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If you are the leader of one of these factions, or have permission from the leader, you may create a page for that group or contribute to it by clicking on the link in its name. In order for the faction to appear on the list of factions, remember to add the code [[Category:Factions]] at the bottom of the respective page.

This page is for basic descriptions only. If you want more information, Please follow the links to the pages themselves.


Active Factions

These are active factions, whose purpose may be unknown or for more then one purpose.



Leader: Opal

Description: A human faction run by Opal and Nelle with the core function of survival.

Bloodbound Grigori

Leader: Mircea

Description: A place for those adopted into the Grigori family.


Leader: Dominique

Description: Protection


Leader: Alyss and Noelle


The Pratt Family

Leader: Robert Pratt

Description: Family isn't about sharing the same genetics, that's being related. Family is when you love someone, and you would do anything for them. You trust them, take care of them, and in Return they do the same. It's the type of bond that holds you together through thick and thin - regardless of outside influences.



Leader: Niklaus

The Order

Leader: Verne

Description: Faction Bio The Paladin takes you to a hideout, where she instructs other hunters to perform a strange ritual on you. They tattoo mysterious runes and symbols onto your skin, then they spend hours meditating over you. Your runes begin to feel increasingly hot, and eventually the searing pain is almost unbearable. Suddenly, the pain stops. When you are done, the first Paladin explains how to use your newfound strength and skills. You feel superhuman! The Paladin asks that you always use your gifts to hunt and kill the undead -- particularly the vampire "abominations", then she sends you on your way.


Can be found Here


Lascivious Legacy

Leader: Cristiana

Description: Lascivious Legacy is a group of families bonded together in unity. It is formed within several of the people surrounding the Cross family. Members of this place come in peace and harmony to gather together in a place free of violence. No perturbation of the senses, a bond of brotherly/sisterly alliance. Leave the lewd and crass city behind in this retreat.


Leader: Lyanna

Description: Hackers United! ¡Viva, V-42! ¡Viva la revolución! lol


Daughters of Destiny

Leader: Superbia

Description: INFORMATION: NAME : Daughters of Destiny NICKNAMES : DoD, The Sisters LEADER : Quadrumvirate [Superbia, Prudence, Aura, Eilidh] LOCATION : Sister's Sanctuary [RP Location] ETHICS : Neutral, Preserving, Nurturing ALIGNMENT : Worthington - Otherwise Neutral CONSISTENCY : Women from the Worthington Clan POLITICS : DoD protects Worthington membership, and seeks to foster understanding between other factions, with an eye towards healing the whole community, but is otherwise non-political.

HISTORY : 10th | A small collection of the female population of the Worthington Lineage, no longer content with the chaos in their clan, and feeling as if they can bring a sense of order, decide to form the Daughters of Destiny. At this time, the faction appears to be lineage oriented, and is geared towards service to the Worthington bloodline as well as to the community. Amongst those involved are Superbia, and Prudence, along with several members of the Dragomir, Sangue, and Andras sub-lineages.

20th | The women of Daughters of Destiny open their doors to any and all members of the Worthington Clan.

Daughters of the Triple Moon

Leader: [Alexandrea], Kira

Description: Get To Know Us Name: Daughters of the Triple Moon Nickname: DTM Founders: Alexandrea and Kira Location: The Triple Moon Temple (3,3) Purpose: Sisterhood. Growth. Learning.

Who Can Join? DTM is open to all paths, but you must be both a Vampire and Female. ((And a roleplayer.))

Willing to share knowledge Desire to build strong alliances

About Us - Loving being what you are, Female and Vampire. Celebrating that and enjoying it.

A group for sharing the company of other Women who appreciate being a Vampire and are grateful to The Great Mother for our gifts. Also a place to go to for help in any way or just for friendship. Encouragement of all paths is strongly supported.

