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Name: Acheron
Type: clan
Leader: Ambrose Acheron
Founded: 2015-06-26
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Members: 8
Territory owned: none
Av. Level: 35.8
Av. Align: Do-gooders
Av. Deaths: 0

The bloodline can be traced back to Aztec descent if one knows that itís founder is not the real Ambrose Acheron, but Tizoc Yayauhqui, an elder Aztec blood priest of the Tozoztontli bloodline (which was thought to have been eradicated in 1522 doing the Spanish Conquest of the Aztecs).

Originally the Tozoztontli line was headed up by a vampire known only as Eztli. He was a ritualist and a necuratist due to the rituals involving the drinking of vampire blood during sacrifices (Tizoc/Ambrose has discontinued the use of these ancient rites in these modern nights due to the fact the necuratism is so widely frowned upon).

Eztli resurfaced in legend throughout the American frontier west in native legends as a helper to the natives and a terror to the European settlers. Throughout this time he was known only as the Obsidian Blade. noted for the tool he used to kill and legend has it that while he killed through decapitation, flaying the flesh from his foes, exsanguination and a variety of other means,he always took the heart of his victims.

The real Acheron line had ended sometime during the Vampire Holocaust, brought low by Fae or hunter, the truth of which may never be known. Ambrose himself was brought low by mortal hunters during the Great New Orleans Fire of 1788. The Acheron lineage that has returned however is not the Acheron line of old, it is indeed the Tozoztontli brought back by Tizoc, one of Eztli's childer turned in the early 1600's using the name of his friend Ambrose in these new nights.

Heavily ritualistic and extremely secretive, the Tozoztontli line celebrates and worships the old Aztec gods while publicly upholding the more Christian tenets espoused in the Old Code. They are patrons of vampire kind, paragons of the Masquerade openly while under the surface lies a hatred of what has happened to their great land under the rule of the European invaders who still walk the land to this day.

Most of the lineage are Native American descent in modern nights with a smattering of others thrown in to maintain outward appearances. Even some of the members of this bloodthirsty bloodline of old do not know the truth of what flows through their veins. They are wolves in sheepís clothing, disciples of the old gods and when performing their dark ceremonies, true terrors to behold.

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