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Welcome to the wiki help page, here you will find information pertaining to creating pages and organizing information. On this page, you will find some very important tips, guidelines, and rules.

Adding Content

To start out, you should first make a wiki account with a username which is the same or similar to one of your grid/forum accounts. The purpose behind this is to clearly and cleanly see who is contributing and maintaining the wiki. Please be sure, when you are posting to someone else's talk page, or the talk page of an article, that you sign your comments like so: -~~~~ Doing so will make your signature appear, and it will look something like this: -Azraeth 13:58, 22 February 2016 (MST). You can access any talk page by hitting the 'discussion' button on the sidebar, when you are on that page. Talk pages are used to discuss an article, what it may need, changes that have been made, etc. Talk pages are vital to running an efficient wiki, because they are the 'behind the scenes'. You can also 'watch' a page or talk page, which will make the wiki inform you when said page(s) have been modified.

So you want to make a wiki page. Your first step is to make sure there is no page for it. You can do this by searching the term or terms. Be sure to thoroughly look through the articles, so as to not create redundant pages. Pages which are very similar will be condensed and/or redirected, or deleted depending on the situation.

Once you're certain a page doesn't exist, you can create one in a myriad of different ways.


To create a page with a unique name, search that term. If the term does not exist, you will be prompted with the text "Create the page __________ on this wiki!" The blank will be filled with the term you used. You then simply have to click the link the term makes and it will take you to a page that says "editing _________". You can make the page from there.

From there, it's all about deciding what to post. It is suggested that for more complex articles, you break content into sub-headings. You will learn how to do that in the part of this page relating to coding. For less complex articles, you can feel free to just write on the page. Be sure to include as much information as you can. When possible, avoid the wholesale copy and paste of information found elsewhere in the wiki. Certain things which are always in need of being added or updated are: canon answers, major updates, and minor updates and tweaks. Please note: Players cannot submit canon articles without permission from the Storyteller.

If you want to make a page, but do not have a lot of information, you can put the {{MoreInfo}} template at the top of your article before you submit it, and it will be quickly addressed with as much relevant information as possible. Please be sure to run articles through a word processor prior to submitting them, to find any spelling errors, etc.


Pages should link to as many relevant pages as possible. For example, a page about the Shadow Realm should also link to Death and possibly Fighting depending on the context. Adding links can be time consuming, but it is very simple, and it boosts the importance of the related pages. The most important pages are those relating to gameplay and canon (RP), so they need to be constantly updated and maintained. Pages which do not require as many links are personal pages such as businesses and character bios.

The mechanics for linking pages is covered in 'coding'.

If you find a page that lacks links, or that links incorrectly to other pages, feel free to toss a {{Clean}} tag on it. You will also want to hit up the talk page, for that page, to let everyone know why you added the 'Clean' template. Please only do this if you do not have the time to do the necessary updates yourself, or if you cannot, because the page is protected.


For more elaborate instructions on coding, see: Wiki Codes, or cheatsheet

You can test out code using the wiki Sandbox.

Basic Codes

Type Code Result
Italics ''Italics'' Italics
Bold '''Bold''' Bold
Heading =Heading= N/A
Sub-Heading ==Sub-Heading== N/A
List *List Item N/A
Sublist **Sublist Item N/A
Linking to a wiki page directly [[page name]] page name
Linking with new text [[Wiki page name|alternate text]] alternate text
Off-wiki linking [fullurlhere alternate text] alternate text


Tags, and templates are an important part of making a page, because they tell at a glance what the page is supposed to be about. Tags are as follows;

{{RP}} : This article refers to either Path canon information, or is about the subject of RP itself. Examples include: RP Dice Roller & Fade Beasts (RP)

{{Gameplay}} : This article refers exclusively to information about the grid or explaining grid mechanics. Examples include: Loot and Raids

{{Wiki Help}} : This article refers to information which helps a user navigate or use the wiki itself. Examples include: Wiki Codes

{{PlayerMade}} : This article refers to information posted by a player, and does not fall into the category of character, thrall, bloodline, faction, etc. Essentially this page is subject to player opinion, and therefor does not constitute canon unless stated. This article may also be a player submitted tutorial, or list. Examples include: The Illuminated Texts and Tutorial Hub Tips

{{Bloodline}} : This article is about a bloodline. Only members of the bloodline should maintain these articles. Examples include: Acheron and Docere

{{Location}} : This article is about a location that is a major part of the city. This article does not refer to a territory. Player owned locations should be added to the Buildings page under the appropriate classification. Examples include: Necropolis

This information can also be found on the Wiki Etiquette page, which also has a ton of information about how to edit content.


Categories are important for organizing pages in a meaningful way. Be sure to only add a page to categories it is relevant to. You can see a full list of categories here. Most of the categories are self-explanatory, however if you are unsure about something, just click the link to the category and it should give you the appropriate details. If you are still unsure, stick the article with a {{Clean}} tag, and add a note to the talk page.

You can add a page to a category by adding [[Category: Category name]] at the bottom of the page.

Important categories for new players include: tutorials and links from grid, both of which cover core gaming concepts. An important category for someone looking to understand lore better is: roleplay.


Not all articles need images to go with them, but it doesn't hurt! To upload an image, you should hit the 'Upload file' link on the sidebar. You will then be asked to select an image from your computer. You will need to make sure the image file name is unique on the wiki, meaning no other image has the same name. You can then submit the image and use it on any page. More information about the mechanics of putting an image on a page can be found on the Wiki Codes page. Be sure your image is appropriate for Path (not pornographic), and that it is not so big it overflows past the sides of the page.

Any gameplay article should come with some sort of relevant screenshot.

Editing Content

You should edit a page when it:

  • Has information that is out of date.
  • Lacks information.
  • Needs an image (not all pages need images, but gameplay pages should have a screenshot).
  • Needs cleaned up/reorganized.
  • Needs to be added to a category (not all pages belong to categories).
  • Needs a page tag.
  • Needs to be linked to more relevant pages, or needs its current links cleaned up.

When doing major edits, be sure to say what you did on the page's talk page, so subsequent editors understand why you may have done something a particular way.

If you find a protected page in need of editing, be sure to do one of, or multiple of the following:

  • PM the storyteller or wiki mod on the forum.
  • Hit up the talk pages for the storyteller or wiki moderator.
  • Hit up the talk page for the article in question, with your concerns.

When in doubt. If something needs to be edited, you can toss on one of the relevant tags mentioned on the Wiki Etiquette page, onto the page in question, and poke the talk page with your concerns.


The only time you should not make major edits to an article is if it is a personal article. Personal articles include: Character bios, thralls, player owned locations, and businesses. Generally anything belonging to a another player. You may get permission to update or maintain these though.

Faction and bloodline pages, or generally pages which belong to groups should only be maintained by members of those groups.

Minor edits to things like grammar, etc. need not apply to the above.

Rules which apply on the forum also apply on the wiki. Bear this strongly in mind.

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