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The Illuminated Texts contain the history and teachings of The Light, the first Vampire God, followed by those in Solace - pre and post Holocaust. It is their Holy Book that they read and study, passing out free copies to all those they wish to convert and save from the Darkness so they too can feel the blessings and joy of The Light in their lives.

The following information may be taken IC by anyone, as copies of the text are handed out and left to be found in various places around the city, including trains, cafes and shops.

The Illuminated Texts

Lux, for that is the name she has taken, was once a vampire and before that a human. She lived so long ago that there is no longer a place even remotely similar to what it was when she walked the earth. She lived her life in the dark caves and the dark bushes and jungles that grew all around her. It was a hard life, an unpleasant one and one that was fraught with danger and the superstition and occult. Her people followed the many and varied ways of similar gods and goddesses who all fought amongst themselves over the humans who walked the earth.

She was a beautiful female who was desired by the men of her people as well as by the gods who instructed their priests to recruit her to their temples. Two gods fought over her most ferociously, both determined to have her for themselves. Her family were followers of Aditya, and as he was one who wanted her willingly gave her to him as an offering of faith. This however displeased Muga and before Lux could be taken and consecrated into the followers of Aditya, Muga sent his men to trick her and kidnap her. They took her and vanished – her friends, family and even the gods never seeing her or hearing from her again.

Muga had his prize; the pure woman whose inner light shone so bright that even the gods had seen her. He was convinced that she held something special within her, that she was part god already or a new god waiting to blossom. He needed her to be his so that he would have an ally against the others, and together he and Lux could become one power so strong that nothing would stand against them. He trained her, led her, and helped her develop her skills of speech, intuition, understanding and intelligence. He took her to the far corners of the world and beyond so she might experience everything the world and the universe had to offer.

She grew under his tutelage and became stronger, accepting his blessings that he bestowed upon her so that she too became a goddess as strong as he was. Raca was the name he bestowed upon his wife, his partner and his equal and together they reigned over the human followers they amassed through fear and violence. For many years she ruled with wickedness, hatred and mischief swirling within her heart and directed at the humans. The other gods were no match for Raca and Muga together, combined as they were. Their powers were too great and their seeming combined minds worked in tandem, one constantly in unison with the other so they saw all the other did, could feel the other’s reaction before it came. They were an unstoppable pair, revelling in the destruction and darkness they brought into the lives of others.

Dysmas was however, more cunning and full of thought than the others. He saw the bond between the two as the thing that gave them their great strength. Only if the partnership were broken would they be able to defeat them. He had watched from afar, never getting too involved with the many battles of the greater gods around him and simply watched on carefully. Through his watchings he decided that Raca was the more vulnerable of the two. He had, of course, heard the tales of how she had become a goddess and through this he knew there to be a way to undo all Muga had done unto her.

He began by sending her small, macabre gifts and offerings so as to get her attention – pretending to be a smaller and lowlier god than he truly was. Soon he had gained her trust and slowly and surely he worked his way up the ranks of her priests and priestesses to gain her ear. Once again he’d been watching and observing all around him, so once he gained her ear he simply dropped a few choice phrases there to make her suspect Muga of foul play. At first, he manipulated things so it appeared that he was cheating on her – so she killed all of the women for 1000 miles around. Then he made it seem as if Muga were plotting her death, training another to take her place by his side as his equal because she was prone to ‘womanly weaknesses of emotion’.

At first, Raca did not believe Dysmas and nearly killed him also. However, Muga played right into his hands with some innocent, flippant comment that in Raca’s mindset sounded laced with threats and imminent action. She reacted as he hoped she would and concentrated her powers upon him, striking him down in surprise. He of course retaliated in kind and a battle like no other raged for weeks and many humans and gods alike died, vanished forever from the face of the earth. The pair were evenly matched and neither could kill the other – both realising it at almost the same time as the other. They paused, panting, exhausted, in the middle of a wasteland that they had created. They knew the world had been changed, that it would never again be as it once was. They had both created too much damage, too much destruction for it to ever recover.

