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Business Page Example

In order to start your own business, you require $20,000 in-game cash, and a business skill of at least 3. Under the Character Menu, select the main Businesses page; at the bottom of this page, click "Make a business" to start your own company. The higher your business skill, the more businesses you can run (two businesses at business skill 8, three businesses at business skill 15 and four businesses with a skill of 20 in business).

After filling in the basic details, your company will be up and running. "Type of business" can be anything you want it to be, such as "club" or "candy store". If you own a property, you can bind your business to it for a small profit bonus each day. This bonus increases with increasing foot traffic through the property. The description (bio), logo and banner can be left blank and filled in later - everything but the name can be updated after the business is created.

Owning a company comes with risk of actually losing money - up to $1000 dollars if poor business choices are made. Running each business will cost you 20 energy and is deducted when the daily dilemma is completed, but you will gain experience points, and up to about $4000 profit, eventually, if your business is successful.

Managing The Company


  • Net Worth: This figure doesn't really change anything or give you more profits. It's just something you can use to compare the success of your company with others. Net value = (popularity + reputation) * 300 + (average earnings + 30000) Note that the minimum net value is 30000. Net worth is net value divided by 1, 2, 4, or 6, depending on how long the business has been around. If it's been around for 60 days it isn't changed
  • Reputation: This tracks the general opinion people have of your business practices, including; quality of service, quality of goods, and the friendliness of your staff. It's very important, but will go up slowly to a maximum of 100 (or a minimum of -100).
  • Popularity: Popularity measures how many people like to use your business. It's very important, but will go up slowly to a maximum of 100 (or a minimum of -100).
  • Staff Morale: This setting ranges between -10 and 10, and starts at 0. High morale means better workers, but low morale can result in resignations.
  • Today's Expenses: Shows how much money you are set to spend on your company today. The money will not go out until sunrise.
  • Yesterday's Profit: Shows how much you earned yesterday (after expenses).
  • Bio. Allows you to describe your business, telling people what you offer, how to contact you, and where you may be located.
  • Emblem. Add an image to the business listings page. 175 px by 200-250 px.
  • Banner. Add an image to the top of your business listing. 750 px by 100 px.

Search for new staff: This link will take you to a screen where you can search for new NPC staff. The interview is randomized each time. At present time we have female staff only available. Be aware that as a small company just starting out, you'll want to hire low-skilled people so you don't have to pay they too much. However, lower key skills (for example, charisma if they are sales people) can also mean a loss of reputation, popularity, or even profits. The number of staff you can hire increases as your business skill does, starting at 5 business and increasing by 1 new hire per 2 skill points into business. For example, at level 7, you should be able to hire 2 people, etc.

Values: (Play around with the following values to see how it changes your daily predicted expenses)

  • Wages: How much you pay your staff. Low wages will result in a loss of morale.
  • Stock / Service Quality: The better quality, the more your reputation will increase. Quality can also improve your profits, but higher quality costs more.
  • Prices: Fine tuning your prices can be tricky. I recommend you stick to the lowest possible prices to begin with, and increase them over time. The more popularity and reputation your company has, the higher you'll be able to set your prices without losing money. Eventually, when you max out your company, you might even be able to set your prices to maximum too. High prices will be detrimental to your popularity, however.
  • Advertising: Advertising will increase your popularity quite a lot, but also costs tons. However, if you strike the right balance of advertising, it can also improve your day-to-day profits, even though the long term goal of advertising should simply be to max out your popularity.

You should also be aware that illegal businesses will generally turn a better profit, even though they have a higher risk (more randomization of profit). Illegal businesses are also easier for other players to harm using hacking.

Profits or Losses

There are many contributing factors.that will determine the profit or loss for a business, such as:

The most important thing for profits, however, is the "strength" of your company: which is the combination of reputation and popularity which can take a few months to build up maximum. Though, if you are willing to take losses every day, you can artificially boost these them twice as quickly. You should expect a few losses starting out, either way, but you'll see quite a difference when your combined pop/rep reaches 40+, providing your settings are good.

As far as bound properties go, try hosting a party or an event and you'll see how the number of PC visitors to your store every day will improve your profits. Getting as many as 50 unique visitors to your shop / club / etc in one day could improve your profits by as much as $500 on a good day.

Player-owned Business Locations

For Player-owned Business Locations click the provided link.

Daily Dilemmas

Each day (except day 1) business owners will get one dilemma / opportunity for every business which they own. They can answer these dilemmas on the business management page.

Dilemmas work in a similar way to speechcraft events during B&E. The higher your business skill, the more options you will get (between 2 and 5) for each dilemma.

For example, one dilemma poses the following problem:
"Robbery! You are on the company premises when somebody with a gun enters and tries robbing you..."

Each of these answers has a "weight" or a likelihood that the option will succeed. The only way to work out the "weight" of each answer is to look at them logically, taking your stats into consideration.

For example, one such answer is:
"Rush them! You don`t take any of this crap in your company,"

which may work only if you have high strength, but it only has a weight of three and it is not the best answer in the world; most of the answers reply on speechcraft, however, every skill or stat is covered at least once.

If succeeded, you with either gain something such as popularity or profit, or you will lose something if you fail (depending on the dilemma or opportunity it can be staff morale, profit, etc) from each dilemma.

Possible Outcomes

  • The result was good! You didn`t lose anything, but gained ??? exp.
  • The result was great! You gained 1 popularity point and ??? exp.
  • The result was great! You gained $500 and ??? exp.
  • The result wasn't good. You didn't gain anything (other than 50 exp).
  • The result wasn't good. You lost 1 reputation point (but gained 50 exp).
  • The result wasn't good. You lost $500(but gained 50 exp).

If you do not deal with your daily dilemma, you will not gain anything that day for your company and it will stand still. Every day, the dilemma will take away 20 energy and give you some experience, more if answered correctly. Vampire characters with the Day Walker power, will only used 15 energy for every dilemma.

Your company will update at sunrise.

Some of the daily dilemmas can be seen Here

Business Listings

For Business Listings Please follow the link provided.

Closing a Business

You can now close (delete) a business that you own. The link to do so is on the business profile main page (before you click manage). Deleting a business sends out an alert to all staff.


Employee: To be employed by a business, click on any company logo or name, then click "apply" on the left side of the screen located underneath the staff profile section. You will be paid an amount depending on your stats and the level of wages the owner of the business has set. Newer business will have lower wages but will, usually, get larger over time. Lowest wages are about $300 per day for those with really low stats and companies with low wages. Highest possible wages are about $1000 per day, if your boss is generous and you have great skills. Please be aware that taking a job will cause you to lose 1 energy per hour. However, you will also gain two experience per hour, without having to actually do anything on grid. Please be aware when taking a job, you cannot have a business and work for someone at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

Positions: Each position is tied to a different stat, this stat and the level of pay offered by your employer (the business owner) determines your daily wage. Matching the correct position with an employee with strengths in the correct stats will help your business as well.

  • Clerical - Intelligence
  • Craftperson - Skill
  • Janitorial - Stamina
  • Manager - Business
  • Security - Strength
  • Sales - Charisma

Also, not having enough staff members or having under qualified staff members may lead to a drop in Morale and popularity. Profits will also be affected so make sure you hire the right people in to the right positions or your business can, and will, suffer as a result.

Relevant Powers

  • Daywalker level 1 lowers the amount of energy used for daily dilemmas from 20 to 15.
  • Daywalker level 2 improves reputation and population for businesses.
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