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The Alert Log is a record of many, but not all, of the alerts received on grid. They are organized by date with the most recent at the top. Older alerts can be viewed by clicking the 'Older' link under the log box. Alert logs are pruned every three months so it is important to save anything you wish to have record of in some other manner.

Characters with the power Read Memories can view other character's alert logs though they will not be shown certain events. They are also limited to viewing only the newest alerts and cannot access those that would be available via the 'Older' Link. Events that will be invisible even via Read Memories are marked on the following list in italics:

Events Recorded in the Alert Log

  • Game Updates and Important Notices - which are always yellow
  • When your character sires a new childe
  • (Humans Only) When your character is sired
  • When you're attacked, by whom, and if wounded
  • Wounds received from sunlight or fae
  • When you're fed from
  • When someone uses a power on you
  • When someone fails to steal from you
  • When someone hacks your business
  • Daily business profits
  • Daily earnings from a job
  • When your sensor alarm is tripped
  • When your security or rigged cameras are tripped
  • Messages spoken in your square
  • Telepathic messages you've received
  • Bank transfers received
  • Gifts received
  • Items handed to you
  • Karma received
  • When a raid boss has been killed
  • When you sell a property
  • When you sell or fail to sell an item on the Moonlight-Warehouse Auctions
  • 'When you are attacked by a hunter at day change

Messages that do not appear in your alert log are:

  • NPC kills
  • E-mail notifications
  • Attacks you inflicted on someone else
  • Bank transfers you sent
  • Karma transfers you sent
  • Telepathic messages you sent
  • Messages you spoke on the grid
  • Gifts you sent
  • Items you gave someone
  • When you feed on others
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