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Crafting is the ability to make a variety of items through mechanics. These items can be for personal use or you can sell them on the Auction, via Crownet. You will need to visit a crafting bench, listed below, in order to create something. Crafting benches can also be purchased in regular shops for 20,000 in game dollars or 5 Karma to set in your own personal business or privately owned property.

Public Crafting Locations
Location Building/Business Name Coords
Bullwood Abandoned Warehouse (9, 9 )
Cherrydale Gas Station
Gullsborough The Necropolis Nightclub (14, 5)
Honeymead Station Net Cafe (11, 8)
Honeymead Market Enchanted Wedding Inc.(9, 9)
Quarantine Deserted Fire Dept.(9, 10)
Veil Tower Lyon`s Eye Private Investigations (11, 9) 4, 0 2F
Veil Tower The Eye of Zodiac (9, 7) 8, 7 2F
Wickbridge Metronome Club (7, 3)
8th Dimension Mall Auto Doc (9, 12) 1, 4 2F
8th Dimension Mall Quartermaine Custom Creations (9, 7) 8, 8 1F

Once you arrive at a crafting bench you will 'Use" it to display each item available to you for crafting, an explanation of what each item does, and the materials necessary to craft it. Red text indicates that you currently have a material in your inventory, while white text indicates you still need it. When you have all materials necessary for an item, a 'Craft' button will appear to the right of the item. Once crafted it will go directly into your inventory.


The first thing you need for crafting is components or "ingredients" for any crafting schematic / recipe. The lower-level items require fairly common items roughly 3 or 4 different items for each recipe. Most of these components can be found while Breaking and Entering into buildings, and some are rarer than others. You can also get these items in the Auction for purchase. Some crafting items may require items that can be purchased in any green shop, or found as a drop item from beating gangsters, enforcers, hitmen or blood thieves.

Note: In order to do B&E, you must have the stealing skill leveled. You can choose to gather your own materials or purchase them. Other characters that have high levels of stealing may also be willing to assist you. Stealing is not necessary in the crafting process itself, but the two tend to go hand in hand.

Next, you'll need to have the required mechanics skill to craft the item. For now there's a trap which opens up for each level of the mechanics skill except for 9 and 11. Once you have the components and the right level of mechanics, you can click on the "craft" button that appears to the right. Crafting success is determined by intelligence and to a much lesser extent, skill. Component breaking (not too common, and just one component) is determined by your skill attribute level. The quality of the item made (in traps, this greatly affects the likelihood of damaging a target) is determined by a mixture of your intelligence and mechanics level.


Below are the stats you will need to craft a trap, the energy it takes and the experience that can be gained from it.

Stats necessary for Mechanics are:

  • Mechanics - This stat is important to open further trap designs per level.
  • Skill - Success at crafting an item.
  • Intelligence - Quality of the item being crafted.

Experience and Energy

  • Each crafting attempt will take 2 energy, whether successful or not.
  • Your experience will be between 10-40 mind experience, depending on the level of the item crafted.
  • Failed crafting attempts still reward experience, though it is incredibly minimal.


Defensive Traps

Please see Traps for more information on how they work. A list of traps that can be crafted and their required components will be displayed below by type.

Bear Trap | Required Mechanics: 3
Materials: Iron Block, Box of Tools, Nuts and Bolts.
Tripwire Shotgun | Required Mechanics: 5
Materials: Hunting Shotgun, Wire Reel, Machinery Parts.
Electromagnetic Emitter | Required Mechanics: 6
Materials: Copper pipe, Electric motor, Expensive machinery parts
Poison Trap | Required Mechanics: 6
Materials: Poison Chemicals, Machinery Parts, Sensor Alarm, Nuts and Bolts.
Proximity Mines | Required Mechanics: 7
Materials: Sensor Alarm, Copper Pipe, Volatile Chemicals, Computer Parts.
Sensor Turret | Required Mechanics: 8
Materials: Sensor Alarm, Micro Uzi SMG, Machinery Parts,
Computer Parts, Nuts and Bolts, 10mm Ammo.
Shrapnel Bomb | Required Mechanics: 8
Materials: Nuts and Bolts, Wrist Watch, Volatile chems, Iron block, Copper Pipe.
Toxic Gas Trap | Required Mechanics: 10
Materials: Sensor Alarm, Poison Chems, Black Feral Blood, Sewer Fungi, Box of Perfumes.
Shock Cage Trap | Required Mechanics: 12
Materials: Steel Block, Industrial Chems, Expensive Machinery Parts, Sensor Alarm, Power Module.


