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Hacking is a skill that involves hacking into various systems. Depending on the type of system, characters then have the option of downloading and selling files; finding evidence and either deleting or releasing it; or sabotaging a business. Many would describe it as being a bit involved at first, but it becomes repetition with practice.

Getting Started

Hacking requires the character to have scripts on hand. Each script has a corresponding command that is used while hacking. If your character has gone through the tutorial until completion, they will have a basic starter set of scripts on hand.

Hacking also requires some sort of computer connection. Computer terminals can be found in various public buildings throughout the city and computers can be purchased from the Shop. Characters with the Technokinesis power can hack using it. Hacked webphones do not allow for hacking.

A hack takes a total of 4 energy to complete, and the experience gain is various depending on the type of hack you've done. Random Hacks provide the most experience in one go - nearing up to 200 exp for a successful random hack.


Scripts come in various versions, indicated by V#. V1 scripts are the lowest level available and can typically be bought in shops. V6 is currently the highest level for scripts, which can only be acquired via programming custom scripts.

Script Use Notes
Armor Protects against Warrior programs V1 & V4 purchasable in Shop
Cauldron Speeds up script programming V1 purchasable in shop; Passive script; Decreases scripting time by 12 hours per level
Commander Auto-fills command line with the need to type them. V1, V2, & V4 purchasable in Shop; V1 reduces your available moves by 50%, V2 reduces available moves by 1/3, V4 and above have no move penalty.
Corporate Access Codes Automatically boosts the security of the next system you hack Only comes in V1 & V2; Purchasable in shops; V1 increases security by 1, V2 increases security by 2
Decrypt Decrypts encrypted files V1 & V4 purchasable in Shop; Can be used to decrypt individual files or entire systems if used in the Admin node

The entire list of scripts or programs are as follows (and by clicking scripts or programs you can find what they do)


A basic starter kit of programs, as follows, is recommended for new hackers. These scripts will be gifted at level 19.

  • Commander V1 - Will give you 50% of your total moves
  • Delete V1 - Useful for deleting evidence or attempting to delete security protocols
  • Mask V1 - Attempts to fool the 'Authentication' security protocol
  • Stealth V1 - Attempts to slip past the 'Sentinel' security protocol
  • Transfer V1 - Required for downloading files
  • Skills points in Hacking.



The link provided below is an extensive tutorial on how to program your own scripts, instead of buying them. You can program your scripts by entering the hacking mini-game and selecting the link within it titled Program Custom Scripts. Depending on the level of the script your programming, the time varies. Select the link below to find out more!

Program Custom Scripts

What is a Command?

A major part of hacking, commands are used by the hacker to navigate a system as well as manipulate both the system and files it contains. There is a specific set of commands available to a hacker. Most of these are usable as-in, though the 'Run' command requires the hacker to have programs available for use.

The current commands available for use are as follows. Each should be input as indicated.

Displaying Nodes

  • Command: dsp nodes_connecting

Use: Displays a list of nodes that connect to the node the hacker is currently in.

Check Commands

  • Command: check(security)

Use: Assesses the strength of the security application in the current node.

Check Files

  • Command: check(files)

Use: When in a file node, displays a list of files within the node.

Connecting to a Node

  • Command: connect (Node name)

Use: Directs system to connect the hacker to a specific neighboring node.

Running a Program

  • Command: Run Program Script(File/Alarm/Other name here)

Use: Runs the specified program, which the hacker must possess, upon the target indicated.

Example Usage:

  • run Silence V6(tracer)
    • Runs the Silence script on the Tracer security protocol, silencing the tracer
  • run Transfer v4(emails34.dat)
    • Runs the Transfer script on the email34.dat, essentially downloading the file

Important Tips

  • System maps are useful in navigating through most types of hacks.
  • The higher intelligence you have, the more actions you have within a system. If your actions reach 0, you are locked out of the network.
  • The higher willpower that you have, the less time it will take you to program custom scripts.
  • You can also use source codes to speed up the process of scripting depending on your cauldron script, and you can purchase Cauldron V1 for twenty thousand at a shop to get you started.

Cauldron V1 -0.5 days
Cauldron V2 -1 day
Cauldron V3 -1.5 days
Cauldron V4 -2 days
Cauldron V5 -2.5 days
Cauldron V6 -3 days

The best place to locate these in within the random business hacks, where you can type in anything from the letter A to an actual business name.

  • Pacifying an administration system within the mini-game will grant you more action points to use within that node.
  • Once you download a file from a random system, you have completed a successful hack for the day, and will not be able to hack again that same day. For game play purposes, logic is ignored in this case. Due to this, it is best to take your remaining actions to get as many files as possible. Files can be worth as little as $20 and can reach up into the hundreds depending on luck, system security, and how good a hacker you are so it is in your best interest to grab as many as you can.
  • You will gain experience points every time you complete a successful hack, no matter the type of hack attempted. Random system hacks will give the most experience but at the trade off of only being able to be done once a day.
  • Try to get your commands right! A wrong command will cause you to lose an action point and risks upping the alert level.
  • Don't go back to the grid while you are in the middle of a hack. This will end your current session.
  • The further into a system you are able to progress, the more valuable the files become, but the tougher the security gets.
  • Make little maps for yourself on paper as you wander through some of the larger systems. You might have to go back on yourself and won't always remember which node you came from.
  • If the system alert level reaches red, you become locked out of the system

Hacking While Dead

Characters that possess the power Technokinesis have the ability to hack while in the Shadow Realm. Due to the roleplay reasons that it is harder to establish a connection or concentrate while in the Shadow Realm, it is much harder to hack while dead. During the duration of the character's stay, the hacking skill stat is automatically halved.

