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The Mourinwa Bloodline

Name: Mourinwa
Type: clan
Leader: Atabei Narcisse
Founded: 2016-04-01
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Members: 8
Territory owned: none
Av. Level: 35.6
Av. Align: Dutiful killers
Av. Deaths: 0

Bloodline Bio

The Mourinwa Bloodline is a bloodline that both accepts and respects the diverse aspects an individual brings to the 'house,' known as Dead Black. Because of the lineage leader's spiritual belief system, it is impressed upon every member within the bloodline to be accepting, as the lwa's guide each and every person to be who they are meant to be. Everyone needs not to practice the same spiritual belief as the Bloodline leader's, but they must understand that one key train of thought. Diversity is welcomed, not shunned, belittled, or degraded. "It is not for us to judge, but for us to understand", is the bloodline's Motto.
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