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Bloodlines – or Clans – are groups of vampires connected by blood. Childer can choose to work closely with their sire and the other vampires they are connected with, or they can act independently. While the link between sire and childe cannot be severed (an original sire will always be an original sire), childer can choose to undergo the Disenthrallment Ritual to form Sub-Bloodlines of their own, which weakens the link with their own sire.

A character's ancestry (including sire, childer, bloodline, etc.) are visible on the Character Sheet.

Original Bloodlines

In 2011, 6 Master Vampires escaped from the shadow realm with each forming one of the seven original bloodlines; Docere, Grigori, Noble, Quartermaine, Vedarian & Worthington. The 7th bloodline, Pariah, was headed by Cobb. In 2015, an 8th bloodline, Acheron, was established by Ambrose Acheron.

The vampires at the head of these original bloodlines are considered the 1st generation of vampire, post-Holocaust and are often referred to as Elders as they were turned Pre-Holocaust. While some have become inactive or dormant, others remain highly involved in their bloodline to this day.

List of Original Bloodlines

Bloodline    Elder
Abrami Libitina Abrami
Acheron Ambrose Acheron
Docere Zachariah Staus
Geier Amos
Grigori Mircea
Kamatayan Baby Doll
Magnus Fenn
Mostri Echidna
Mourinwa Atabei Narcisse
Noble Isabella Drake
Pariah Cobb
Quartermaine Quartermaine*
Vasari Leonardo
Vedarian Keara Aithne
Worthington Chad Worthington III

  • Please note that Quartermaine is both the name of the lineage and the Master Vampire at its head.

Generations within a Bloodline

One's generation designates the closeness of their direct relationship to the Master Vampire of their Original Bloodline. The closer one is to the head of their line, the higher their generation is said to be. A vampire's generation is fixed at the point of turning - they can never gain or lose a generation, even if they form, or become part of, a sub-bloodline. In terms of gameplay, the only differences between generations is the initial maximum amount of anima and the number of siring slots available.


Below are some details about the clans of Path of the Vampire. Submitted and updated by members of the various lineages.


The bloodline can be traced back to Aztec descent if one knows that it’s founder is not the real Ambrose Acheron, but Tizoc Yayauhqui, an elder Aztec blood priest of the Tozoztontli bloodline thought to have been eradicated in 1522. He resurfaced in legend throughout the American frontier west in native legends as a helper to the natives and a terror to the European settlers. Throughout this time he was known only as the Obsidian Blade. noted for the tool he used to kill and legend has it that while he killed through decapitation, flaying the flesh from his foes, exsanguination and a variety of other means,he always took the heart of his victims.

The Acheron line had ended sometime during the Vampire Holocaust, brought low by Fae or hunter, the truth of which may never be known. The Acheron lineage that has returned however is not the Acheron line of old, it is the Tozoztontli.

Heavily ritualistic and extremely secretive, the Tozoztontli line celebrates and worships the old Aztec gods while publically upholding the more Christian tenets espoused in the Old Code. They are patrons of vampire kind, paragons of the Masquerade openly while under the surface lies a hatred of what has happened to their great land under the rule of the European invaders who still walk the land to this day.

Most of the lineage are Native American descent in modern nights with a smattering of others thrown in to maintain outward appearances. Even some of the members of this bloodthirsty bloodline of old do not know the truth of what flows through their veins. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, disciples of the old gods and when performing their dark ceremonies, true terrors to behold.

The hardline members of this bloodline adhere to the following rituals and sacrifices to the gods. These do NOT encompass the beliefs of every individual of the bloodline.


The name "Docere" is Latin and its meanings include "teach", "instruct" and "inform", reflecting the common theme among its earliest members, who can be classified into four categories: the intellectual, the political, the zealot, and entrepreneurial.

It is one of the most relaxed bloodlines, its leader being typically distant (though not entirely absent) from his line, leaving its members to organise themselves according to their natural loyalties. The main thread that unites the Docere is their allegiance to the Masquerade. While other lines view killing their own as barbaric or loveless, for the Docere that is a non-issue, especially where vampire secrecy is concerned. Many of them, therefore, don't shy away from participating in the killing of other Docere if it means that the Masquerade is upheld. The Docere do not see themselves as a bloodline in the familial sense - at least this is the view the most vocal Docere express - instead, they describe themselves as an "association", not unlike a business firm.




The Grigori are an opinionated, outspoken group of individuals who are drawn to and united by a strong sense of devotion, freedom and fairness.










The name itself has no official meaning or definition, at least not one that could be found in a dictionary. When it came to giving a name to the clan, Keara opted not to use the house name to which she formerly belonged. Instead she decided to honour her past, or more specifically her relationship with her sire, by merging his code name with hers to create a lineage that bore both their names. The name she decided upon was Vedarian, which she came too by placing her own name, Daria, inside of his name, Ven. (Ve - daria - n).


Forming a Sub-bloodline

While it is impossible to completely separate from one's sire or one's original bloodline, it is possible to make your own bloodline group. Upon doing so, the disenthralled vampire and all their direct descendants will be placed into the new bloodline. This will be listed for each such vampire on their CS in place of the original bloodline. Upon creation of the sub-bloodline, any in-game combat bonuses between the disenthralled vampire and their sire are negated.

Forming a sub-bloodline can only done via the disenthrallment ritual. It is a rather expensive process as the ritual is known by very few and the ingredients are costly. Most who have the required tome charge a few for performing the ritual and typically require the ingredients to be provided separately. The disenthrallment ritual can be also done by Aeyrn, the NPC Ritualist, who charges 300k plus the needed ingredients.

For more information on sub-bloodlines within Harper's Rock, see this page.

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