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Welcome to Path of the Vampire and we hope you have a fun writing and gaming experience with us!

If this is your first time playing, things may seem a little complicated at first, but this guide will give you a crash course in gameplay. If you have further questions or concerns after reading this guide, posting in the Help and Advice forum will get you the help you need.

The grid Tutorial Hub is a great resource if you're just starting out, however it does not cover all aspects of the gameplay. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the terminology used in Path of the Vampire (PotV), briefly cover certain roleplay basics for Path, and generally discuss things that are not covered by the tutorial. Each topic below has a summary of that subject and will contains links to more in-depth information.

Please ensure you are familiar with the game (both grid and forum) rules - a link to the rules is located at the top of the task bar should you need clarification.


Although not covered in the tutorial, adjusting your Settings immediately will allow you to tailor the gameplay experience to your liking. Settings can be found under the Character Menu drop-down. The Performance settings are especially important - we suggest you enable grid coordinates as this will help you navigate the grid much more easily. You can also choose between Graphic display and Text display, which can change the way you interact with your environment.

Under the Settings menu, you can also begin to flesh out your character's personality by adding information to the Character Bio under the Character tab. This field allows basic HTML coding.

Another important setting is Siring which dictates the type of characters your character can sire.

Helpful Forum Links

Below is a list of Forum links that could helpful for you as the player to look at. Some are Newbie guides, while others are rules and places to go if you need something in particular.

Official Links:

Be sure to check the announcement forum regularly, as it is used to give information about chapters, side stories, and major gameplay changes, which may drastically impact your character(s) or how you play Path.


Character Creation

Character creation requires you to make some choices about the type of character you wish to play.

At the beginning of character creation, you have the option of choosing between the three main races. The below section provides information on the differences between starting out as a human, as a semideus or as a vampire.

The next choices you have to make involve which class (for humans), type (for semideus), or path (for vampire) your character will be. This choice dictates some key role-play points as each has their own intricacies. It also affects game play given each starts with different stats and has early access to different powers. For humans and semideus, this choice dictates how they gain PXP on a daily basis. Note: Humans who start as Normal (Pureblood) may later choose to take on a class, they may also choose to become a vampire by requesting a sire. Vampires cannot switch their base path. Semideus cannot become vampires.

You will be asked for your character's gender. This can also be changed later under the Character settings menu.

Your next choice will be between Roleplayer and Gamer. You can switch from gamer to roleplayer later, if you wish (though you cannot switch back to gamer from roleplayer).

If you've chosen a vampire character, you will need to select a sire. A list of potentials will be presented to you and it is suggested that you take the time to research your options, especially if you're planning to roleplay your character.

Once your character is created, you will be directed to the forum if you selected roleplayer or the game if you selected gamer. In both cases, your newly created character will be in the Tutorial Hub where you are able to go through the basics of the game.

Playing as a Human

Starting as a pure human is widely considered PoTVs 'hard mode'. Roleplay-wise, starting as a human gives you a chance to explore and develop your character within the setting of Harper Rock. Although weaker on the grid, humans have the ability to enter whatever dwelling they desire without impediment (Though this may be dangerous in the case of private abodes) and may also later choose to become a vampire or take on a human class.

You may also choose to start off as a classed human from the start. Be sure to thoroughly understand the strengths and weaknesses of each class prior to making your selection.

Regular humans have a much harder time gaining experience and leveling. Their stats are much lower than their vampire counterparts; this is to follow the realism of vampires vs. humans. Classed humans start with higher stats than a regular human and level at the same rate as that of a vampire.

Humans have a max of 10 pints of blood. You will gain 1 pint of blood at each sunrise. A vampire feeding from you will remove 1 pint of blood and relocate you to another random part of the grid.. This mechanism gives you a better chance of survival. Even though the character is relocated to another part of the grid, the human was NOT teleported. This should be roleplayed as the human character becoming dazed, and wandering around after being fed upon.

If your human character is drained of all their blood and sufficiently wounded, your character will be sent to the hospital to recover for 1 week. During your recovery time in the hospital, your human will be unable to leave. Your human character cannot be permanently killed on grid unless by your choosing. Human characters also cannot lose limbs or receive critical wounds. A human character who is getting low on blood may purchase blood packs at a cost of $600 each from the shop. This should be roleplayed as a transfusion.

