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A Faebeast.

Fade Beasts (also known as Fadebeasts) are created when a vampire mates with another vampire or a human, and becomes pregnant. They come to term in just 1 month, and rip from their mother's stomach, often severely harming the mother in the process. Fade beasts devour vampires on sight, which might well include their mothers or fathers. Often, a fade beast will emerge from its mother's stomach and turn on the mother, killing her within seconds.

If a vampire male impregnates a human female, a Fadebeast is born out of the human mother, but the human will not survive the birthing. A human male impregnating a vampire female will likewise produce a Fadebeast, but both types of half-breed fadebeast are lesser variations, and though still dangerous, they are not as powerful as a full, true-blood fadebeast, born from a vampire father and a vampire mother.

Sterility on the part of a vampire or human parent will not hinder the creation of a Fadebeast. However, the necessary components for a fade beast to grow are: a mother's womb, a father's DNA.


Fade Beasts are abominations, and range greatly in appearance from one to another.

What humanoid components of flesh they possess is sparse, and held together by little more than corporal shadow. Some Fadebeasts will have arms and legs, and yet no torso, for example. Or one gigantic arm, but lack another. In place of their missing appendages is a pure black body of darkness. Not mist or fog, as some have portrayed Living Shadow, but an absolute absence of light incarnate, given form where there is no form, and able to reach out and touch the physical.

What flesh a Fadebeast does possess, is often misshapen; deformed, exaggerated, and all-together horrifying to behold. Sometimes, their shadow will part, revealing a horrifying skull, or a hollow rib-cage, only half-covered with flesh. They usually move on massive hands and feet, as though their feral nature encourages the movement of a beast.

When a Fade Beast leaves its mother's womb, it is not full sized, but will be significantly large than one would guess based on the pregnancy, this is due to the spiritual aspect of the Fadebeast.


Fadebeasts are faster, stronger, and more resilient than the average vampire. They heal faster, and seem to feel almost no pain at all. On top of this, they are able to disperse into darkness or smoke at will, and take shape once again far from their dispersal position, as though teleporting.

They are, however, unable to use any vampiric disciplines or powers beyond their ability to slip in and out of shadow (and reputedly, the shadow realm). They are also intellectually infantile and feral, which makes them easy to trick.


The specific scientific (or indeed, spiritual) reason Fadebeasts are created from vampire reproduction is unknown. It is thought that since vampires are not truly alive and have been described as "ghosts made flesh", the impregnation and gestation of a fadebeast is not an entirely physical process. This theory is backed up by the fact that Fadebeasts are seemingly more shadow even than vampires of the shadow path. Other than this, nothing is really known about their scientific properties.

They do not, as the rumors have persisted, hunt for the mother or father after they have been birthed; they kill vampires indiscriminately. This rumor was possibly made up by female vampires to scare the fathers of fade beasts, possibly due to a measure of resentment on the part of the mothers, that they are the ones who most often die from the creation of such a creature and the father usually remains unharmed.

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