It's not about politics, it's about Sisterhood. To have different types of Vampire Females, as we want diverse paths and opinions, solidarity with 'faith' (for lack of a better word) being the only important thing. Vampire Females who are not hating what they are but want to embrace their power.

A supportive group that would help each other grow and if willing to, fight for each other. (And perhaps even fight as a group for a cause.)

Still in the planning stage, we have invited Females we feel are strong Women to help build a group that is a solid Sisterhood of Vampires that will support each other. All paths, all political views. . A group for sharing the company of other Women who appreciate being a Vampire and are grateful to The Great Mother for our gifts. Also a place to go to for help in any way or just for friendship. Encouragement of all paths is strongly supported.

We call ourselves a Coven but we stress that being a Sisterhood is more what we are really about. Being spiritual is a bonus. Being proud of your being a woman and a vampire is foremost.

Die Grau

Leaders: Sliver, Momento

Description: Rage courses in every heart, yearning to betray it's rational prison.


Leaders: River Illia

Description: Name: D'Hellion Past History: Was originally started by River and Jareth as a bloodline for their kids. Current History: This is a family formed by River for all kids/Close family adopted and natural.


Leader: Doc

Description: Survival


Leader: Aura

Description: Family

Midnight Edict

Leader: Kacee


Leader: Wolfgang

Description: Maintaining Balance

The Sisters of The Dark Moon

Leader: Zodiac

Description: The Sisters gather to follow the older ways, the older paths, and their own desires. We are the children of Lillith and gather in her presence to continue what has begun. Our allegiances within this place do not apply within our circles. What we do is for our own and what help or hindrance we offer to those around us is our choices alone. We do not choose sides easily, so if one comes to our doors for our help be very sure of your needs. We can be helpful and gracious, yet cold and cruel depending on the truths and lies told to us. Those who seek to learn, to grow, and become one with older ways may apply, but not all will be accepted unto us for our order is sacred and not to be taken lightly. We are vampire, yet we are also the followers of the old goddess and her ways. Those that join us will learn our ways and be one with us and the goddess. Blessing of the night keep you all….

The Third Circle

Leader: Jesse Fforde


W.W. Dojo

  • Name: W.W. Dojo
  • Type: Dojo
  • Leader: Wolfgang & Wendigo
  • Founded: May 2012
  • Purpose: Teaching, Fighting.
  • Members: Secret
  • Territory owned: none
  • Av. Level: 23.5
  • Av. Align: Malevolent esurients
  • Av. Deaths: 0.5
  • Apply to join: See Wolfgang or Wendigo (Or apply via faction page)


Sangue Misfits

Leader: Scorpia

Description:The Sangue and those that have been adopted into the Sangue. All members are the true misfits of the city and are known for their rebellious spirit.

The Broussard

Leader: Emanuel and Melinda Broussard

Description: The Broussard are the gangsters of the city. Fingers in all pies, interests down every avenue. If it's crooked or bent, you know they've been there.

The Source

Leader: Josslin

Description: Hacker Organisation


Leader: Velveteen

Description: Tytonidae used to be a sub-bloodline of Docere, specifically of the line under Velveteen. Gradually, they allowed as honorary members other Docere, and eventually non-Docere. They thus decided they were better suited as a faction.


Canidae d`Artois

Leader: Pi d’Artois Lineage Head; Elliot d’Artois Second in Command

Description: Motto: Non Sibi Sed Omnibus - Not for ones self, but for all

History: d’Artois was conceived by Pi as a bloodline where those directly under her could come to find a place of support and succor. At the time she created d’Artois she had found her animal, a wolf. This bloodline was created in large part by an instinctive need to create a pack; a working, supportive and co-dependent unit. It is then a true adage, in d’Artois, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Over time the loosely hierarchical leadership structure solidified and Pi d’Artois took on a more active role as mentor, advisor and leader. Elliot Lancaster-d’Artois her Second in Command.