You cannot be forcefully turned into a vampire (aka sired) on the grid. In order to become a vampire, you must send a siring request to the prospective sire. Once your character becomes a vampire, they will be asked to choose a starting path. Different paths have different powers and starting attributes, though any stats or skills you earned while human will be added on to your new vampiric total - you won't lose any levels or skills! You will, however, lose any PXP you gained and spent on human powers.

Playing as a Semideus

Semideus characters are beings either created by or descended from Fae. There are three main types of semideus each with their own unique subtypes. Different semideus types have different powers and starting attributes.

Semideus characters have the ability to enter whatever dwelling they desire without impediment (Though this may be dangerous in the case of private abodes) and may also break and enter into homes.

Semideus start with a max of 10 pints of blood. You will gain 1 pint of blood at each day change. Vampires cannot feed from you so you cannot lose blood in that manner. Being attacked by another character, cops, soldiers, or a trap are the main ways you could lose blood.

If your semideus character is drained of all their blood and sufficiently wounded, your character will be sent to the Wilderness to recover for 1 week. During your recovery time, your semideus will be unable to leave. Your demiseus character cannot be permanently killed on grid unless by your choosing.

Semideus characters are unique in that they must actively gather their anima and PXP. Gaining anima is consistent for all semideus - they must rest in their natural form in a secluded area (0 security square) hourly. The method for gaining PXP varies by semideus type.

You cannot be turned into a vampire (aka sired) at all.

Playing as a Vampire

Playing a vampire in this game can be an exciting in many ways. There are many Paths to choose from and an endless amount of grid and roleplay opportunities.

Upon creating your vampire character, you are asked to choose a Path. This is in order to decide what Path you will follow power wise and roleplay wise. For an understanding of the archetypes associated with certain Paths, see the Paths (RP) page; this will also give you valuable information about how to play your vampire character. Vampires start at level 2 and have an easier time in gaining EXP and leveling then their human counterparts. Their stats are much higher than 'pure' humans - this is set up deliberately to follow the realism of vampires vs. humans.

You are also required to join a bloodline when you create a character. You can do this via random selection from the sire list or by taking a friend's sire link and clicking it. When you finally join the forum, you will see an area designated for the vampire bloodline you have joined. This will be located at the bottom of the page. (For example you will see Docere Crownet at the bottom of your forum page, if that is the bloodline your character is in.) Each bloodline has a first generation (1st Gen), who acts as the founder of that bloodline. All first generation characters came out of the shadow realm, after The Vampire Holocaust which took place in 1813. Modern vampires have existed since 2011, when the first generation emerged. There are periodically contests for players to earn a first generation character.

The bloodline your character belongs to does not determine their Path, and how much respect that character gives their bloodline is dependent on the character and interpersonal dynamics. Meaning that there is no inherent ability for a sire or bloodline to control your character unless that is your desire as a roleplayer.

You may wish to join a factions, which are groups not necessarily affiliated with a particular bloodline, or bloodlines.

Further Reading



Vampire Paths

Each of the Paths have their own unique strengths, weaknesses, powers and starting statistics. Each path is also geared to a certain type of character type or personality, with each having a basic role in any group. However, these traditional path roles can be changed, depending on your character's build as you level them up. Although each path has a set list of powers they can gain, it is possible to cross over into the other power paths, with some work, by using path "bridges" which cross between neighboring paths. All the powers, and information on bridging can be accessed on the Powers page, which can be found in the character drop down menu.

Below is the list of Paths. Be aware that once you choose a Path; it is permanent. For more information of these Paths, simply follow one of the links and you will be taken to the Path page. Please note, these only link to gameplay articles. For more canon information, see; Paths (RP)

Path Choices Wiki Links
Allurist Allurist
Telepath Telepath
Shadows Shadows
Killers Killer
Necromancers Necromancer
Mystics Mystic

Developing Characters

After selecting a character type, it is a good idea to at least partially plan your character's in game progress. Please note, this part of the guide refers entirely to grid development. Nearly everything you do on the grid gives some sort of experience, as you gain more experience for your character, they will gain levels. With levels come the ability to select attributes and skills to improve. As you put more level value into those skills and attributes, your character will get better at certain tasks. Path is a freeform MMO, meaning that there are no set 'builds', such as 'tank' or 'healer'. A person has the ability to set their character up however they feel is best, to suit them or that character's needs. It is important that you understand stats and what they effect when leveling up your character.