Without a word, both vanished from that place to lick their wounds and rebuild. They knew that another battle would come, another day would come when they and their followers would face each other. The one who had planned and prepared the best would decide the victor – and to this end they would rebuild. Raca summoned Dysmas to her, nursing him back to health little by little – because she thought that he was her true friend.

They lived together as friends, once more back deep in the jungles and caves. She found her memories, enjoyed the beauty in life and the world around her. Every night Dysmas would hold her as she wept, remembering the pain and suffering she had caused in her years with Muga. He had corrupted her in the worst possible ways, made her believe things that were just not true and she had done things that did not bear thinking about with his laughing smile by her side. She was haunted by the faces and names of all those she’d killed, the screams invading her dreams and their pleads echoing in her mind while she was awake.

Without Dysmas, she would have gone insane and lost her mind. He helped her through everything, piece-by-piece and memory-by-memory. Every little detail was remembered and felt. She’d forgotten feelings, empathy. It had been completely self-serving, her existence, full of darkness and death and no meaning. She killed because she could and not because she needed to. The power had gone to her head and driven her into the dark, empty pit of nothingness. With Dysmas’ help she held a funeral for every soul she had caused the death of from her beginning to her current until every soul had been welcomed into the Light.

She remembered a little of the teachings of Aditya, back from when she was a girl, and decided to expand on that. Once more she walked in the light instead of summoning the storm clouds and walking in the dark. She moved from village to village, giving aid where she could and healing any who needed it. She searched out those tainted by Muga and brought them back to her Light with kindness and love.

She was a changed woman, mentally, emotionally and even physically. Everything about her became welcoming and trustworthy. She walked in the light and brought others into it as well. Where other gods would ask for payment and offerings – she asked for nothing from people. Without demanding it, without asking for it, she began to gain followers. People would do as she did and help others where it was needed, they would become better people and the tales of her good were whispered far and wide until they reached even Muga’s ears.

He had mourned after the battle also, but he had mourned for his own loss and not of the loss of life that he had caused. He had lost his Raca. He had lost the battle. He had lost his grip on everything he had worked so hard to build and accomplish. The sacrifices he’d made to bring her power, to make her what she was and to put them both at the top of the food chain – for nothing. He too had watched. He knew that it had been that small, snivelling creature she called Dysmas who had caused all of this. Without him, they would have still been a pair; living it up and ruling all the humans and the gods alike. Therefore – Dysmas would need to be removed, so that he could once again be joined with his Raca.

Muga hadn’t been idle while Raca had been finding herself and building a following. He had gone to the far ends of the earth, to the dark in the north amongst the frozen mountains and waste lands where nothing could live and grow. There, he had made himself a home, brought people with him and helped sustain their lives in the inhospitable surroundings. The sun rose only briefly, and not every day, so they relied on Muga for everything in the nothingness they’d been brought to. He trained them, bullied them, killed them, and toughened them up – everything to ensure their loyalty out of fear. For he knew no other way.

His followers began to make blood offerings to him. First they sacrificed their animals, then they moved on to their own children when the animals did not stop the killings. Muga liked this and thrived upon it in fact, but he saw the killing of his people as a waste. Instead he decreed that they only offer him their blood – which he would take directly from the vein. People would line up, offering him their blood, their loyalty and their lives on a weekly basis – however he was unable to consume all they offered or spend the time it took to see them all. Instead, he created priests and an upper echelon of followers who would instead consume the blood on his behalf. These chosen ones he offered powers and extended life to, through the naturally occurring, latent powers within the blood of all mortals – they were his soldiers and most trusted followers there in his Darkness.

He chose the three most loyal followers and sent them out into the world to hunt down Dysmas and dispose of him. The three had all drunk deeply of the humans who offered themselves to the Dark God Muga, and were coursing with power. Their fleet footedness carried them out across the world until after a couple of weeks they reached the jungles and plains where Dysmas and Lux, as she was now known, were doing their work. After the years of living in the frozen dark of the North, the three were finding it very difficult in the warm sunny atmosphere they’d found themselves plunged into. However, by moving around exclusively at night they found that they could bare almost anything. They also discovered, that without the blood of humans – they weakened to the point of near death.