Mandate: d’Artois stands as an ever evolving example of the Golden Rule where the motto “Non Sibi Sed Omnibus” is embraced as a way of consistent reciprocity. Taken to heart both that we are stronger together than we are on our own and that in utilizing the varied skills of the many we make each individual stronger. It took time to conceive of how each of those in the bloodline could contribute a part of their skills to build not only themselves but others, but with time it has slowly solidified into a thriving free enterprise within the bloodline.

Faction - Canidae d`Artois: Today d’Artois stands also as a faction, a formalized embodiment of the bloodline; adjunct to the whole. Not all who are in the bloodline will gain immediate membership into the Faction (although, refusal of application is with extreme judiciousness) and not all in the Faction will be direct descendents of Pi d’Artois.

Given the tumultuous nature of Harper Rock the Faction serves the dual purpose of both protection and efficiency for the bloodline. Where skills, lineage members, resources and necessity are nurtured and protected.

You will not be granted membership into this faction merely by siring under one of our line. First you must prove yourself an active, contributing member of this family and have embraced the ethos of reciprocity that has come to define the nature of the lineage. That is not always in skill but also in words, deeds, time and effort. Only after this, will this last door open to you.

Becoming a vampire under a d’Artois is only the beginning.

Leadership: Pi d’Artois - Lineage Head, Elliot d’Artois – Second in Command

Mentors: Reilly – Income and Banking

Elitist Snobs

Leader: Slaanesh

Description: Preservation of the elite..

Harper Rock Decorator Guild

Leader: Cristiana

Description: The Guild operates a Decorator Clubs within Harper Rock for those who want to show their spaces and learn how to decorate them. A great way to see how others decorate, get new ideas on using spaces and make new friends! The Guild operates as Decorator Club in Harper Rock. The HRDG is for those who want to show their space(s) to others and learn how to decorate spaces. A great way to see how other people in HR Home decorate, get new ideas on using spaces and make new friends! The HRDG has been aligned to give creative freedom to the designer. Decorators of all levels are encouraged to join, whether you only do homes for yourself, decorate for many of the businesses or private dwellings, or if you are interested in starting but are unsure where to go.

Theives Guild

Leader: Ami Bloom

Description: Become part of an Elete group of people that break in to places without being seen, who steal with out a noise and who do all this with only their hands. (open to Vamp and human)

Vathia Haze

Founder: Sundial

Velox Nocte

Founder: Wolfgang West

Description: founded on the 12th of September 2011, Velox Nocte was the first mixed path guild allowing Vampires of all paths to come together and sell their abilities to anyone that was willing to pay. Scorpia Sangue was quickly recruited as 2IC, with Mortll Worthington later picking up a management role for her outstanding leadership with the Necromancers. Velox Nocte boasted over seventy members in its prime, and still remains one of the biggest factions in Harper Rock.

Charity Work: The members of Velox Nocte took it upon themselves to offer free healing, summons and the likes at least one day a month, with many of its members offering free work to the community on a regular basis.


Black Agony

Leader: Micah

Description: The Andras Family

Casa di Falcorvo

Leader: Liam Goodryke

Description: The home of Liam Goodryke and all those who are his family, either by blood, marriage, or adoption.

Deux Corbeaux

Leaders: Elizabeth Naarc

Description: The Deux Corbeaux was founded when Elizabeth from the Noble bloodline and Etienne from the Worthington bloodline married. The sub-bloodline originally consisted of those that shared the blood of both Elizabeth and Etienne, as the two founders desired to have those that they sired and so forth work together to aid anyone as a family would. Over the fruition of the sub-bloodline in its first year of development, there have been others outside of their blood that have either been adopted by Etienne or Elizabeth, or have asked to be part of their familial house, but not necessarily adopted by either founder. Admittance to the family is contingent upon Elizabeth's approval since Etienne's departure of The Deux Corbeaux in November of 2012. Founded in August of 2011 and led by Elizabeth since 2012.