Sensor Alarm | Required Mechanics: 2
Materials: Computer Parts, Motion Sensor.
Security Camera | Required Mechanics: 4
Materials: Computer Parts, DV Camcorder, Nuts and Bolts.
Spy Cam | Required Mechanics: 6
Materials: Security Camera, Box of electronics, Expensive cellphone
Rigged Camera | Required Mechanics: 7
Materials: Security Camera, Volatile Chems, Copper Pipe, Machinery Parts


Please see Gadgets for more information on how they work. A list of traps that can be crafted and their required components will be displayed below.

Smoke Bomb (x5) | Required Mechanics: 2
Materials: Sewer Fungi, Poison Chems, Water Bombs.
Noise Maker (x5) | Required Mechanics: 3
Materials: Stereo system, Cellphone, Wire reel.
Electronic Lockpick | Required Mechanics: 3
Materials: Box of electronics, Wire reel.
Knockout Bomb (x5) | Required Mechanics: 3
Materials: Chemical Waste, Common chems, Water Bombs.
B&E Cam-scrambler | Required Mechanics: 4
Materials: Microwave, Cellphone, Box of tools.
False Alarm | Required Mechanics:' 10
Materials: Expensive cellphone, Box of electronics, Wire reel, Power Module, Silence v4.


Gunsmithing is the art of working with (assembling and disassembling) firearms and their respective parts. Like any other crafting-type skill, you will need access to a crafting bench or have a portable crafting set ("craft firearms"). Firearm crafting requires the same stats as other crafting activities; mechanics, intelligence and skill.

Craft firearms tab of the crafting bench menu

To assemble a firearm, you'll need three components: a stock, an action and a barrel. These parts can bet acquired by breaking down firearms you own, collected off NPCs, picked up as loot in some areas (such as in the Gangland Slums, Foucault Castle and some raids) or purchased on the auction (components are listed under weapons parts).

The Extracting parts field allows you to select a firearm to be broken down into parts. This will yield two of the three components necessary to craft a new gun. The quality of the components will be dependent on the stats of the gun being broken down. The higher the quality of the original gun, the better the parts you'll get
Note: Locked items in the inventory do not show on the list.

Improve parts is used to increase the quality rating of the component. The chance of failure is listed in the box as a percentage and increases as the quality of the part you're trying to improve. The higher the quality of the parts, the more chance you'll have of making a very high quality weapon when you assemble your firearm. 5 attempts at improvement can be made on a single part before it can no longer be modified. If you fail to improve the part, there is a 50/50 change that you will either leave the part unchanged or decrease its quality by 1 point. If the quality of the part decreases, no 'attempt' of the 5 allowed is taken.

When improving weapon parts, high skill and intelligence attributes will decrease the odds of damaging a weapon part upon failure. With maxed skill and intelligence, you should have about a 15% chance of damaging a weapon part upon upgrade failure.

While there is no maximum quality to which a part can be improved, the higher the part, the more difficult the improvement. Even with very high stats, you'll start finding it very difficult to get a part any higher at Q13+.

The type of gun assembled will always be determined by the type of action used, regardless of the type of parts used for the stock and barrel. The APQ of assembled firearms generally hovers around the sum of its parts, though crafters of low skill will put together weapons with lower combined stats, and highly skilled crafters will put together higher quality weapons. Higher stats give you a greater probability of getting a +1 when combining parts. If you're super lucky, you can get a +1 to both A and P. Regardless of the skill level of the crafter, the weapon's quality score will never exceed 9, even if all 3 of the individual components are higher. Quality 10 firearms will require enchanting (not coded yet) or an unbreakable spell which can be purchased from the Magic Shop for $1,300,000.

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