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Gadgets are items that can be used in Breaking and Entering and Stealth raids. They are crafted using the mechanics skill and various things you collect around the City, killing NPCs and during B&Es.

Smoke Bomb

A one-use item which teleports you to the exit of a B&E building, allowing you to avoid guards.

These are most useful if you've gotten all of the loot, but there are too many guards or police between you and the exit.

Noise Maker

A one-use B&E / stealth raid item that directs an echoed sound away from the user, causing 75% of guards in the building to change direction.

Electronic Lockpick

A one-use B&E / stealth raid item that instantly opens any door with an electronic lock mechanism.

Knockout Bomb

A one-use B&E / stealth raid item which knocks out any guards in an adjacent square.

These extremely useful items give you the same 10 turns to evade police showing up, without giving you the bounty of having killed the guard (or officer).

BnE Cam-Scrambler

Scramble the feed of all cameras on a raid floor or B&E area (one-use item)

This works the same as disabling the console within the event, but useful if you haven't gotten to it and you can't avoid the camera/s.

False Alarm

This multi-use B&E / stealth raid item taps into any alarmed door. The alarm still sounds, but no cops will come. Use after setting off an alarm or killing a guard.

This item can only be used on electronic doors, and pauses the 10 move countdown for a short period, then the timer picks back up where it left off.

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