Dorcha Geolladh

Leaders: Kira, Reginald Black

Description: The name means Dark Promise, that's all you need to know.

Fatal Addiction

Leader: Zachariah Staus

Description: Thrall Gathering.


Leader: Keara Aithne

Description: Kith and Kin


Leader: Serenity

Description: We the Misfits chose to follow an alignment of our own choice. This alignment does not needless agree with those who find themselves within the walls of the Misfits.

Night Lords MC

Leader: Mkvenner

Description: We're just mechanics and Harley enthusiasts, here. Honest.

Pilkasis Vilkas

Leader: Jacob Regan

Description: Pilkasis Vilkas: A group founded on the beliefs and honour of the Pack for those members of Pilkasis Vilkas and their pups. And for those of the ability to assume the wolf form wishing to belong in a group of similar inclanation.
Pilkasis Vilkas is a pack, a family, a unity. Its strengths and weaknesses are equally valued and weighed for the betterment of the pack. Those under its pelt of banner and guardianship are those who seek it or are chosen. It is a place for those who shift to gather under one moon and run free within the grounds of the Vilkas. It is selective to pack members for obvious reasons, yet any shifter may seek aid or refuge with the Vilkas. The aim of the Vilkas is to support and further the shifter perception while also developing the pack strength and unity.
The pack is formed, built on honour and trust and respect for the Family of Pilkasis Vilkas and its allies


Leader: [Alexandrea]

Description: The Quartermaines and their families. Because more than blood can bind people together.


Leader: Robert Pratt

Description: A religious group who follow the word of Lux and strive for enlightenment while rejecting the Darkness of vampiric kind. Anyone can join, from any line or species, and should simply make themselves known to any who already follow the way of Lux. Solace are an all inclusive group looking to achieve integration as well as a number of other things.


Leader: Madison

Description: Community

Valkyrie Justice

Leader: Reganleif

Description: Are you fed up with the way things seem to just disappear from where you left them? Like those fancy security camara's and such. Have you wanted to make that "you know what" that strolled into your apartment/lair/business, right through the locked door, "pay"? You got a pic of them as they nosed around, touching your private stuff and then as they left they just reached down and took your camara, but you really hate the drama involved in dealing with stuff like this. Does it make you gag just thinking about at the whiney tone, that would most likely fill your ears, when the thief/trespasser is confronted by you or someone close to you? Is there someone who you loaned some cash to and has all of a sudden become the most hard to find person in the whole area? If any of the above scenarios ring true to a happening in your world, I believe you should contact Valkyrie Justice. We will go deal with the whiners, we will go get your stuff back or we will get you compensation for your property that is now gone. What if they try their lame lip service on me or what if they just refuse to pay? Valkyrie Justice is prepared to flex her muscles, on your behalf, if needed. No, we aren't gonna go kill someone for you. But, we will use our [i]talents [/i] to bring the matter to a close, whether by wit or by force. Valkyre Justice are not assassins or mercenaries. We are someone that you can call when you need some Justice served. Reduce the noise pollution in Harper's Rock by using Valkyrie Justice to reduce the whine.


Costa Notra

Leader: Sophia Moretti

Description: Survival, Law, Politics.


Leader: Enzo Dragomir

Description: Survival, Peace, Law, Politics.

Office of the Under Secretary

Leader: Pi
The Office of the Under Secretary for the Protection was founded by Pi Girard on 5 January 2012.

It was built on the ethos that in order to protect their species from human knowledge they must give access to those on the bounty lists pertinent information to reduce their bounties in ways to best benefit the community at large. It is a community service.


Leader: Pysche

Description: Clandestine Operations

The Fifth Column

Leader: Hariasa

Description:Founded in secrecy on April 1, 2012 by Hariasa, The Fifth Column's singular goal is simple: they wish to put an end to the heavy-handed enforcement of the Masquerade. Their membership, code, and even their very existence as a coalition is, for the time being, unknown to other vampires.