So as they had traveled south, they had left behind them the word, destruction and devastation of Muga – turning others to his ways and recruiting people into the ways of blood sacrificing to the Dark God. They were as strong as they had been when they’d left Muga’s side and they knew they had the element of surprise. They came in the dead of night, snuck into the home where Lux and Dysmas were sleeping and stole him away. Their superior strength and power to that of normal humans took him by surprise and before he could react – they had disabled him and knocked him unconscious.

They took him from the house, from the village and out to a green pasture just beyond the village. There, they laid him out before each and every one of them fell upon him and drained his essence to he very last drop until there was nothing left. They left him there, just a dried husk of a body, and surrounded him in fire and shadows that darted and cackled as they danced through the flames. Leaving the macabre scene behind them, they vanished into the night to return triumphant to their master and retell their tale of success.

The smell of smoke reached Lux’s nose as she slept, and made her stir and groan. She could sense that something wasn’t right, her senses were more alert than the rest of her and they were ringing alarm bells out loud. Her eyes opened and looked around their room, which seemed darker and more oppressive than normal. Her brow furrowed into a frown as she realised that Dysmas wasn’t there – and then she heard the cackling. Getting out of her bed, she moved to the window and looked out, casting around until her eyes found the glow of the fire and her ears could narrow in on the ethereal cackling. She ran from the room, calling for people to come with her, to bring water to douse the fire. However when she reached the edge of the fire and saw what lay within the ring – she simply stared in silent disbelief.

Emotions of anger and hatred ran through her, vengeance and destruction rearing their ugly heads in ways she’d not felt for many, many years. The wind began to swirl around her, building in speed and intensity until the fire was blown out and the body of Dysmas was lifted into the air. She rose up with it, a tornado blowing around them and encapsulating them within where none could see. A tender moment passed between her and his body as she said her final goodbyes to him, before she let the wind take him and destroy his body into a billion pieces, blowing them off into the far corners of the world.

Slowly dropping back down to the ground, the people who had gathered took a step back in shock. She looked more like the Raca of past tales than the Lux they all knew and loved. Her face was set firm and her eyes flashed with vengeance and murderous intentions. She closed her eyes and sent forth her senses to find the Dark Ones who had done such a thing. Finding their trail, her eyes snapped open and she stalked after them, following their trail as the wind continued to whip around her and her hair crackled with the power that coursed through her entire being.

She travelled the country far and wide, finding every single new Dark One that had been created. First she learnt all she could from them about how they came to be – and then she showed them no mercy and dispatched them from the world forever. She knew that she did not have the power to take on Muga – not currently. He had been partaking in the ancient rumour of blood magic and had increased his strength beyond her own. The only way she could hope to face him was to drink of the humans herself.

She reached out to those she’d helped in the past, to those who followed her ways now and walked in the Light. They offered their blood to her willingly, and she drank deeply from every single one who offered, until she felt the power within her grow exponentially. She felt different, changed. She knew that she had taken a step she would never be able to untake – but she had done it for the right reasons. The powers of the Dark had been turned to the will of the Light and would be used to exact a righteous justice upon those who used their powers for evil.

She found herself high in the mountains as she made her way ever closer to where Muga was lurking. It was beautiful up there, in the clouds, so close to the sun. She wandered a little, aimlessly, for a couple of days – simply to recharge her batteries. She climbed higher and deeper, finding caves and paths that seemed like they hadn’t been trodden upon and in for many years. She wound her way through the mountains, using the long forgotten ways until she came out at the other side on a small ledge. Two paths led away from the ledge, one that went down the mountain and took her onwards towards Muga. However, the other led away and slightly upwards. Her eyes followed the path until they came to rest on a small wisp of smoke coming from the side of the mountain.

She made her way upwards out of curiosity and found a carved home in the side of the mountain and so entered. Within she found many openings and passages, their walls painted with scenes she’d never seen before but which looked familiar in the things they depicted. She wound her way cautiously deeper until she heard a chanting coming from just ahead. Her throat cleared and the chanting stopped before an old and wizened man, as brown as any she’d seen before, shuffled out to meet her with a wide smile. That smile put her at ease and she felt so much of her stress drain from her and a simple calmness took over her that she’d not felt since Dysmas had died.

