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Name: Vasari
Type: clan
Leader: Leonardo
Founded: 2018-08-07
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Members: 4
Territory owned: none
Av. Level: 41.3
Av. Align: Do-gooders
Av. Deaths: 0

The Vasari Bloodline was established shortly after the return of the Elders from the Shadow Realm in June of 2016. Frequently called 'The Demons', this bloodline is known for its bloodlust and penchant for violence.

Their emblem is Pandora's Box, and each member of the bloodline takes on one of the titles associated with the mythical vices and woes of mankind. Ruled by Leonardo, he is said to be the sire of Fear, Cruelty, Chaos and Death. Often called the "Clan of Murder", they hold their own to strict standards of secrecy and are therefor compliant with several, but not all tenants of the Old Code.

Dangerously opposed to any force which threatens vampires, they do not necessarily disdain humans, and are open to making any mutually beneficial alliance of interest. That being said, they are a bloodline forged out of one vampire's search for vengeance against hunters, and tend to respond actively to threats.

Symbols include: Pandora's box, crows, ravens, wolves, weapons (especially swords).

Bloodline Traits: None currently recognized.
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