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For more information about gameplay mechanics related to Blood Thieves, see; Blood Thief Class.

"Blood Thief" is a term used to describe an individual who is able to feed on the blood of a vampire and use it to temporarily gain certain abilities that the vampire victim possesses. In becoming a blood thief, the individual also gains supernatural strength, dexterity, stamina and more, as well as a greatly extended lifespan. Additionally, they heal almost as fast as a fledgling vampire, which means they are able to survive a great deal of punishment.


The history of blood thievery extends as far back as 1195 C.E. where a vampire named Hakim Saqqaf discovered that if humans feed on the blood of vampires and survive the process (which is quite rare), they can extract the very essence of what gives a vampire its power, and even live for centuries. Hakim Saqqaf was a vampire hunter with a loathing for his own kind, who rose to power as a leader of a Catholic vampire hunting chapter, and gradually instilled in them the practice of blood thievery in order to better match their quarry.

Some of Saqqaf's hunters passed the secrets on, but blood thievery was never widely understood or practiced. Even in 1288 C.E., when Emperor Gong of Song taught blood thievery to his captors, the Mongol Khans, the knowledge was soon made scarce once more due to a large number of the chosen Mongolian champions dying in the process of becoming a blood thief.

Shortly after vampires returned, a Canadian gang called the Broussard family were witness to certain careless vampire activities, such as a turning ritual on the streets. Eventually, they managed to subdue a fledgling vampire and extract some of her blood. With the little knowledge of vampire turning they had, they made one of their enforcers drink the blood of the captured vampire (without first dying), thinking that it might turn them into vampires themselves. While this did not turn the Broussard enforcers, it did give them limited superhuman strength and vampire gifts. Since this time, blood thievery has been more common than ever before, particularly within the city of Harper Rock, where the majority of modern-day vampires can now be found.


In game blood thief training description:

'The blood thief spends some time feeding increasingly potent samples of vampire blood. When you are done, he explains how to use your newfound strength and skills. You feel superhuman!'

Blood thieves often die during the blood thief training process. It requires a great deal of strength or determination to survive the often painful initiation. The human in training will quite often vomit up the vampire blood as their system rejects it. The samples usually start out very small in order to get the mortal used to it, as it is extremely rare for a human to survive after ingesting enough vampire blood to turn them into a blood thief in the first feeding.

Some humans simply suffer a cardiac arrest during the process as their body shuts down, and these individuals do not return as a vampire (turning requires being fed vampire blood at the point of (or immediately after) death). Some few humans die and become "trayonetic", which means undead and zombified, but with a certain degree of vampire-like qualities and enhanced physical attributes.

The blood thief will know when the initiation is complete when the ingestion of vampire blood no longer causes them pain. At this point, they will immediately find themselves stronger, faster, and more.

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