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Metalworking is the art of molding, shaping and working with metals. This can be used in to make ammo, create jewelry & forge melee weapons. You will need to access a forge in order to practice metalworking. There are several forges around town that are available for public use, these are listed below. Forges can also be purchased in regular shops & the Karma Shop for 10 Karma, to be placed in your business location or any privately owned property.

Public Forge Locations
Location Building/Business Name Coords
Newborough Abandoned Factory 15 (12, 7) 12, 36
Wickbridge Metronome Club (7, 2) ,19, 23
8th Dimen Mall Quartermaine Custom Creations (12, 10) 8, 8 1F

Once at a forge you will 'Use" it by clicking the "gear" icon on the right side of your screen, which will bring to view a box asking "Use the forge?" and a "use" button. Clicking the use button displays the main Metalcrafting window, which is divided into 4 individual tabs, each with a seperate type of Metalcrafting project. Each item is listed alongside the materials needed to craft each item. Red text indicates that you currently have a material in your inventory, while white text indicates you still need it. The required level of metalworking skill is listed for each item. Once you have all materials necessary & your skill level is sufficient, a 'Forge' button will appear to the right of the item.

Once an item is crafted, it will go directly into your inventory .

Stats, Energy & Experience


  • Metalworking- Allows for more options of Metalworking projects.
  • Skill - Success at forging an item.
  • Strength - Quality of the completed item.


  • Each attempt at forging Ammo, Creating Jewelry, Shaping metals or Extracting parts from weapons - 2 energy.
  • Each attempt at improving weapons parts - 1 energy.
  • Assembling weapons - 4 energy,


  • Experience gain from Metalworking can range anywhere from 0 EXP - 40 EXP
  • Factors that determine EXP gain are or may include:
  • Type of project forged
  • Finished quality of forged item.
  • Whether forging attempt was successful or unsuccessful

Metalworking Projects

Ammo, Jewelry & Shaping Metal

Craft jewelry.png

The Craft Jewelry tab reveals the needed information for creating Jewelry items. It is possible to create several basic jewelry projects without having any raised metalworking stat. You can obtain materials to complete jewelry projects by purchasing certain items at shops or from the auction. Some items are dropped by NPC's, others can be collected on the floor of the Caverns & some can be gotten as loot in B-n-E's. Check the [[Items} page for specifics on any of the items required. *NOTE: Amethyst gems can only be found in the Caverns by those who have increased their Tracking skill.Once completed Jewelry items can be found in the Gear section of your Inventory.

Craft ammo.png

The Craft Ammo tab gives you the specifics needed for crafting all six types of Ammo used with any of the various types of firearms used in the game. The needed materials can be attained a loot from B-n-nE's, purchased at a shops or from the auction. Completed items will can be found in the Ammo section of your Inventory.

Shape metals.png

The Shape Metals tab shows the listing of the metal shaping projects available. . Once completed these items can be located in your Inventory under the Crafting tab.

Forge Weapons


When using a forge it is possible to create all types of Melee weapons, including Swords, Knives, Axes & Maces.

Melee weapon forging works much the same way as firearms crafting does, with a few slight differences. Of these differences, the most notable is that there are 4 components to be assembled to complete the desired weapon. Three of the components; Hilt, Blade & Pommel are attained from either breaking down melee weapons or from melee weapon parts picked up in certain hunting areas or purchased on the auction. The fourth component, the handguard, is optional and can be chosen from a variety of standard styles when assembling the weapo, the handguard does not affect the stats whatsoever. The higher your metalworking skill, the more handguards are available by default. 15 are available right now (if you have 15 metalworking skill), and more will be added later.

When improving weapon parts, high skill and strength attributes will decrease the odds of damaging a weapon part upon failure. With maxed skill and strength, you should have about a 15% chance of damaging a weapon part upon upgrade failure.

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