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When Breaking and Entering, your character sneaks into vulnerable buildings and attempts to steal a variety of items that can be sold either at shops in the city or to other player characters. Many items required for Crafting and Rituals may only be acquired through B&E.

Stealth is the goal of B&E - the aim is to get inside, avoid guards and camaras, steal items from behind locked doors and boxes, then get out without being seen/tripping an alarm. The ability to break into a building is dependent on your Stealing skill (must be at least double the base security of the building you are trying to enter),. More difficult buildings require higher stealing skill. Success or failure of lockpicking once inside is determined by a combination of your Stealing and Mechanics skills as well as your Skill attribute.


Breaking and Entering 1.png

To begin a breaking and entering session you must have at least 8 energy, although a successful B&E will cost you only 5 energy.

There are 6 different types of buildings found throughout the city dedicated to Breaking and Entering, each with a collection of items available for stealing.

These buildings are denoted by gray squares on the world map. When standing on the building, on the right of the screen, you'll see a padlock icon which tells you the security of the building. The higher the security level, the higher your stealing skill must be to make an attempt. The base security will also give you an indication of how many guards may be patrolling and how difficult the locked interior doors will be to break into, although there is a high degree of randomness, you will find that the higher security level buildings have more difficult locks.

Upon entering the B/E mini-game, your character will disappear from the grid. This last only for 30 minutes, after which time you will be forcibly removed from the mini-game and lose 6 energy.

Breaking and Entering 8.png

Upon entering the building, your grid will change to an expanded 5x5 view instead of the usual 3x3. This will allow you to see where guards are patrolling before they confront you and will give you a chance to sneak past or around them. Each type of building has 2 different layouts. Becoming familiar with the various floor plans & guard patrol patterns is the best way to succeed in higher security buildings. The tracking skill can also come in handy when sensing which direction guards are coming from.

Once inside move to locate the 3 - 4 locked doors within without being seen by guards and/or camaras. If you are confronted by a guard you have a choice of either attempting to kill the guard, trying to talk your way out of trouble or using a Knockout bomb. Be warned, killing guards will attract cops to the building who will then take over the patrol of the building. Convincing cops to let you pass is more difficult than guards, as is killing them. Killing a cop during the Breaking and Entering minigame will increase your hidden 'Police Notoriety' score, which may get you shot at by cops scattered throughout the city.

Although being caught by a guard or spotted by a camera will impact your experience gain, you can always delay the arrival of cops by using a false alarm device on an electronic lock before unlocking it. This technique is especially useful in stealth raids.

You may also find a number of wooden crates scattered throughout the building that contain loot, so be sure to keep an eye out as you move around.

Building Protection

As the security level of of the building increases, so do security measures to protect the building and prevent theft. Locks generally become more difficult to break, the number of security cameras increases and the number of guards on duty all increase with increased security.


Within each building are a number of locked interior doors which you will have to break into to steal the items found in the rooms beyond.

Breaking and Entering 3.png

Door locks are either mechanical or electronic. The door description when you step next to one during a B&E will tell you if it's mechanical or electronic. You still only need mechanics to break into all doors (as "mechanics" covers electronics too), but one of the gadgets (and electronic lockpick) will only work on electronic locks.

When you find a locked door within the building, a message will appear at the top of your screen. It will look something like this:

'This door is protected by a very weak electronic lock. Do you want to try to break in and steal something?

Clicking the "break in" link will allow you to attempt to pick the lock. Be warned, you will only get one chance to pick each lock in the building and a failure will trigger the building's alarms, which may alert the police to your crimes and replace the guards with cops. If you fail to break into the room, you will receive a message that looks something like this:

This lock is beyond your current skill level, so you tripped a security alarm.

If successful, you will receive a message that looks something like this:

'You successfully broke in and stole a Cellphone.

Security Cameras

In Security 3 or higher buildings, there are Security Cameras. The higher level the building, the more cameras. They turn to look in a different direction, usually once per move, but sometimes they linger on a spot for an extra turn, just to keep you on your toes. It has to be pointing in your direction in order to spot you, though, and you can stand underneath them (on the same square) to avoid them entirely. When a camera spots you it will set off the alarms, which starts a countdown until the cops arrive, and will prevent you from getting full EXP bonuses.

To disable these security cameras, you must now find and access a terminal that is placed randomly in the building. You don't need hacking skill to be able to do it, either. In addition, these terminals will pull up a list of all items currently in stock.

You disabled the security cameras on this floor and pulled up the building inventory. The list reads: Poison chems, Poison chems, Nuts and bolts, Wire reel.


