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There are many activities that go on as night becomes day for vampire characters. The most obvious ones that you should know about are losing a pint of blood and gaining experience in order to gain powers. However, there are many other changes that happen around this time and due to large amount, they have been split up into two categories. Day Change and Sunrise. Below is a listing of which activity fits into Day Change and which activities fit into Sunrise. These can be roleplayed, however if you are uncomfortable or unsure of how to roleplay them, please contact one of the Roleplay Moderators for help.

Day Change

[10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time] (Sunrise in 8:00 hrs)

  • Anima gained by vampires and classed humans
  • Blood loss on vampires or gain for humans and semideus
  • PXP gained by vampires and classed humans
  • Entering a Random System while hacking may be re-attempted
  • Stealing may be re-attempted on the same target/area
  • B&E may be re-attempted at same location
  • Corporate hacks can be re-attempted on the same business
  • Most powers expire
  • Wounds heal by one day
  • PvP attacks may be re-attempted
  • On Monday only - Plants mature from hydroponics


[8:00 AM Eastern Standard Time]

  • The sun rises; sunburn wound given to non-Daywalking vampires left outside
  • Red timer on grid screen resets
  • Business losses/profits calculated
  • New business issue available for business owners
  • Money Paid for having a job
  • Battle and team raids that have been won end
  • On Wednesday only - lottery Winner selected/paid and old lottery tickets deleted
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