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Path - You may be looking for information about the Current Chapter, or Chapter History.
Blood - You may be looking for information about the Current Chapter (Blood), or Chapter History (Blood).

Chapters are special events that combine roleplay and the grid, on Path of the Vampire. Chapters act as a way of progressing the site's overall storyline, by focusing on an aspect or aspects of the ever-growing site history. Normally, chapters (Path) /(Blood) can be influenced via certain grid actions, and Impact Threads. The importance of chapters cannot be overstated. Chapter outcomes have the ability to fundamentally change the way the game is played, and it is strongly suggested all players keep up to date on what's happening with the current or upcoming chapters. Information is posted regularly on the Updates and Announcements forum [(Path)/(Blood). To get an idea of previous chapter events, you should see the Chapter History page Path/Blood.


Frequently, just moving your character on the grid, or doing normal activities has some impact on the chapter. As such, there is no such thing as opting out of a chapter. If you play the game, you are assumed to be participating, which is another reason to be up to date on any ongoing chapter events. Roleplaying impact threads is a voluntary means of participating.

characters aiming for the same slider goal during chapters is always allowed


Sidestories are roleplay only events, which are generally given rise due to the events of a chapter, the way a chapter ends, or as a lead up to subsequent chapters. Participation in side stories is not mandatory, however there are usually prizes for those who do get involved. Side stories are considered canonical.

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