The Tutorial Hub covers several different grid tasks, this guide will not go into detail about how to do things like Rituals, Crafting, Forging, Hacking, Breaking and Entering, etc. However, you should select early on what you would like your character to be good at.

Newbie EXP Tips is a good page for understanding easy ways to gain EXP for your character early on; it is a player made tutorial.

Another way to build your character on grid is by gaining PXP. PXP is awarded daily at day change. For vampires, PXP is gained if your character has at least 10 blood. 'Pure' humans do not gain PXP. Classed humans gain PXP based on a set of unique circumstances for each class. Everyone can gain an extra PXP a day if you use all of your energy at least once a day. Be very aware of those circumstances when you are playing the game, because building PXP is the only way to get Powers.

It is advised that you plot out what powers you want your character to have in advance, because it can take a lot of time investment to get more powers. They are essentially a means of identifying a character's age and can be very useful for your character, Bloodlines, and Factions.

Another important way of developing your character on the grid is through acquiring Money. The in game currency can be gained through a myriad of different means such as:

Gaining grid currency allows you to purchase items from shops, and off of the auction. Money can also be used to purchase Real Estate and is vital for acquiring some relics.


Getting around the City map is as simple as clicking the adjacent square in the direction that you would like to travel. If you would like something faster you can always take the transit (black squares) to get to different parts of the city or use less energy by purchasing a car and fuel and traveling only on the streets.

Fast travel is also an effective means of transportation. Certain powers can also be used to navigate the grid such as teleport, and celerity.

Shops (green squares) are places you can trade currency you've accumulated for items to help you along your way. You can also sell items you have collected. Items are anything you find in this game whether it is an item you buy in a shop or you get it as loot off certain NPCs, from B&E, or if you find on grid occasionally such as wrist watches, cellphones or mirrors.

Real Estate otherwise known as lairs are in-game areas belonging to a particular character. These areas can be bought using in-game currency or Karma points. Lairs and expansions to them are also occasionally given as a reward to a player who contributed something of particular worth to the game. There are currently eight types of Lairs: Mansions, Apartments, Sewer dwellings, Cabins, Courts, Farms, Trailers (sold out) and Crypts.

Please Note: Only have your character go into private abodes at their own risk, as they may be trapped or otherwise defended. Lairs found on the grid have purple squares. If you are unsure if something is private or public property, feel free to ask on the appropriate forum.

Crownet is the article that guides you on what the Crownet is and what options are available to you when accessing it from a computer.


This section is comprised of those parts of the game in which you can learn how your character can effectively feed, hack, steal among the many activities available to your character. The following is a very brief summary of each section.

Feeding is the basic essential tool to keeping your vampire alive and well. This gives you an outline and helpful suggestions on where it is safe for your character to feed on humans without violating the vampire secrets and being entered into the secrecy violations list.

Hacking can be one of the hardest parts of this game to understand. The first thing to know is that you need to have at least Delete V1 and Transfer V1 before you begin. After that, its simply a matter of getting a better understanding of how the commands work and what you need to do in order to get to the better files. However you will gain a basic hacking kit of scripts when you turn level 19.

Picking Pockets is a great way to make money in the game. To steal from a character or a group of humans, click the "$" sign next to their name on the play grid. You can either steal money or items from humans. Items can be sold at all green shops except for the gift shop. You are more likely to get more money from a larger group of humans than a small one and our ability to steal is affected by your in-game stats.

Breaking and Entering is when your character successfully sneaks into vulnerable buildings and can attempt to find a variety of items that can be sold at green shops in the city. There are a number of different kinds of building and each will have its own collection of items available for stealing, as well as its own, unique layout and guard patrol patterns.

Crafting is the ability to use items found in game to make traps or other special items, such as guns.

Rituals are performed by formulating an incantation in what is known as the Fae Language, thus ordering a demi-fae to do what you ask of it.

Business is the essential guide on how to build a business within the city and breaks down the system so that you the player can understand what running a business entails.

Forging involves shaping metal to make certain weapons (melee), jewelry, and ammo.

PVE, or attacking NPCs is explored more in depth in the next section, and can be a great way of gaining EXP if done efficiently.


