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The Hebigumo Foundation is an initiative founded in 1984, Japan which was, at first, primarily focused on the research and development of technologies that aimed to improve the quality of human life worldwide, particularly in the field of prosthetic limbs and "brain computer interface" technologies for the paralyzed and immobile.

However, over time Hebigumo has thrown off its origins as a charitable body with governmental / corporate endowments, and has developed itself into a corporation in its own right. It is still seen by many as a company with altruistic motivations, and much of the technology it develops is given away rather than sold, such as their neurotherapy interface machines and software. Hebigumo's reasons for its transformation were that the magnitude of research and development in which they were invested was simply not sustainable on charitable endowments. As such, they now invent, test and produce strictly non-military technologies, the bulk of which are aimed at improving industrial and agricultural production methods.

The Hebigumo Foundation won an award in 2013 for its "Telepathic Guitars" which use a BCI to measure and record brain patterns of the user in order to allow the musician to play the instrument with their minds, so to speak. The instrument requires a great deal of practice and interaction in order to learn the thought patterns of the user and which each pattern means in terms of musical note or chord. However, it has enabled paraplegics and other disabled individuals to learn or re-learn a musical instrument. The technology is currently developed and sold at a loss to the foundation, who is able to recoup any lost investment with other, industry-focussed technologies.

Like other major companies in recent years, The Hebigumo Foundation has come under fire from conspiracy theorists. These complains largely center on unproven accusations of "thought theft", but there have also been some accusations of secret backdoor deals with independent military contractors. Both of these conspiracies have since been debunked.

Hebigumo recently moved its headquarters to Harper Rock, Canada, for what it claims are taxation and locational advantages.

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