The Middle Road

Leader: Wendigo

Description: The Middle Road is a loose organization of like-minded/open-minded vampires who want to find long term solutions to the problems that the vampire community faces. The most obvious of these problems is that of vampire secrecy: the Masquerade is generally viewed by this organization as necessary in the short term, but unsustainable in the long term.

Members of The Middle Road may come from any number of backgrounds or other factions: it is not an organization that demands fealty, or exclusivity. We may discuss and debate ideal law in a vampire society, but this is neither an Enforcement or Legislative group. Rather than impose some will on the community, and punish those who disagree, we will strive to create and add to the community in order to provide opportunities and foster unity. The purpose of this process is to build towards a vampire community that could eventually integrate with human society.

To this end, The Middle Road seeks to:

  • I. Support the Community - aim to provide services to members of our community that help us (especially our fledglings) avoid breaking the Masquerade. Focus on prevention rather than hunting down offenders... I don't want this to become a hunting group, tribunal, or the architects of a prison.
  • II. Increase Economic Strength - aim to create businesses in all fields and areas. Find collaborative projects for owners of like-minded businesses to increase collaboration for mutual benefit. Support the growth of new businesses by sharing advice, customers, and perhaps even eventually providing small business loans to ambitious fledglings (side project).
  • III. Increase Political Strength - aim to place individuals with our interests in mind (perhaps thralls) in positions of power when opportunities arise. Use economic clout and publicity to get these individuals into public offices where they can help us maintain the Masquerade in the short term, and help integrate us in the long term.


Cult of Cthulhu

Leader: Stephanie Wylde


Leader: Cassandra

Description: Members of this religion believe in the Goddess Nox. Members may practice their religion formally or casually, and may or may not recognize the authority of Noxian priesthoods such as the Order of Night's Embrace or the Paladins of Nox.

Membership is not restricted in any way, and members are under no obligation or expectation. All who apply are approved. Membership simply denotes that the character currently claims to believe in Nox.

Contrary to the faction page, the religion was not founded by Cassandra, and is not formally led by her. It is simply a set of beliefs which date back to before the Holocaust. Cassandra is only one member of it, though she has devoted herself to its revival and the recovery of its ancient wisdom.

Known Sects: - The Order of Night's Embrace - The Paladins of Nox

Info: Creation Myth


Leader: Emerson

Description: The Old Code Origin is a Religion for Vampires who live and abide by the ten tenets of The Old Code. Those who take Origin as their faith do not seek to push its ideals or their beliefs on Vampires who do not believe in the values of The Old Code, nor do they seek to see anyone punished for breaking The Code. Affiliation is not restricted but can be terminated if associates are found to be disgracing one or more of the ten tenets.

  • Tenet One • Loyalty • You shall have no loyalty before vampire-kind.
  • Tenet Two • Fae Antipathy • You shall not commune with the Fae.
  • Tenet Three • Vampiric Secrecy • You shall not utter the name of our kind.
  • Tenet Four • Feeding • You shall not feed on the sixth day.
  • Tenet Five • Sire Reverence • You shall honor your sire.
  • Tenet Six • War • You shall not kill without need.
  • Tenet Seven • Mating • You shall not mate.
  • Tenet Eight • Siring • You shall not sire recklessly.
  • Tenet Nine • Death of Mortality • You shall not reveal your mortal name.
  • Tenet Ten • Necuratism • You shall not covet the blood of our kind.

Taman Penyeksaan

Leader: Hantu Raya

Description: clandestine cuisine

Inactive Factions

Past Factions

These are factions that once existed in the city but are no longer around or active.

