Guide to Choosing Dissertation Topics & Inspiring Ideas

A dissertation is an important project and is a significant piece of work for a student undertaking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course. For this reason, the writer must plan effectively to ensure the final dissertation stands out. The writing process begins with brainstorming dissertation ideas to come up with a compelling dissertation topic. While the process of choosing a good dissertation topic can be hard, we give you useful insights in this guide to help you choose the best topic ever for your dissertation project.

What makes a good dissertation title?

Depending on your field of study, not every topic will be worth your time. Therefore, before you settle on any topic, check out the following elements:

  • An interesting topic

Think of a topic that revolves around things that you have an interest in. However, even though the topic interests you, make sure it is academically connected with what you are studying.

  • Academically significant

Depending on your field of study, the topic you select should highlight the gap in the knowledge and bring out a constructive debate in your field.

  • Practically significant

The topic should highlight common problems in society and offer possible solutions.

  • Researchable

Not every topic will help you generate good content. Therefore, before settling on a given topic, make sure you can find content from various materials as supportive evidence.

What’s more, it could be practical if you choose a topic that is trendy, i.e., touching on the current matters affecting society at large.

How to come up with a dissertation topic

If you are almost writing your dissertation and thinking of how to choose a dissertation topic, simply follow the criteria below:

  • Review the tutor’s guidelines to understand everything
  • Think of a broad topic in your area of study
  • Review some related books and articles
  • Settle on a specific niche
  • Know the research type
  • Define the relevance (academically, socially, and practically)
  • Determine if the topic is researchable
  • Have your topic approved, then continue with the research process

Examples of dissertation titles

Below, we highlight some of the best dissertation topics under different categories.

Business management dissertation topics

  1. Impacts of an International Joint Venture
  2. How to collaborate with remote workers effectively?
  3. How to ensure the establishment adopts the customer-focus concept?
  4. What roles do leaders play in the organization’s performance and productivity?
  5. Latest trends in effective management
  6. The impact of emotion management
  7. The effects of management audit
  8. Democratic vs. autocratic leadership
  9. What economic role does the world bank play globally?
  10. How an enterprise can prevent financial disasters?

Dissertation topics in education

  1. Public vs. private schools
  2. How to use technology for better learning?
  3. What challenges do secondary teachers experience?
  4. Why self-studying is important for students?
  5. The impact of the rising education cost
  6. The significance of virtual reality for students
  7. Is online education productive?
  8. Best ways to enhance the learning experience
  9. Why technical skills are important in learning?
  10. Adopting education approaches from other countries

Dissertation topics in history

  1. What roles did women play in the first world war?
  2. What is the meaning of black Tuesday?
  3. How did the Great Recession affect the global economy?
  4. Positive impacts of the great recession
  5. What roles do churches play in the middle age?
  6. Describe gender roles during the Spanish civil war
  7. What led to the Crimean war?
  8. How was the film industry influenced by the cold war?
  9. Describe IRA’s evolution
  10. The role of history in determining the future of a country

Economic dissertation topics

  1. What is the role of technology in improving the economy?
  2. The immigration impact on the labor market
  3. Describe the unemployment and inflation relationship
  4. What causes capital inflows?
  5. What is an economically deprived country?
  6. Does privatization help improve the country’s economy?
  7. Describe the economic models
  8. What is the relationship between inflation and bond returns?
  9. The role of habits and routines in improving productivity
  10. Do transaction costs help elevate economic development?

Law dissertation topics

  1. What is the relationship between domestic violence and criminal law?
  2. What role does the burden of proof play in a law court?
  3. How to handle abuse at places of work
  4. Why should victims participate in criminal justice?
  5. Describe the importance of gender and race in criminal justice
  6. Consequences of child abuse
  7. What is the appropriate limit age for marriage?
  8. How to protect political refugees?
  9. Describe the international environmental law development
  10. What are the rights of patients in making medical decisions?

Marketing dissertation topics

  1. What role does digital marketing play in businesses globally?
  2. Give an analysis of traditional vs. digital marketing strategies
  3. Do you think online questions are effective in helping businesses?
  4. Describe relationship marketing toward consumer loyalty
  5. How to assess customer satisfaction in a business?
  6. What is the role of branding strategies in businesses?
  7. The impact of direct marketing
  8. What role does artificial intelligence and business play in direct marketing?
  9. Do you think beliefs and cultural practices have an impact on businesses globally?
  10. How to apply online marketing?

Nursing dissertation topics

  1. Describe the key elements of critical care nursing
  2. Do you think mental awareness is essential in today’s generation?
  3. Describe Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
  4. How to prepare for challenges as a nurse?
  5. Ways through which nurses can serve people in remote areas
  6. What is the significance of perinatal care?
  7. The latest trends in the nursing field
  8. Describe stress among nurses dealing with mentally-ill patients
  9. Does physical activity improve the mental health of dementia patients?
  10. How to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder patients?

Psychology dissertation topics

  1. The effects of miscarriage on the mental health of a couple
  2. What is the impact of bullying on middle school students?
  3. What causes sleep deprivation among modern youth?
  4. The psychological impact of depression
  5. Determinants of anorexia in youths
  6. Why do you think teenage suicide is on the rise?
  7. Autism and its effects
  8. How to deal with memory loss?
  9. Benefits and pitfalls of Hypnosis
  10. How effective is family therapy in dealing with eating disorders?