers will also appear in the "Grid Powers" section as they need information to work. One example of this is Read Memories which is a Constant Power but needs the target name inputted under the "Grid Powers" section to work.

Note: You can only use one of the following healing powers each day: Healing Trance, Mystic Healing, Quickening, or Zombie Constitution, unless you possess a Healing Vambrace, which allows for any two of the above healing powers to be used each day.

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