There are two broad categories of activities in which you can take part in PotV: Player vs. Player (PVP) or Player vs. Environment (PVE). When you interact with the game interface, you're engaging with PVE - this includes interactions with non-player characters (NPCs). PVP is engaging with other players in the game.

NPCs are identified by the yellow text denoting their name. To fight an NPC, simply walk up to an enemy and click on the dagger symbol next to their name. The NPC battle event will then begin, giving you a transcript of the event. Killing NPCs can give you experience, loot, money, or changes to the city alert level (see specific enemies for details). Before engaging an NPC, make sure you take a look at your Battle Tactics and ensure you have a weapon equipped on the Inventory page.

A list of suggested Hunting areas, where one can find NPCs at various stages of leveling can be found here.

Fighting with other player characters (PCs) is strongly discouraged if you're new, but follows the same principles as battling an NPC. Whether you are a roleplay character or gamer character, at any time you can be attacked after your character hits level 10. If you wish to avoid being attacked, then its a good idea to not skirmish (hit the dagger icon beside a PC's name) attack other vampires and stay off the violations list.

Please note that if you do attack a PC, you will likely be attacked in retaliation. If there was an accident, it's always best practice to email (on grid) or private message (on forum) the person you attacked and let them know what happened. Most players are very understanding of these circumstances.

Raids are a special type of PVE event where your character can compete with others to win a rare relic. There are currently four types of raid: battle raids, Hacking Raids, Stealth Raids and team raids. It is suggested you read up on the different raid types as they are useful ways of gaining EXP, and are a fun way of competing with other players.

Team Raids consist of a combination of stealth, ritual, hacking and battle skills. Six individuals make up a full team. It is important to compile a team that is able to use a variety of different skill types. Team raids do not reward relics, but Faeshards can be found in them, and they all yield both cash and experience.


Death as vampire simply refers to being sent to the Shadow Realm. In order to be sent to the Shadow Realm, you must be drained of all blood followed by a critical wound. Keep in mind that you will be sent to the Shadow Realm on the 17th hit that lands on your character if a critical wound doesn't come first. You may also choose to 'kill' your character on the Settings page. This can occur to any vampire and is not permanent. However you will experience stat loss and wounds from these deaths but they are not permanent.

Humans do not get sent to the Shadow Realm, but are instead hospitalized. In either case, death comes with a special set of penalties, and it is strongly encouraged that you read up on those penalties prior to agreeing to engage in PVP. As such, it is also strongly encouraged that, if you play a vampire character, you familiarize yourself with Vampiric Secrecy.


Path is a roleplay driven game, as such, understanding the RP side of PoTV is extremely important if you want to be successful in the community. Path itself is unique because it has an ever evolving storyline, which started back in 2011. Of course, anyone can join at any time, and have a serious impact on the way the game continues to change. Chapters are special events integrating both grid and roleplay to progress the site's overarching plots. It is strongly advised that you get involved in chapters if you want to influence how the game is played, as well as its future!

Forum Roleplay is when you create a role play personality for your character and then roleplay that character on the forum. You will have to keep in mind that the persona you invent for them should stay the same whether on forum or grid. Through roleplay you describe your character, their actions, thoughts, memories, pretty much like an author would when writing a novel. You can also find forum rules and moderators on this page.

Impact Thread is a type of forum roleplay, or live chat/location based roleplay (with the logs posted on the forum), which allows the writing community to impact the game without having to use the grid. Impact threads are most prominently used during chapters however they can be used at any time.

Chats:_Location/OOC rely on a chat client for roleplay or out of character interaction. Out of character chats are clearly marked and accessible from drop down menu at the top left of the grid screen. Location based chat is for in character interaction, or roleplay. This type of roleplay (RP) is preferred by some because it tends to be faster paced than forum RP. Location based RP can be accessed by entering the location at which you wish to RP, and using the more commands (+ icon on the right of the grid) menu.

Further Reading

Additional Reading

You may also be interested in reading a few more articles related to gameplay. Pages which pertain to core PoTV concepts can be found in the Links from Grid category. Pages which pertain to canon and lore can be found here. You may also wish to read up on some tutorials. Note: Any and all tutorials are designed by players, and their content is not managed by PoTV staff. Tutorials may be found here.

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