For example, if your character's regular hacking skill stat is a 12, when dead it is only a 6.

Hacking Crownet Menu

Enter a random system

This gives the user the ability to hack into random systems looking for files that they can later sell for money. Files downloaded from here may be sold at any shop.

You must have scripts in order to hack properly. Basic scripts like Delete V1 and Transfer V1 are the bare minimum needed. Without scripts, you will not be able to do anything aside from move around from node to node until you run into a security protocol. There are more advanced scripts, however its better to run training stimulation and use lower level scripts until you are comfortable with the process.

There are many users who have advanced hacking knowledge and are willing to help if you ask for it.

Once you have downloaded a file off a random system, you have completed a successful hack and will not be able to enter another random system during that day.

Run a training simulation

  • These are good practice for all those new or uncomfortable with hacking.
  • The files downloaded are not real files and, therefore, will not exist in your inventory.
  • You still receive experience for training simulations.

Find / delete evidence of vampires

When choosing the option of finding/deleting evidence of vampires, you have a choice of security systems. The higher the security, the higher the effect of a successful hack. Below is a list of systems with the amount of points that security is lower or higher then the normal hacking security. If your character does not have a high hacking skill, then choosing the super high security system may not be a wise choice.

Choice of Systems

  • Low security system. [-2 security points than personal average]
  • Medium security system. [Same as personal average security]
  • High security system. [+3 security points than personal average]
  • Super-high security system. [+6 security points than personal average]

Evidence Hack

When doing an evidence hack, you can either find or delete evidence of vampires. Or you can implant a Virus in one of the Administration Nodes. A success will lower the city alert slightly, but will not give the hacker any experience.

Evidence files Upon encountering an Evidence file, you have a choice to make. Any choice, provided you succeed, will result in experience gain for the hacker. The amount of experience received will be greater the more secure the system.

  • Deleting Evidence: Lowers the city alert level.
  • Upload Evidence: Increases city alert level.
  • Downloading Evidence: Choosing to download evidence will allow you to potentially uncover the names of those who have been spotted feeding, using powers, fighting or killing cops. If you uncover a name once you've downloaded the evidence, you will have 5 further options.

Sabotage Hacks

Cost: 4 energy per attempt. Earn: 20 EXP (if successful), in-game coin for files downloaded.

This option allows you to hack into a business - which can be real or merely a made up name - with the objective of planting a virus in the Administration node. By doing this you lower the business' reputation and popularity by a point each. While you can hack into multiple businesses each day, you may only target a particular business once per day.

To start a sabotage hack you need to input the either an actual business. name or any made up name or even just 2 letters into the input area on the hack screen & press enter. You will then be taken to a normal hacking screen. From this point just proceed as if you were doing a random hack, making your way to the Administration node. Unlike evidence hacks, sabotage hacks all files can be downloaded, although their worth is of considerable less cash. It is also possible to download Source Codes while doing Sabotage hacks, which are used in Scripting.

If you choose to hack into an actual business the owner of the business is always alerted that someone attempted to hack into their business computers. Depending on the level of the system alert when you disconnect, there is a chance the business owner may learn your location.

Alert Level:

    • Green: No chance of your location being revealed.
    • Yellow: 1 in 5 chance of your location being revealed.
    • Amber: 1 in 3 chance of your location being revealed.
    • Red: Location is revealed
  • Files can be downloaded and sold, but will sell for a tenth of what they would if they had been found in a random system.
  • Businesses with high reputation and popularity are harder to hack, as are though with very intelligent clerical or great security staff.
  • Experience is given for such hacks but at a lower rate, given it is meant as a non-violent PVP alternative.

Hacking Raids

Hacking Raids are one of 3 types of solo Raids; these are advanced hacking mini-games. In a typical hack, you will navigate a single system 'map', however in hacking raids, you are required to navigate your way through a series of 6 system maps of increasing difficulty. In order to obtain information on a rare relic's location, you must reach the final system, level 6, and download the Artifact file without being kicked by a security measure or running out of actions. If you successfully download the Artifact file, you will gain a relic, 200 EXP and end the raid.

Like with regular hacks, hacking raids require the use of scripts. Since these raids are far more difficult than your average hack, having most, if not all, scripts at the V6 level is strongly recommended. As you progress through the systems, they become increasingly difficult. The system maps change at every level and do not remain constant in any given raid.

Hacking Walkthroughs

If you have a hacking walk through you'd like to share, please get in touch with Amalea or Elizabeth Constance.

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