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Name: Docere
Type: clan
Leader: Zachariah Staus
Founded: 2011-05-13
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Members: 18
Territory owned: none
Av. Level: 26.6
Av. Align: Neutral
Av. Deaths: 0

Bloodline Bio

The name "Docere" is Latin and its meanings include "teach", "instruct" and "inform", reflecting the common theme among its earliest members, who can be classified into four categories: the intellectual, the political, the zealot, and entrepreneurial. It is one of the most relaxed bloodlines, its leader being typically distant (though not entirely absent) from his line, leaving its members to organise themselves according to their natural loyalties. The main thread that unites the Docere is their allegiance to the Masquerade. While other lines view killing their own as barbaric or loveless, for the Docere that is a non-issue, especially where vampire secrecy is concerned. Many of them, therefore, don't shy away from participating in the killing of other Docere if it means that the Masquerade is upheld. The Docere do not see themselves as a bloodline in the familial sense. Internally, the bloodline promotes individuality and freedom. Its founder is distinctly diplomatic but distant to his childer and the rest of the line, and the view promoted by the most vocal Docere is that they are more similar to a business firm than a family (a view which is at odds with almost every other bloodline). This has made some of its members to feel alienated, but beyond that the internal life of the Docere is calm. Its members are free to do what they want, within limits. A few members have been cast out for expressing Anti-Masquerade sentiments. However, decisions of declaring one a pariah are not followed with persecution or violence as a rule. Nevertheless this would not stop individual Docere from persecuting their own or pariahs as a personal project, if they can manage it. In spite of their political inclinations, the Docere pay very little mind to their internal structure, and prefer organic developments and personal friendships to artificial loyalties. They have been known to come to the defense of each other in the instance of unjust attacks. Some of its members offer shelter and help to any other Docere who need it (the most prominent such Samaritan is Kacee).
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