Writing the Dissertation Methodology Chapter

A dissertation is among the biggest project in a student’s academic life, and if you fail in your dissertation, it can be hard to achieve your career objectives. That is why it is crucial to comprehend the different sections of the dissertation, the context of each section, and how to present the information in each section of your dissertation paper. That is why in this guide, we present an in-depth analysis of the dissertation methodology chapter and what you should do to write a compelling methodology for dissertation.

What is a methodology chapter in a dissertation?

The methodology in dissertation is a section in which you, as a writer, give detailed insights into the methods used to collect data.

Also, in this section, you explain why you chose the methods, how you used the methods, and what you did to ensure the project turned out successfully. Discussing the methods used in your dissertation helps the reader to evaluate how reliable and valid your dissertation topic is.

Note: when writing the methods section of a dissertation, all the information presented should be in the past tense. However, make sure you read the guidelines well to use the required citation style.

With the above description, the methodology section of a dissertation should include the following:

  • The research type
  • Data collection and analysis strategies
  • All the tools used during the research
  • How you ensured your research isn’t biased
  • Reasons for choosing the research methods

What is the right dissertation methodology structure?

The elements that make up a complete dissertation methodology section include the following:

Measurement objectives

These are simply the reasons for doing the research and the results expected. When writing the objectives, keep them easy to understand and interpret the save the reader’s time.

Also, ensure you go into details, leaving no room for any other interpretation of the objectives.

Data collection

When doing your project, you will need to collect data, present the data analysis, then interpret the data to help you solve the topic’s questions.

Therefore, once you highlight the objectives of the research, think of the appropriate research methods to use, describing how each method aligns with the topic significantly. Remember to also highlight the benefits, pitfalls, and challenges of the data collection approaches.


Now, relate the research questions to the objectives, showing the reader how the research questions are connected with the research objectives. Avoid questions that don’t align with the objectives of the project.

Reporting plan

Finalize your research methodology section by explaining how you intend to share the information you’ve found through the research. Let the reader know how long the reports will take and the context of each report.

Note: while crafting the dissertation research methods happens to be time-consuming, it is of great significance both to the reader and the author because it has all the relevant information of the whole research project.

How to write methods section of dissertation: pro tips

Wondering how to bring out an excellent dissertation research methodology section? Use the tips below:

  1. Keep the focus on research questions and set objectives

This will help the reader to agree with your selected methods and to understand the validity of your research questions.

  1. Cite the sources

The best way to validate the methodology section of a dissertation is by citing the sources using the guidelines provided by the tutor.

  1. Review an example of methodology in dissertation

Another practical tip that will help you craft a perfect dissertation methodology section is using a similar paper done by another expert to get inspiration from.

  1. Know your audience

Based on the audience you are writing for, always know the limit of the information you need to give, keeping the details short and precise without getting too lengthy.


When writing your dissertation, always ensure you understand the basics of every section. This guide simplifies for you the process of writing a compelling methodology section of a dissertation.

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