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For roleplay information about anima, see Anima (RP).

Anima is spiritual/magical energy and is used to activate Powers that your character has learned. Though most powers use anima, some can be use to gain it by sacrificing blood.

Gaining Anima

Letting anima regenerate itself at day change is the main way to replenish ones supply. Anima regenerates on a sliding scale depending on your current blood count. If, at the end of the day, you have 6 blood, you will gain 1 Anima. If you have 8 blood, you will gain 2 Anima; and if you have 9+ blood, you will gain the maximum of 3 Anima. This makes having high blood levels – and few wounds – very important for characters who rely a lot on their powers.

Some Ritual Tomes will also increase Anima as well when performed.


There are some powers that give extra anima.

  • Blood Magic: a Mystic power that lets you sacrifice 10 blood in exchange for 3 anima. Tier 2 of this power gives 3 anima for an 8 blood sacrifice.
  • Medium: a Necromancer power that lets you see spirits on the grid. By attacking a spirit, the vampire will consume their energy and thereby gain 1 anima. This power doesn’t cost anything to activate as it is a constant power.
  • Summon Spirit: a Summoner power that lets you spend 3 blood in exchange for 1 spirit, which when fed upon gives you 1 anima. Tier 2 of this power allows you to summon 1 spirit for 2 blood.
  • Shadow Gate: a power on the Fadewalker bridge, this lets you spend 1 blood to enchant a grid square which will give 1 extra anima to anyone resting inside it at sunrise. Tier 2 of this power gives 2 extra anima to anyone resting within the gate at sunrise.
  • Fadewalking: while not a power itself, Fadewalking – or traveling to the Shadow Realm – is an ability given by the eponymous bridge. The power to Enter Shadows costs 6 anima (3 for the Tier 2), but once you are in the Shadow Realm, you can roam around for 24 hours. Spirits can be found in the SR, and each one gives 1 anima. It is very possible to get back the 6 anima spent to get there, and more.
  • Shadowcrafting 2: This Tier 2 Fadewalker power must be combined with Enter Shadows to be an effective anima source for a living vampire. Once in the Shadow Realm, it allows you to draw spirits to your location, eliminating the need to hunt for them.

Anima Orbs

Anima Orbs can be purchased at Magic Shops for $2,000. Each orb gives 1 Anima immediately upon purchase.

Using Anima

Anima is used solely to activate powers. Costs range from 1-10 anima, depending on how powerful or effective the power. If you are a lower generation vampire, or human, it is possible to use all of your anima activating one single power.

There is a cap on the number of anima that one can use in a day. This cap is dependent on your Arcane skill + 5. As a result, you should choose carefully which powers you use and when.

Generational Differences

Generation Anima
1 23
2 20
3 17
4 15
5 13
6 12
7 11
8 10
Humans 10

Lower generation vampires (vampires closer to their lineage's master vampire) are inherently more powerful than their higher generation counterparts. The lower your character's generation, the higher their starting Arcane attribute will be.

As all vampires regenerate anima at the same rate, this advantage is slight, as it merely allows them to use larger amounts of anima within a day along with giving them a larger pool from which to draw. It is possible to raise the limit of Anima available to your character by leveling the Arcane stat. The maximum anima available to anyone is 35.

NPC Battles

If you have your powers activated in Battle Tactics, then your character will automatically try to use those powers when fighting NPCs. Any anima used in a battle will not be deducted once the battle is over. The amount of anima available in a battle is always determined by your maximum anima, not your current anima.

Wraith Thralls

Vampires on the Summoner’s bridge can get a Wraith thrall to do things for them. These thralls can drain anima from other vampires. They are restricted to 1 anima per target per day. (Same as a regular skirmish attack.) If several wraiths are used in concert, this can be used to cripple a vampire’s casting abilities. Otherwise, it can just be an annoyance. The use of a wraith to drain anima is considered by many to be an attack and those will react accordingly.

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