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Factions are groups ran by characters who are not necessarily related by race, clan or path. Most factions have members from very diverse backgrounds.

Individuals might unite in factions many reason, such as protection, to serve a common purpose, or to act as a business and render services.

You can find a list of all game factions via the Character drop-down on the grid, and going to the Factions page.

For detailed articles on each faction, go here, or visit the Faction Listing.

Factions may own territories, and can also purchase a faction fort.

Making a Faction

In order to make a faction, first you need to go to the Factions page under the Character Menu > Other. At the bottom of the page, you'll find a link to Make Your Own Faction. Clicking on that link will take you to a menu for creating your own group - you will need $50,000 in game cash.

In order to create your faction, only a name, type and purpose are necessary - all other information (description, banner, emblem) can be added later; your type and purpose can also be edited as well. . It is a good idea to have at least a brief description of your faction for any potential members. Registering your faction will list it on the official faction registration, allowing others to find it and apply to join.

As the faction leader, you will be notified when someone has applied to join your faction and you will have the ability to accept or deny their application.

Faction description

On a given faction's page you will find a series of descriptors on the left hand side: name, type, leader, date of founding, purpose, members, territory owned, the average level of its members, alignment, and their average deaths. The alignment is generated by the general behaviour of its members, as recorded on each one’s CS: lawful/criminal and kind/cruel.

Joining a Faction

If you wish to join a faction, open their page by clicking the name. On the left you will find a link called Apply to Join. Clicking on that link will automatically notify the faction leader, who can then accept or deny your request. If you're unsure whether your request will be accepted, you may wish to contact the group leader to discuss your intentions. You will be notified of their decision via an alert on the grid.

You can belong to several factions (though only one bloodline or sub-bloodline), all of which will be displayed on the left of the Factions page. Membership of a grid faction group is only visible to the group leader.

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