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This template is identical to the Thread Template, but is for threads that have been Archived onto the archive forum. Follow the same instructions. This template will automatically link to a thread on the archive forum and has 7 parameters, 4 of which must be filled in for it to function. These parameters are as follows:

{{Thread|Forum ID|Post ID|Thread Title|Participants}}

In order to properly populate your parameters, pull up the thread from the archive forum to which you wish to link. It will look something like this:


Then simply include the thread's title as well as the names of the participants. For example,

{{AThread|14|21624|Strangely Therapeutic|Phoenix & Doc|563C5C|50C878|FFFFFF}}

will give

 Strangely Therapeutic --- Participants: Phoenix & Doc

However, if you have a linked thread that has been archived, you may simply change {{Thread}} to {{AThread}} and the format will automatically update.

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