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Childer is an obsolete noun which is defined as the plural of child. Childer in the game refers to the lineage or offspring of a sire. If a Vampire sires someone, or turns them from human to Vampire, the human becomes a childe. Should the Vampire sire multiple times, those multiple offspring are most often referred to as 'Childer'. This term is especially used by the oldest of the generations. Newer generations of Vampires, do not all adhere to the same verbiage for their childer. Other more recent terms coined by Vampires of the 21st century are Offspring, Thing and Spawn.

Young newly turned Vampires are called Fledglings. The Fledgling title typically applies due to the inexperience that they have. Once a human is turned into a Vampire, it does not give them immediate and magically infused information about everything Vampire. They have to be taught, how things work. This is the job of the Sire. It is the Sire's duty to see that their Childe is properly educated about their new life as a Vampire. This education can encompass a wide variety of topics, from Vampire history, to how to use and access powers, to the family lineage.

Before the fall of the Masquerade, it was the Sire's duty to instill the need for secrecy and diligence in not revealing their identity to humans. A Sire that failed in their duty to their Childer was looked upon poorly by other Vampires. A repeat Masquerade offender was often targeted and sent to the Shadow Realm as punishment by Masquerade Protecting groups, like Tytonidae. But since the breach and fall of the Masquerade in 2016, hunting offenders has stopped.

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