The Council

An early attempt at establishing a measure of order and government among vampires, The Council was led by the first generation of almost every bloodline and beneath them there were representatives, elected by vote. Its first efforts were lawmaking, and in order to enforce them, they created The Enforcers (see below). While a lot of the laws voted on within the Council were common sense, some were dissatisfactory to the population. Some bloodlines severed themselves from the group. The Council grew unpopular, and even a restructuring wasn't sufficient for its popularity to improve. It is therefore a defunct faction.

The Enforcers

This group was a policing group of The Council. Their primary goal was the hunting of Masquerade offenders, and it sought to include every bloodline: two representatives from every line that was part of the Council, as well as representatives from some other factions. However, this did not stop anyone else from hunting Masquerade offenders. The inability of its leaders to control the Enforcers, as well as the dissolution of the Council, led to the end of this faction.



Now let me tell you about the Hellhounds. We are a group of vampires seeking something very simple and sort of human ... to be rich ass mother fuckers. We aim to do this by coming together to track down and kill some of the largest violators of the masquerade in the city ... those who do not seem to give a crap about keeping our existence a secret from hunters who wiped us all out once before. But don't be fooled ... our intentions are not noble, we are just in it for the money, and if an indipendant bounty is placed on a vamp and the reward is big enough then we will be all over it like herpes of a whore. We are not a group of assassins, we are a group of bounty hunters just looking to get rich, and hey if we take down some of the biggest liabilities in the process then w00tah for us.

The first faction to be formed in the city, this group was started by Hellequin. Its purpose was self-confessedly not noble, but mercantile. The Hellhounds went after Masquerade offenders. Eventually, Hellequin left the group in Phoenix's leadership, and from her it eventually went briefly to a Triumvirate leadership consisting of Malachai, Reganleif and Asher. The Hellhounds are not believed to be active any more - though its former members are still around.

Immortals Guild

For necromancers, started by Seb.

Atrum Nex

Founders: Perry, Mr.Scratch
Description: formed in June 2011 by Perry Worthington and Mr.Scratch Dragomir - Atrum Nex was the second Necromancer Guild to open in the city.

Today the building is vacant and its members few, though some say the founding Necromancers still dwell within, fine-tuning their craft.

Society of Allurists

Leaders: Temperance Avila, Cristiana


Founder: Leiren
Current Leaders: Leiren, Sundial, Madison
Description: Telepaths and Mind-readers Institute, aka TMI, is open for ANY Telepath in the city. Gamer only chars are also allowed though they don't post in the IC Section. They offer Telepathic services to the community, a good portion of them do memory reading, appraisal, and mindspeak for free.

Death Touch

Founder: Kayden Quartermaine

Contractors: Echo Meridian

Description: This business was founded on October 18, 2011 and until recently was a sole ownership buisiness provided by Kayden Quartermaine. However it has expanded recently due to an influx of new business and is currently looking for more employees. They offer healing, summoning and attack services for low prices with a promise of privacy for all clients. For more information please contact either Kayden or Echo.

GingerWorks Hacker Training

Founder: Ariadne

Description: GingerWorks Hacker Training was founded on April 23, 2012 by Ariadne. While it began as an IC service for vampires it has recently expanded to offer OOC training for players as well. IC and OOC training services are provided by Ariadne. Programs are geared towards those who have not yet tried hacking, but those who have hacked and are looking for tips and guidance are encouraged to inquire about discounted/shorter sessions.


Leaders: Rocklin, Jacinthe

Knights of Perdition

Leader: Chad Worthington III

It was created by a public out cry for justice. The people were heard loud and clear, and now they will have the protections and rights which they demand. Through the hard work and dedication of so many coming together we now have a tool to defeat the forces of evil and corruption.

                                                           -Chad Worthington III

The Covenant of the Crow

The Order of Night's Embrace

Leader: Cassandra

The Order of Night's Embrace is a monastic group of pacifists, dedicated to the recovery of Noxism and the service of vampirekind as a whole. Membership can be attained by any member of any bloodline or faction, through expressing interest to a current member, a short period of service as an Acolyte, and taking certain esoteric vows.

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