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First Name: Levi [lev-ai]

Surname: D’Amico [duh-mee-ko]

Alias: Leviathan / Cockroach

Sex: Male

Race: Vampire [Shadow]

Birthdate: 10/10/1984

Siring date: 27/06/2014

Nationality: Italian American

Born: Verona, Veneto. Italy.

Current residence: Harper Rock, Canada / Boston, USA

Spoken languages: English [Fluent], Italian [Fluent].

Voice: Generally low and deep, described as husky, gravelly, smokey and guttural.

Accent: A rough mix of Bostonian and Italian.

Star Sign: Libra

Faith: Jewish

Marital Status: Single - not interested

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 177 lbs.

Build: Broad shouldered with a muscular form, strong and athletic, not hulking in his tall frame.

Complexion: Tanned, almost cinnamon in colour - despite Vampirism.

Shape of Face: A composition of defined angles; a square jaw and chiselled bone structure.

Eyes: Umber.

Hair: Black in colour. Thick, wavy hair, which is cut shorter on the sides.

Facial hair: There’s generally some stubble or a few days’ beard growth.

Attire: His wardrobe is business-like and classy with fine tailored suits and long top coats – all in black. Nonetheless, he is usually casual with his attire; draping the top coat or blazer over his shoulders, unwinding his ties, loosening the buttons on his shirts, rolling up his sleeves. Accompanying his imposing style, Levi likes ‘bling’. He adorns his fingers with chunky rings, generally wearing all six – two on each index, middle, and ring finger. He also wears the occasional necklace and likes chunky, statement belt buckles.

Roleplay Curses: Vampiric Scarring, Concerned Relatives, Othello Syndrome, Weakness to Toxins, Infamous, Pride Before a Fall, Immortal Wound, Gradual Turning, Insatiable Hunger, Territorial Vampire,

Roleplay-Only Powers: Healthy Complexion, Natural Digestion, Instinctive Shadow Projection, Important Thrall, Antiagrypniac, Pulse of Death, Summon Possession,

More about the man:

First of all the things to note about the man are his pride and temper. They’re such pronounced aspects of his personality that it is difficult to see past them, but there is a lot more to him than just raging arrogance. He’s a brave man, showy and confident, and abrasive. He gets a lot of fun out of ruffling people’s feathers and cutting others down to size. He’s bold enough to just say what he wants and his brash nature often leaves people too stunned to respond. He’s narcissistic and rude, bordering on piggish and brutal if it’s not quite there already. And in many ways, this is all a part of his charm and strategy.

The best defence is a good offence – that’s Levi’s philosophy. The scarier he is, the less likely it is that he has to back it up. In spite of his pride, Levi’s quite happy to have people think of him as some dumb, angry ape. After all, if his competitors are busy thinking he’s too stupid to make any plans, then they’re not likely to make any plans of their own to oppose him. In a way it facilitates his laziness too. While he’s adamant he enjoys a challenge, he’s always willing to take the easy way out.

Levi had always been aloof about love and romance. His parents didn’t have a typical or even affectionate relationship, and being brought up by a chauvinist like his father didn’t exactly do Levi any favours in respect to women. When he was thirteen, his mother walked out on them and Levi didn’t think too much of it. His father kept up the policy: bitches come and bitches go, and while Levi had always suspected that his father was the cause of his mother’s disappearance, he maintained that it was easier to blame the woman who’d left.

His recent failed engagement has left him even more sour toward romantic relationships, to the point where he will push himself away from ever getting involved with another woman. This attitude has led to aggravations with certain females that have caught his eye since, but he is convinced of his ideology and refuses to stray.

Levi keeps a deep-seated distrust of the fairer sex and refuses to engage in any kind of relationship that persists past a night or maybe a week at a push.

Despite all outward appearances, Levi is an intelligent individual and something of a strategic genius. He appreciates the value of sacrifice and is willing to forgo immediate small pay-offs for bigger, future fortunes – most of the time. His pride can get in the way occasionally and his quest for power and influence has been known to affect his judgement. In particular, Levi doesn’t enjoy being told what to do by others and will refuse to respect the authority of anyone who puts themselves above him. If they want respect, they will have to take it.

Levi was a workaholic before his public death in early 2017. When he wasn’t working, Levi read a lot. Whether it’s a newspaper or a book, he generally likes to have something to read and keep up to date and on topic. He doesn’t like television all that much because he’s not a great lover of people and the kind of ridiculous antics that swamp the public media. Levi thinks of himself as a bit of an intellectual and thinks television rots the brain.

He likes word puzzles and games, but isn’t as good with numbers. He won’t even let the subject be broached if he can help it. Other than that, Levi’s social life is pretty basic. Losing his title of caporegime in the Boston Mafia and its subsequent responsibilities has left a great wide hole in his daily routine. Nevertheless, he still goes about offering those similar skills as a private entrepreneur.

Levi enjoys cooking and food and otherwise likes visiting restaurants and bars - he’s an Italian after all. He was born in Verona, moving to America with his immediate family when he was eleven. Levi’s roots can be traced back to the middle ages when his family was expelled from France to Asti, Northern Italy. He has a long line of Jewish relatives and is still rather spiritual and philosophical himself, even if he doesn’t believe in the traditional religions.

Levi isn’t overly sociable and only picks up people when he needs someone to get something done. He doesn’t care who he chooses to do the job as long as he gets something from it. The moment people lose their usefulness to him, he drops them – even if it’s not a part of the contract. While he sees himself as an honourable man, he’s not wired to the pulse of sticking to his word. If it benefits him to go against his own promises, he’ll do it, though not impulsively. He’s willing to take a week out of making decisions just so he has an understanding of every possible outcome. He’s also not above putting his pride aside; he’ll team up with his enemies if it’ll mean his success, he’ll play like a good boy if it means he’ll get what he wants.


Levi likes cats - he actually had a male 2nd generation Bengal named Besta who he raised for roughly 5 months before the feline’s untimely death at the hands of Gino Valachi

Levi hates dogs - a number of his scars have come from overzealous guard dogs

Levi has an unhealthy obsession with collecting old books

Levi doesn’t listen to music and doesn’t care for it

Levi has a soft spot for children - even though he won’t admit it

Levi is regularly referred to as a cockroach for his inability to die - even before being a Vampiri

Levi is also referred to as ‘Leviathan’ because of the pronunciation of his firstname (Le-vai) and the proud natures of both Jewish behemoth and Italian

Levi smokes a lot and his favourite brand of cigarettes is Marlboro

Levi’s a big drinker, preferring whiskey and red wine

Levi is especially attracted to redheaded women

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