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For more information about gameplay mechanics relating to CrowNet, see; CrowNet.

CrowNet is a website available to every vampire in game. Previously, it was created by the semi-omniscient being called The Crow. While The Crow was in control of CrowNet, it was exceptionally well protected, and humans had no ability to access CrowNet.

During the events of Chapter 2, The Crow was substantially weakened by the vampires of Harper Rock. For a short time CrowNet became unsafe, as humans with hacking abilities could simply access the unprotected site.

During the events of Chapter 3, a new entity called The Administrator supposedly found a relic which allowed him to take over CrowNet. The Administrator currently protects CrowNet, so humans can, once again, no longer access it.

The Administrator describes CrowNet as an 'enchanted network', essentially combining magic and technology.

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