Breaking and Entering 2.png

As you walk through the building, the guards will continue with their normal patrols, so be sure to avoid them. Guards will confront you if you come within a square of their patrol. A warning will appear at the top of your screen when you are within three squares of a guard, giving you time to plan your escape, find a hiding spot or simply click the "Wait 1 turn" button below the grid to see where they are approaching from, if they will pass you by safely, or even if they are moving away from your location. The warning message looks like this:

You hear footsteps nearby! A guard is drawing close!

If a guard finds and confronts you, the warning message will change to this:

The guards have spotted you. Do you want to fight or talk your way out of the situation?

Breaking and Entering 4.png

If you choose to fight the guard, you will enter into an NPC battle. If you win or the guard flees and you will be able to continue moving around the building. If, however, you lose, you will flee the building with your loot, but without any experience.

Be warned, attacking guards will set off alarms and will make the cops more likely to show up to patrol the building. Killing guards will also increase your hidden 'Police Notoriety' score, making cops in the city more likely to attack you on sight.

If you elect to try and talk your way out of the situation, you will be presented with a number of phrases to use on the guard. The number of choices you are given will increase with a higher level of the Speechcraft skill and is also based on your charisma score. These may look something like this:

Breaking and Entering 5.png

You don't get paid enough to go up against me. Let me walk out and we can both forget about it.

Or this:

I've been in a car accident outside, could you please call for an ambulance while I got out back?

Each phrase has a hidden score that will add to its chance of success (for example, shouting "I'm Batman!" will be more likely to result in failure than to claim that you had forgotten your ID). In addition to this, your Speechcraft skill and other attributes will contribute to your chance of success; the attribute involved will depend on the phrase you have chosen.

For example, a higher Intelligence attribute will make the guard more likely to believe that you are an IT technician, while a high Charisma attribute will help in seducing or flirting your way out of trouble.

Breaking and Entering 6.png

If you are successful, the following message will show in place of the grid and you will leave the building with your loot and some experience:

The guard bought it, and you were able to get away without having to resort to violence. You gained bonus mind experience.

If the guard, however, does not agree to let you go, you will enter into an NPC battle just as if you had initially chosen to fight with the same results for success or failure.


When breaking and entering you will have the chance to use certain powers within the buildings. Available powers are listed midway through the left side of the screen. It will present you with the name of the power and then a link with the word "USE". Some powers, such as

  • Hide in Shadows will last you 15 moves and hides you from guards and cameras. It can only be used once per B&E minigame. Opening a lock (electronic or mechanical) will knock you out of shadows.
  • Distraction is constantly active during B&E sessions and reduces the number of guards on duty by 1.

Ending a Session

Breaking and Entering 7.png

If you manage to escape the building, either through the same door you entered, using a smoke bomb gadget, or after an unsuccessful confrontation with the guards, you will receive experience and your stolen loot. The amount of experience you receive depends on your successes inside the building, at picking locks, fighting guards and talking your way out of confrontations with them.

Please be aware that B&E sessions will time out after 30 minutes. Once the session times out, you will lose 6 energy, however, you cannot be seen or attacked by guards.


The amount of experience gained during B&E is dependent on several factors:

  • Building Security
  • Whether or not all loot was collected from the building
  • Tripping security alarms (failing to break a lock or being spotted by a camera)
  • Interaction with security and its outcome

The following table details the experience gained in each possible circumstance for each building security level.

(A) Exp = Escape with all loot & no security breaches
(B) Exp = Escape with loot & no security breaches
(C) Exp = Escape with loot without harming any guards (smoke or knockout bomb used, tripped alarm, caught on cam)
(D) Exp = Escape with loot, but killed a guard
(E) Exp = Talked your way out with some loot (guard or cop)
(F) Exp = Talked your way out with no loot (guard)

Security # Guards (A) Exp (B) Exp (C) Exp (D) Exp (E) Exp (F) Exp
0 1 40 40 30 20 23 10
1 1 45 43 30 20 23 10
2 2 50 46 30 20 23 10
3 3 55 49 30 20 23 10
4 4 60 52 30 20 23 10
5 5 65 55 30 20 23 10
6 6 70 58 30 20 23 10
7 7 75 30 20 23 10
8 8 80 30 20 23 10
9 9 85 30 20 23 10

Stealth Raids

Stealth Raids are essentially Breaking and Entering minigame raids with 6 floors of increasing difficulty. You must reach the top floor without attracting the attention of the police in order to uncover the relic at the top. The relic will be located either behind a locked door or in a crate on the floor. The use of gadgets significantly increases the likelihood of success in stealth raids.

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