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Name: Vedarian
Type: clan
Leader: Keara Aithne
Founded: 2011-05-13
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Members: 26
Territory owned: none
Av. Level: 28.2
Av. Align: Do-gooders
Av. Deaths: 0

Vedarian Clan Bio

Disclaimer: All information found here is OOC and should not be used IC.

The Vedarian clan stem from Keara Aithne. Having returned from the Shadow Realm, she found herself in need of childer to help her to understand the new world in which she found herself and so the lineage was born.

There is no satisfactory way of describing what the lineage is like, as like any true family, each member is unique and does not necessary share the traits of their sire and/or lineage. It is fair to say however, that the majority of the bloodline prefer their privacy and do not tend to make themselves known without good reason.

For further information on the Vedarian Clan, please visit our wiki page, which can be found here.
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