She spent weeks with him, learning from him about the old ways that had been forgotten by many. They were the ways of Aditya, the ways of old and the ways of blood magic. Muga knew of a type of magic and had used it to strengthen himself. However, there was a way to further your strength and power beyond that of simple blood magic. Where one who drank from humans became more powerful than that they drank from – one who drank from the blood magicians became more powerful than them!

She learnt the secrets from him – the blood magic and so much more – spending months with him until time was forgotten. Only once she had learnt all she could from him did she take her leave, more convinced than ever that she was on the right track now. She knew that Muga needed to be wiped from the earth – his Darkness that infected the hearts of the humans and those who followed him worried her. She knew there was Darkness within them all that only needed to be fed and encouraged to flourish. However as the Darkness within grew, it blocked out the Light until it was gone completely. She had almost lost her Light once upon a time. She knew how it felt and she didn’t want anyone to ever have to live with that feeling inside. She pledged there and then, that those who walked in the Dark would either be brought into the Light, or dispatched into the darkest of places to never return. She wound her way down the mountain, her face and mind both set in her mission that lay ahead of her. She knew what needed to be done and she had the grit and determination to do it.

It took her a few more months before she made it to the far, frozen north – however she made use of her time as she went. She found those who had embraced the Dark and kept her promise to the man who’d taught her in the mountains. Those who refused to relinquish the Dark were drained and then killed. Those who listened, accepted and embraced the Light were freed and welcomed into the fold. She was creating and building an army, teaching them the new blood magic so that they could build their strength with every Dark one who refused to embrace the Light.

She didn’t get far into the frozen wastelands of Muga’s domain, before his own approaching army met her. They faced one another, the cursory talks were had – and then the battle began. It raged for hours, days, weeks, months and years. Muga’s army had been feeding upon blood for much longer than Lux’s had. However, Lux’s army had been partaking of the blood of the blood drinkers and so had become as powerful in a shorter amount of time. They were evenly matched, with the armies swapping the upper hand throughout the battle.

Slowly their power weakened, they used up every molecule of power they had within their bodies for their gods. One by one the people in the armies dropped through exhaustion or injury – and were fallen upon by their comrades. What little power and blood remained in their body was willingly – on the side of Light – or unwillingly – on the side of the Dark, having seen what the Light were doing – given to those who still stood and fought until most were gone. Lux’s heart couldn’t take anymore of her people dying, so she threw up a protective shield and sent them out into the world so that the old ways would never be forgotten. As she did this – Muga fell upon those of his own who were left. He took from them all they had – draining them dry and filling him with their power.

The humans were gone.

The blood drinkers were gone.

The drinkers of the blood drinkers were gone.

There was only the Light and the Dark left – and they fought on until finally the Dark was gone.

She had sent out a final bolt of power as he’d stumbled on the body of one of his fallen followers. It had struck him in the heart and he had vanished into a cloud of shadows. She had seen this trick before however – and she sent out her mind and senses to try and see where he had gone. However it was all to no avail. Never again did she find him, despite continuing to search him and his followers out. She found his influence everywhere she went. However she never found him.

She knew that the wrongs she had done in the time she’d walked the earth could never be undone. She knew that the blood that ran in the earth was the gouge she’d made – as if it were the earth itself that bled. She needed and wanted to patch it up in whatever small way she could. With Muga gone and his followers scattered, she went back to how she had been. She travelled the land helping those who needed it until she was proclaimed the Goddess of the Light and good far and wide in all the corners of the earth.

After many years, her appearances became less and less frequent until she disappeared from the public eye completely. Many stories were told about where she went, and what she did – but none have ever been confirmed or denied. However, she was always watching the world, ready to return when the Dark emerged and became too powerful.

Many times throughout history she returned to the drinkers of blood – or vampires, as they became known. When the Darkness had risen out of control she would return and fill one who stood against the Dark with her Light and strength, to show them the way to grow and blossom in the face of adversity. Then she would once more vanish to continue her watch over the world and the Light and Dark within it. Always there if needed to fill one who asked for it with strength, wisdom, love and Light.

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