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This is a history of all interesting roleplay events since the creation of the game. The timeline is editable by anyone, and is open to entries concerning wars, sirings (of characters who later become level 10+), marriages, roleplay stories, deaths, political changes, formations of new factions, and similar.

When possible, be sure to add relevant reference links to entries, such as roleplay threads where the activity described in the entry takes place.

Please see the talk page for some guidance on the type of entries which may or not be preferable. Please bear in mind that this page will not be used for insulting players or their characters. Also be aware that, when adding an in character opinion, such as that held by a faction or character, it is required that you note it as an opinion in some way, so as to not confuse new members. Thank you.

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  • Late May, the elder vampires who have survived the Vampire Holocaust begin to slip through the veil and return from the Shadow Realm.


  • 7th - Corvus is formed. Little is known about this enigmatic entity at this time, though it appears to have dealings in the criminal underworld.
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