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Veil Tower is owned by Blake and is located in Redwood (22, 30).

The Tenants

Veil Tower houses both shops and apartments.

A list of shops can be found here.

The Eye of Zodiac


Located on the second level at 10, 2

Greetings and solicitations to all. Your continued support of 'Pandora's Box' demanded we expand and so we have. The Eye of Zodiac awaits your questions on the past, present and future, along with all the other services you have come to expect from us such as ritual services, eternal bindings, card readings, discount purchasing services, we buy/sell and trade items for services and other goods as well as advise in your questions about the past, present and future.

But why not simply call it 'Pandora's 2' some may ask. Some among you may remember the original shop that started it all located in between Westwall and Coastside. Yes it would have made more sense to name this Pandora's 2, but nostalgia compelled me. 'The Eye of Zodiac' was my first home and now it has returned.

Fresh faces fully trained in offering you the best service they can await you within. Be it here or at the Honeymead Market, my staff and I thank you all for your continued support. Blessings to you all.</p>

(Just don't step on the cat-she hates that. Yes, she comes here as well. Disclaimer: The Eye of Zodiac and its owner and employees are not responsible for injuries done by the cat in such situations.)

Feel free to call for appointments, prices, and consultations. (YiM zodiac_pov )


Zodiac, Owner
Emily Argent, Security
Thistos, Clerical
Dominique, Craftsperson

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