Dissertation Proposal Writing From Scratch

A dissertation proposal isn’t like any other academic task. You need to include ideas and contexts that will persuade the reader to believe that the project you are planning is of great impact. The kind of idea that the reader will agree with, and yes, this is what I have always wanted! This, therefore, means that you should plan well to bring out an attractive dissertation proposal to help you achieve your research objectives. This guide explains all the elements you need to craft a compelling proposal for your dissertation. Read on for more useful insights.

What is a dissertation proposal?

This is an academic document describing the research project you want to carry out. Therefore, you will need to explain the details of the research project, how you want to carry out the research, and why the research project is worth your time.

What is a dissertation proposal defense?

A dissertation proposal defense is a verbal presentation and discussion of your dissertation project. The dissertation proposal defense shows the validity of your research questions and the significance of the questions academically in your field of study.

How to write a proposal for dissertation

When writing a dissertation proposal, make sure you include the following elements in your template for dissertation proposal:

  1. Select a good topic/title

Of course, like any other academic task, you need to give your research proposal a compelling topic touching on the trending issues affecting the way we live. Keep the research proposal tile clear and precise by highlighting the keywords. You don’t need a long topic to prove your point.

  1. Introduction

The introduction section of a research proposal simply expounds on what the title is all about. Narrow the focus on what you intend to research and the significance of the whole project, giving the reader reasons to keep reading your paper.

  1. Scope

After the introduction, specify the scope of your research project by giving the reader a clear overview of what you intend to cover and what you will not cover. (Giving the reader the central focus of your dissertation).

  1. Literature review

The literature review section of a research proposal discusses an overview of the existing research in summary. You only need to prove that you’ve read about the broad topic, understand the issues revolving around the topic and are ready to carry out the research. Again, you need to show the existing gap in the research area, explaining how the topic you’ve selected will add value to the already existing research. Also, don’t forget to highlight how the existing research has impacted you to the extent you need to do more research.

  1. Research design

At this point, you’ve explained almost everything about your research topic and context. Now, you need to give valuable details of your research proposal, explaining how you intend to carry out the research process (research design). Therefore, explain the methods you need to use and why you prefer the chosen methods in your research project.

Tips to help you write the best dissertation proposal

When writing your dissertation proposal and feeling stuck, the following tips will always come in handy.

Consider dissertation proposal help

The best way to write a winning dissertation proposal when you don’t have adequate time or adequate knowledge on the subject matter is to get professional help from expert dissertation writers.

Craft a detailed dissertation proposal outline

Writing a detailed outline for a dissertation proposal will help you remember the significant elements you need to include in your paper, thus increasing your chances of winning. Besides, a detailed outline will save you the time to figure out what to include in the sections when writing the final draft.

Review an example of dissertation proposal

Another practical hack that will have you wring a good proposal for your next dissertation is checking other similar works from other authors to gain inspiration from.


A dissertation proposal is a significant piece of writing, especially when you want to carry out a complex and costly yet significant research project. It may sound like a hard task, but the secret is understanding the structure, appropriate words, and the details to include in each section.

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