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This business is located at (8, 8) on the first floor of The 8th Dimension Mall.

Over at Quartermaine Custom Creations, we are always seeking to improve what services we can provide that will meet our customer's needs and interest new faces to come by and see what QCC has to offer.

Stop by the next time you're in Redwood and see what's new!

All forms of life and unlife welcome! (but please don't bite our customers!)

As a courtesy to customers, Quartermaine Custom Creations offers the following amenities: An ATM (at 8, 9), a Regular Shop (at 8,10), a Magic Shop (at 8,8) a Crafting Bench (at 8,7), Computer (9,7), Ritual Altar (at 11,6), a Forge (at 12,10), several fade portals and much more!

Update! List of regular services provided by Quartermaine Custom Creations
(last updated November 21, 2016)

Shadow Gate Tier 2 done nightly (99.99% of the time) at the bar (9,9) and at the bookcase (11,6) (NOTE: resting in the bookcase square gives a small amount of experience but you will gain no energy while resting there.)

Altar: 11,6
Arcade Game: 13,10
ATM: 8,9
[Bar]: 9,9*
Computer: 9,7 Crafting Bench: 8,7

Fade Portal to the Abandoned Sewers; 9,8
Fade Portal to the entry of the Algonquin Caverns: 11,9
Fade Portal to Foucault Castle; 11,8
Fade Portal to the Mausoleum: 10,11
(portal exits at 10,14 which is the entry to the South Catacombs.)
Fade Portal to Wendigo Forest: 10,8
~more to come soon

Forge: 12,10
Fishing Hole: 13,7
Fish Tank: 12,7
Gift Shop: 9,10
Magic Shop: 8,8
Regular ('Contraband') Shop: 8,10
Stairs (To Art Gallery upstairs): 10,9

Now available upon request, price negotiable, are tomes bound to the QCC location. For those frequent shoppers or anyone who just would like to use a shortcut now and then. [Contact Alexandrea] if interested.

Map*** (W.I.P.) https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1_niW18myniRRxTibrkmfM4UGc8pP-28s7Ru7S89_0kE/edit?usp=sharing

The owner of this property likes to keep adding stuff so any items in locations which are marked as blue might change without prior notification.

Quartermaine Custom Creations also offers a selection of unique gift items for purchase.at the Gift Shop.

Purchases can be made with Cash or Debit Card.
Images of items are not provided.

Gifts Cash
Beaded Jewelry 50
Decorated Hat 50
Hand Painted Tie 50
Tye Dye 50
Blown Glass Pipe 50
Beaded Vest 75
Hand Painted Shirt 75
Decorated Shoes 75
Expensive Custom Jewelry 100
Original Oil Painting 500


Originally located in Riverwood Market, Quartermaine Custom Creations moved to The 8th Dimension Mall shortly after it opened. The main store and retail area can be found on the first floor but a secondary location on the second floor serves as an Art Gallery and Studio where [Alexandrea] Quartermaine and her staff frequently hold workshops and give private lessons.

Quartermaine Custom Creations began as a small business run out of the owner's home and became incorporated in February of 2013.

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