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Chat Rules/Mods


All Forum Rules apply to Chats. In addition, there are special rules for posting in-character live role-play.


While Chat mods are specifically tasked with keeping order in the chats, it is important to note that any moderator present in chats may moderate as needed. They will warn you if you break rules in the chat room. Failure to follow the rules, or any rudeness toward mods and admin can result in banning, both temporary or permanent, from the forum and chat rooms.

Moderators are usually indicated by a shield icon in the user list. This may be absent at times when the moderator is a secondary character.


  • Pi
  • Velia


  • None Currently

Types of Chats

There are two main types of chats - out of character (OOC) and in character (IC),

OOC Chat

This is where players come to talk about the game or have a little fun getting to know one another. It is also a great place to come with questions about the forum or game in hopes of a quick reply. There are usually several knowledgeable players present who are willing to answer questions and provide help as needed.

There are rules however. In the OOC chats, you must be respectful at all times of other players. There is no tolerance for rudeness toward one another. Also, keep in mind that all conversation must be PG-13, keep it good clean fun.

IC Chat

There are three different types of IC chats. All characters have access to two of the three, dependent upon their race.

NOTE: While characters do not always need to be nice or respectful, and IC bickering or insulting is allowed, please remember you must remain IC at all times while in the IC chatrooms. OOC insults and harassment will not be tolerated.

Location Chat

Location chats are for roleplaying in real time within an actual location, specifically the one in which your character is currently standing. This allows for having conferences or parties in a particular building. Unless you have made some plans to meet up in grid, you may often find the room empty. Note that you do not need to be in the same square- but you must be in the same building and on the same floor as others. Location chats for a particular area cannot be accessed by those not currently in the location..

Crownet Chat

Only accessible by vampire characters, Crownet chat is treated as an actual online chat room for vampires.

Harper Rock Chat

Harper Rock chat is essentially an online chat room for humans. It cannot be accessed by vampires.

Accessing Chats

Accessing chats must be done from the city grid. Therefore, you will be logged into the chat with your current grid character. Should you switch characters while chatting, they will be switched in the chat as well. Please note, if you switch characters, you typically need to refresh the chat screen for the change to register properly.

OOC Chats

OOC chats are accessed via the Navigation menu at the top left of the grid screen. Choosing the Chat option will bring you straight into the OOC chat.

If you're in a location, Crownet, or Harper Rock chat, alternatively you can click on the OOC Chat option on the left hand of the screen.

IC Chats

Entry into the IC chats is done by clicking on the speech bubble button on the right hand side of the grid. The same button will also display a number if there currently are or there recently were people in the Location chat.

In the popup menu that opens, the 'Roleplay here' link is clicked. This will bring you into the Location Chat for that particular area.To access either the Crownet Chat (for vampires) or the Harper Rock Chat (for humans) simply click the appropriate link on left side of the screen.

If you're in another chat, you can alternatively click the appropriate link on the left side for the chat you wish to enter.

Live Roleplay Transcript Posting

Live role play transcripts may be posted to the forum in a couple different ways.

Manually Posting

The first is by breaking up the RP and having each participant post a proportionate share of the transcript. In this case, all participants must agree to the posting and all rules on live RP transcripts must be followed.

Automated Posting

The second is to post the RP via the automated option. This option is only available in Location chats. The button to post to the forum is located under the chat window on the right and is labeled 'Submit RP to Forum'.

Submitting the RP to the Forum will either create a new thread or add the transcript to a current thread depending on what is entered when the user is prompted for a thread title. Using a current thread title will add the transcript to that thread, as long as it is located in the Streets of Harper Rock board. Otherwise, it will post to a new thread in the same forum. All transcripts will show as posted by the Storyteller account.

When submitted automatically, the game calculates the amount of Roleplay Points (RPP) each participant wrote and distributes it to them. The tally of each participant's RPP is shown both in the chat window and at the bottom of the transcript post. Live RPs posted via the automatic method earn a bonus 50% RPP.

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