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Battle Raids are buildings filled with NPCs that are randomly generated throughout the city about once per week. Rumors of these locations can be found by walking through bars and clubs. These buildings have 5 floors, each of which has its own set of NPCs, some of which are unique to raids. To progress up the floors of the raid, a key must be acquired from an NPC kill; keys are specific to each floor. Battle Tactics are naturally important to this type of raid, as they determine how your character handles an NPC in battle. Typical powers, such as Uninvited Guest and Summon Ally, cannot be used to bypass gaining a key. As you make your way to the top, these enemies become progressively more difficult. At the top waits the raid boss. Killing this boss will effectively end the raid, though characters may stay inside to loot until sunrise the next day. Killing the raid boss will also gain you a rare relic that can be either sold for a hefty price or kept to reap the benefits.

  • To help find battle raids, you can wear a special Earring of Whispers that alerts you when a team or battle raid spawns within the city.
  • You can also find them in bars and clubs where people tell rumors.
  • When you lose a fight in a battle raid you will be sent to the previous floor and have to get a key to proceed again.

Raid Types

There are four varieties of battle raid: gang, undead and hunter and City of the Dead. Each of the raid types have a specific set of NPC enemies with varying difficulties and different rewards. Killing the raid boss will reward you with upwards of 150 EXP and a special relic. Although some raids are more difficult than others, lower leveled characters can still participate in raids and gain experience by killing NPCs on the first few floors.


Difficulty: Easy


Floor 1 - Gangster
Floor 2 - Enforcer
Floor 3 - Enforcer
Floor 4 - Gang Lt.
Floor 5 - Gang Lt.

Boss: Gang Boss

Relic: Arcane Fetish (+1 Anima/day)


Level of Difficulty: Medium


Floor 1 - Ancient Zombie
Floor 2 - Feral Vampire
Floor 3 - Mooncalf
Floor 4 - Greater Mooncalf
Floor 5 - Fadebeast

Boss: Rogue Necromancer

Relic: Deepsleeper's Acorn (+10 energy/day)


Level of Difficulty: Hard


Floor 1 - Hunter Footsoldier
Floor 2 - Apprentice Sorcerer
Floor 3 - Paladin Berserker
Floor 4 - Paladin Elder
Floor 5 - Paladin Elder

Boss: Ancient Sorcerer

Relic: Ancient's Pendant (+100 EXP/day)

City of the Dead

City of the Dead raids are found only in the catacombs. It is said that a powerful, rogue necromancer has set up a stronghold of enslaved dead. The earring of whispers will not alert your character to these raids spawning; your character must be within the catacombs or mausoleum in order to receive an alert that tells your character the floor beneath has shifted.

Difficulty: Very Hard


Floor 1 - Zombified Wolf
Floor 2 - Greater Mooncalf
Floor 3 - Trayonetic Bear
Floor 4 - Mooncalf Titan
Floor 5 - Mooncalf Titan

Boss: Enslaved Revenant

Relic: Revenant's Ashes

Note: City of the Dead raids spawn both spirit cages and spike traps.

Wendigo Raids

Wendigo raids were introduced in December 2016, and are considered more difficult by far than any other raid type.

Difficulty: Extremely Difficult


Floor 1 - Wendigo Spirit
Floor 2 - Transhuman Wendigo
Floor 3 - Wendigo
Floor 4 - Possessed Wendigo
Floor 5 - Possessed Wendigo, Alpha Wendigo

Boss: Alpha Wendigo

Relic: Ring of Necrocognition

Important Notes

  • All Raid Keys are automatically deleted when the raid is finished.
  • You can only win one of each type of raid (battle, stealth or hacking) per month. After winning a raid, you can join in on other raids of the same type, however you will be unable to kill the boss or uncover the relic.
  • You cannot give or sell battle raid keycards beyond Floor 1 of any raid.
  • Raids are generated on average 48 hours after the last raid has ended.
  • The Claim Abode power cannot be used in a raid building.
  • The Fortify Abode ritual cannot be used on a raid building/floor.
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