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Hacking Raids are one of 3 types of solo Raids; these are advanced hacking mini-games. In a typical hack, you will navigate a single system 'map', however in hacking raids, you are required to navigate your way through a series of 6 system maps of increasing difficulty. In order to obtain information on a rare relic's location, you must reach the final system, level 6, and download the Artifact file without being kicked by a security measure or running out of actions. If you successfully download the Artifact file, you will gain a relic, 200 EXP and end the raid.

Like with regular hacks, hacking raids require the use of scripts. Since these raids are far more difficult than your average hack, having most, if not all, scripts at the V6 level is strongly recommended. As you progress through the systems, they become increasingly difficult. The system maps change at every level and do not remain constant in any given raid.


The following section provides a walkthrough of a hacking raid from start to finish. Please note that, like other raid types, you may only win one hacking raid per month. A winner may still enter and explore the raid, using it as a means to gather files and EXP, but there will be no Artifact file available in the final system.


The location of a hacking raid can be uncovered by downloading files during a regular hack, a business hack, or an evidence hack. Upon downloading a file, you will be given the name of a business (ex. Smart Spring Corp). Once you exit the system, return to the hacking menu.

+ You found information regarding a recently discovered artifact named the Buckle of Retreat. The lead appears to point to a business named Micro Bell Corp, whose servers should have more information on the whereabouts of the artifact.

You must have at least 24 energy before beginning a hacking raid. Once you have the required energy, enter the business name Smart Spring Corp into the Sabotage a business box. Upon entering, you will be notified that you are in a raid system.


The first step is identifying your system type - in order to do so, it is highly recommended for you to have Mapper V6. First, you will need to connect to s Switch node. Since you start out with a reduced number of moves, it is important for you to reach the Switch node in as few moves as possible. When you've reached the switch node, run your Switcher program - this will reset the alert level to green and allow you to connect to the next system.

From the Switch node, make your way to an Admin node - you will need to run Pacify in order to continue as you will be low on moves by this time, and moves do not replenish as you advance. After successfully running Pacify, run connect(admin) to connect to the next system and gain EXP for advancing to the new system.


Artifact files can be downloaded in the same manner as regular files. Click for full size

Continue until you have reached the 6th level of the hacking raid. At this point, search the File nodes for an Artifact file. Once you've found the file, it may be necessary to decrypt before running your file transfer. If the transfer is successful, your character will obtain the location of the relic and end the hacking raid.

Obtaining a relic from a hacking raid. Click for full size

Anyone still inside the raid system will be prevented from advancing to the next node once it has been won.


Depending on the difficulty of the raid, 4 types of relics are available. Like other solo Raids, hacking raids can only be won once per month.

Relic Function
Buckle of Retreat Increases your chances of escaping a skirmish attack while set to flee mode (+50% success rate)
Sanguivore's Bane Causes anyone feeding on you to lose 1 blood instead of gaining it.
Modulation Monocle Allows hackers to enter nodes before Warrior and Tracer security programs can spot them
Healing Vambrace Allows the wearer to use two healing powers per day
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