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To access Crownet, you must have access to a computer terminal, a hacked webphone or have the Technokinesis power.

Crownet can only be accessed by vampires. It is a secret internet network established by a mysterious vampire referred to as The Crow, and currently protected by another vampire, known only as the Administrator. Crownet's main page also gives information on current meteorological conditions in Harper Rock.

When a vampire logs into Crownet from a hacked webphone (1), computer terminal (2), or by technokinesis (3) you will see the following options:

1. LoggingontoCrownet.PNG 2. Compterm vamp.PNG 3. Telekensis.png

When a human logs into Crownet from a hacked webphone (1), computer terminal (2), or by technokinesis (3) you will see the following options:

1. Webphone.png 2. Compterminal.png 3. Telekensis.png

Note: When a Human (blood Thief) uses technokinesis, even though the menu says 'Crownet' role play wise, it should be played as though it says 'Internet'. The same screen your character would get from a hacked webphone.

Violation Reports

As a result of Chapter 5 and the fall of the masquerade, humans now know about the existence of Vampires, therefore player-submitted Violation Reports are no longer part of Crownet or gameplay.

HISTORICAL REFERENCE: Previous to Chapter 5, violation reports were player-submitted reports of characters being spotted doing supernatural things within sight of humans. It was important at that time to ensure the secrecy of vampire-kind. If your character had been spotted feeding or using powers in sight of humans, they may appear on the violations list.

If your character had appeared on this list, there was a good chance they were hunted and/or killed for their actions. Usually, one instance of being spotted was not enough to be killed, but repeated breaches would have land your character in the shadow realm.


The hit list is an anonymous means for one character to place a private bounty on another character. Whether the character is on the Violater's list
or just someone that the one funding the attack/s, wants sent to the shadow realm for some reason or no reason at all.

Private bounty's can be for any amount. When the target has been either killed or if they are attacked by [NPCs|Hitman]] the character funding the hit will receive an alert and either the total amount funded or $10,000 will be deducted from the character's bank account, Bounty's of $10,000 or more will attract the attention of Hitman, who will attack the target automatically if/when they step into the same square. Each time a hitman wounds the target, $10,000 is deducted from the bank account and the total private bounty amount. The higher the bounty, the more chance they will wound the target. Also, with a bounty of $10,000 or more, there is a chance that the Hitman will provide the target's location. This information costs $2,000, which is deducted from the bounty.

Wraith Guide Locations

Wraith world.png
When your character has gained enough powers to unlock a bridge, they will need to speak to a wraith guide. These guides move randomly, usually once every 24 hours. You can use this list to locate the specific guide you need or, if you've found a guide that hasn't yet been reported, report their location yourself.

Reporting a guide's location will reward you with 100 Experience. However, you can only report each guide's location once per day, so make sure the location information you enter is accurate!

Entering the information: If you typo the name of the wraith building location, or get the grid coordinates wrong or backwards, you will get following message: You have reported (wraith's name's) location. Unfortunately, it was incorrect. You will have to until the next day to enter it again.

If you are entering the location of a wraith that is not located in a building, the location should be listed as 'World'. See Thumbnail ->

Access Crownet Forum

When accessing the Crownet Forum via an in-grid computer station, hacked webphone or technokinesis, it is under the presumption that these are in-character actions. You may have to sign into the forum to have full access to the forum.

Once you are signed in on the forum, you have access to both IC and OOC aspects of the forum. Be mindful when posting in the forum, that you only post in-character on the In-character sections. Vampire characters have access to more sections than Human Characters.

You will also have access to any clan or bloodline board your character is part of. If your character is a member of a faction with a board on the main forum, your character will be able to access it there as well. The following in character (IC) crownet forums:

  • Word on the Street (Vampires Only)
  • Just Business (Vampires Only)
  • Fact or Fiction (Vampire and Human)
  • HR City Websites (Vampire and Human)
  • Clan Boards (Vampire and Human)
  • Private Boards (Vampire and Human, if members)

By posting in these sections, it is implied that you are role playing your character, and any posts would be from the character, not you the player. If you are simply a gamer character and do not wish role play, feel free to avoid these forums.

NOTE: When posting on the publicly in-character accessible Crownet forums, the default status is that your character is posting anonymously. From an In Character aspect, another character reading your character's post, would see the post was posted anonymously. If you wish your character to post under a 'crownet handle', update this section via the User Control Panel on the forum.

When quoting another in-character Crownet post, the writer is asked to edit the original poster's name to either 'anonymous' or to the 'crownet handle' in the poster's left hand profile. Please see example to the right:

Access Crownet Chats

This link allows you to access in-character Crownet chats. Clicking this link means your vampire will be accessing a chat room.

These are not the OOC (Out of character) chats, which can be accessed through the Navigation drop-down menu.


Pretty straightforward here. This is your character's email account - you can communicate through the grid via email with any character. Once your character receives an in-game email it will remain in your inbox, as messages are never automatically purged. However you can delete them as you wish.

When your character receives an email there will be an alert on screen, as well as in the alert log.

Note: 1. The in game email program does not have the option to save a copy of sent emails. 2. Emails can only be sent to one person at a time. There is no multiple sending options. 3. Email alerts only show up once.

Moonlight Warehouse Auction

This link is for checking the auction house. You can check on your listed items, place items up for auction/buy it now, and/or bid on or buy currently listed items.

Today's Jobs

This link brings you to the current anonymous job listings where you may find info on the available odd jobs or complete the job. There are several different types of jobs listed with each being geared towards a specific skill set.

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