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As a vampire, your character must feed on blood to sustain itself. Your character's maximum blood level is determined by its healing attribute. Once your character reaches maximum blood, it will not longer be able to feed again until it loses blood.

Blood Gain

Vampires need blood to survive, be it human or animal, however not all types of blood are as nourishing. You will lose 1 blood each day, and need to replenish it. Feeding on blood of a human will give 1 full pint of blood, whereas feeding on animals will only give 0.2 pints. However, when feeding on a human, you run the risk of being spotted whereas feeding on animals is safe.

Alternatively, you can bypass getting spotted feeding by stopping off at a contraband shop and purchasing blood packs. Each blood pack will cost $600 and gives you 1 pint of blood. You may also use the Blood Boost power or ask someone for a Blood Heal, if you have the ability to do so. Each of those powers restores 1 blood.


To feed on a human, you must locate a HUMAN on the grid and click to bite of them or hit H on the keyboard. While finding a human is not difficult, finding a human in a low security area is. It is advisable to check out the grassy areas of the map or abandoned buildings as these are generally lower security areas.

Only feed in low (2 or less) security locations, as it will give you a less chance of being spotted.


Security level should be checked before attempting to feed.

Security represents the general surveillance of an area. The higher the security, the more the area is "watched," be it by civilians, security systems, police, traffic cameras, etc. As such, security is higher in buildings, streets and other such public areas. Every human in a square will contribute a minimum of 1 point to the base security of a location.

Security is a partial indication of whether or not it is safe to feed. Feeding in a security 1 area will never get you spotted; these areas guaranteed safe. In a security 2 area, you may be spotted and cause the city alert to increase, but you will not end up on the violations list. Anything above 3, however, has the potential to incur a secrecy violation offense.

Characters who have not acquired a certain level of experience are not able to feed in areas with a security level above 3. This was done in order to prevent cheating and driving up the city alert level.

There is an option on your Settings page to set a safety for feeding. This will ensure that you will not be able to feed in high level security areas to help prevent you from getting caught by humans which will also prevent you from being placed into the security systems where hackers can add you to the violations list.

Powers which effect security when feeding are: Somnambulism and Silent Hunter.

A vampire may also feed on their thrall or lure a human, but these must still be done in low security areas.


Blood Source Location
Rat Sewers
Chicken I'laned Farm - 7,1, World
Rabbit Wilderness
Pig Pierce Ranch - 40, 22, World

While animals only give 0.2 pints of blood, there is no risk associate with feeding off them. While your character risks being seen feeding on a human, this does not occur with animals. The trade off is that it requires draining 5 times as many animals to gain as much nourishment as one feeding from a human - feeding on an animal requires 1 energy, thus 1 pint of blood from animals costs 5 energy points.

Critical Wounds

If your character has a critical wound, you will only be able to feed once per day no matter how many pints of blood that you may need. This includes feeding off animals. Shops will not sell blood packs to those with a critical wound. also restrict purchase of that are sold in . Should you need to regain more than one pint of blood, you will need to seek out a character that has necromancer abilities be healed.

Roleplay Notes

  • When a vampire feeds, the wound automatically seals after the feeding. This may be roleplayed however the writer desires (I. E. The vampire writer may opt to have their character 'lick' the wound closed). Default, the wound inexplicably closes after blood has been consumed.
  • When feeding, blood must be reasonably fresh. This means the blood must be preserved, or come from a living source. A very recent corpse can provide sustenance for a vampire, but most dead bodies would not provide any benefit to a vampire.
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