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Moving on the grid is how your character will interact with other characters and gain Experience. This article will provide a brief overview of grid navigation for both mouse and keyboard. You can alternate between using mouse and keyboard navigation as you will, or use any combination of both movement options.

Regardless of how you choose to move your character, each step taken outside (on the world map or in the sewers) will cost 0.2 energy. Movement inside a building or private dwelling will only cost 0.1 energy point.

Grid Interface

This section will break down the actions available to you using the grid interface.


Health Bars

The health bars, located to the upper left of the grid, show the amount of Blood (red), Anima (blue) and Energy (green) your character has remaining. Hovering over these bars will give you more information on maximum values.

While humans and semideus gain blood daily, vampires lose blood daily, which must be replenished. Maintaining high blood levels is important for your character's health and development.

Anima is gained daily, though the mechanism depends on the race/class of your character.

Energy is gained hourly and depends on your Stamina attribute. Each action on the grid will cost your character energy; once this energy is depleted, you will no longer be able to move/carry out actions on the grid until energy has been regained.

Stat Boxes

Statboxes appear at the lower left of the gird and give information pertaining to the current status of your character.


The Fuel box shows the amount of fuel your character has; if your character owns a vehicle, they must purchase fuel to use it. For characters without fuel purchased, this box will remain blank, as seen here. Should you wish to purchase a vehicle, they - along with fuel - can be purchased in Shops.
Note: The fuel box is only visible when outside.

The Sec box is short for Security; the security of the area represents the general surveillance. The higher the security, the more the area is "watched," be it by civilians, security systems, police, traffic cameras, etc. Supernatural activities carried out in high security locations risk attracting unwanted attention.

The EXP box denotes your progress towards your next level - your Experience; once you reach 100%, your character will level.

The Cash box is the amount of cash your character has on hand. This cash on hand can be stolen, so it is prudent to deposit money in Banks.

The final box shows the amount of Karma your character possesses. Karma is an in-game currency that can be acquired via donation to Path of the Vampire. This form of currency cannot be stolen.

Action Buttons

Action buttons appear on the right hand side of the grid display and allow your character to interact with its environment. Not all buttons will appear at once on the grid, so if some of these do not appear to you, don't worry.

View Item
Allows you to view an item that has been placed on-grid, inside a privately owned property & has no image linked to it.

Allows you to interact with an item in a square (e.g. computer terminal, ritual altar, etc.).

Indicates a location which can be robbed by a character. The number indicates the building security.

Allows your character to enter/exit buildings, walk through Fadeportals and access transits.

Opens the powers menu and allows the use of powers.

More Commands
Opens the More Commands menu, which allows Tracking, ID sharing, etc.

Opens the talk window, allowing your character to speak with others within his/her square and participate in location-based live chat roleplays. A red number indicates the number of people in a location-based roleplay 'room'.

Opens the Owner Control menu (only visible in owned properties).

Mouse Navigation

To navigate the grid via mouse, you simply need to click the square which you'd like your character to occupy. Although there are no visible navigation arrows, the squares themselves act as movement hotspots, allowing for movement in any direction.

Below is a brief list of actions performed using the mouse:

  • Feed by clicking on a HUMAN (x1)
  • Rob PCs and NPCs by clicking the $
  • Battle NPCs and skirmish attack PCs using the
  • Navigate pages using the Navigation and Character menus, located in the upper left corner
  • Click the door on the right-hand side of the screen to Enter/Exit a building or interact with a grid feature.

Keyboard Navigation

Alternatively, you can use the QWEADZXC or arrow keys for movement. If you have an extended keyboard, the number pad will enable you to move your character in all 8 directions.

Keyboard shortcuts
QWEADZXC Move in all 8 directions
Numpad Move in all 8 directions
↑, ↓, →, ← Move horizontal and vertical (4 directions)
S, Enter, Num5 Enter or exit a building
F Fight an NPC enemy (first enemy listed)
G Get (pick up) an item on the ground
H Feed on a human or animal
P Pick pockets of humans in the area
R Refresh the grid to show changes
I Opens the Inventory screen
M Opens the More Commands screen
U Opens the Use Powers screen
T Open the Battle Tactics screen

Getting Around

Map of Harper Rock. Click here for full size.

Harper Rock is laid out along a roughly Cartesian grid system, where X and Y coordinates indicate location. X coordinates increase from west to east (left to right), and Y coordinates increase from north to south (top to bottom). It is advisable to enable grid coordinates via the Settings, though even without coordinates enabled, your location will always be visible at the bottom of the screen.

Coordinates in the game are generally given out as X, Y, District or X, Y, Building Name.

A map of Harper Rock is available and maintained by members of the community. The city itself has 16 districst: Bullwood, Cherrydale, Coastside, Elmworth, Gambondale (AKA the Quarantine Zone), Gullsborough, Honeymead, Moss End, Newborough, Redwood, River Rock, Stag Heath, Swansdale, Thornside Park, Westwall and Wickbridge. The city is surrounded by wilderness - natural areas unoccupied by humans that are dangerous for vampires..


Transit Name Coordinates Transit Map (click to expand)
Bullwood 30, 12
Cherrydale 7, -6
Coastside 9, 19
Gullsborough 21, 9
Honeymead 8, 4
Newborough 8, 36
River Rock 35, 21
Swansdale 24, 33
Westwall 8, 12
Wickbridge 21, 24

Like any major city, Harper Rock has an effective transit system, allowing you to quickly and easily move your character between districts. Most major districts have a centrally located transit station (black square), and each station will connect you to any other transit within the city. Though using a transit costs no money, they do cost 0.2 energy per use.

Although most major areas are connected via transit, the transit that formerly connected to the Quarantine Zone (formerly the Gambondale district) was sealed off and is no longer operational following the outbreak. The closest transits to the QZ are Wickbridge or River Rock - from there, you may enter the Quarantine via the sewer entrance.


Water squares are impassable to characters without the Super Jump or Water Walk powers. If for some reason you are thrown onto a water square, hour change will result in your character being swept to shore by the river's current.


If you own a car, you can move on road squares without using energy, so you'll be able to drive from one end of the city to the other without wasting any energy. However, cars use fuel to run, which can also be bought from Shops for $300 per 50 moves. You will get an alert when you are out of fuel, and then you'll start to lose energy again.

Cars may be purchased in Shops and cost between 35,000 and 60,000 or 10-15 Karma.

Vehicle Type Cash Karma
Sports Car 60000 15
Standard Car 35000 10
Motorcycle 60000 15
Fuel 300 1
Fast Travel GPS NA 5

Fast Travel GPS

If owned, the GPS can be accessed by clicking the amount of fuel available to you in the fuel stat box. This will pull up a simple map of the city and, upon clicking the desired location, allows your character to 'drive' to that location instantly.

All fast travel uses a flat rate of 25 fuel and can only be used if you are standing on the main-world city grid (not inside). Since the Quarantine Zone is inaccessible via land routes, you will not be able to drive there.

To use fast travel, you need a vehicle of some sort, at least 25 units of fuel, and a GPS item - GPS systems can be purchased for 5 Karma. Fast travel doesn't give any real advantage other than saving you time. If you have a car and you have fuel, it will still take you roughly the same amount of fuel to move from any location in the city to any other road location in the city (as transits make it possible with 25 moves or less).

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