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Once a small, neighborhood marketplace, Honeymead Market now offers Northern Harper Rock shoppers a small, yet unique collection of shops and artisan services that not only fills the needs of local residents but also of those that venture to the historic area to relax & leisurely peruse the 30 or so businesses, all of which are owned and operated by local citizens.

A relaxed atmosphere engulfs shoppers as they make there way along cobblestone pathways between the shops & even offers a grassy park-like area with a scattering of shade trees and wrought iron benches for taking a break to enjoy a cupcake or chocolate treat before visiting some of the other treats that can only be found in Honeymead Market, located in the Honeymead district at 4, 7.

The Tenants

The market is home to these shops and businesses.

The Flower Pot

The Flower Pot.png
Business Information

Located inside the Honeymead Market in a quaint little back corner ((12, 1)). While this shop was purchased by Elizabeth over a year ago, the woman only opened its doors to sell her works of floral art about four months ago. At the counter ((12, 10)), there is a floral designer; either Elizabeth herself, or one of her hired staff members, waiting to help you with all your floral needs for whatever the occasion.

Arrangements and Price Listing
  • Good vibrations: A brightly coloured flowers in a simple arrangement. (($115))
  • Sun-Kissed Skies: A blue floral arrangement "kissed" with yellow flowers. (($95))
  • Venus Fly Trap: A carnivorous plant to send to a not so good friend ((or enemy!)). (($70))
  • Lady in Red: An arrangement of flowers in the colour red of varying red flowers. (($240))
  • Autumn Harvest: Either a basket or vase of flowers seem during the Autumn season. (($180))
  • The White Rabbit: An arrangement composed of White Daisies and blue Forget-me-nots. (($250))
  • Pretty in Pink: A floral arrangement strictly made of various pink flowers of your choosing.(($52))
  • Purple Reign: A floral arrangement composed of various purple flowers of your choosing. (($200))
  • Midnight Orchids: A small collection of ebony coloured orchids sent to the one you may love or hate. (($235))
  • Black Magic: An arrangement of Phalaenopsis orchids, calla lillies and amaryllis, all shadowed in colour. (($165))
  • The Evil Genius Standby: An arrangement of yellow tulips, inspired by the city's most notorious evil genius. (($160))
  • Cotton Candy Swirl: A beautiful arrangement of pale flowers combined to give an appearance of cotton candy. (($220))
  • Radioactive Glowworms: An arrangement inspired by chemicals. Flowers come in neon yellows, greens, pinks, purples and oranges. (($95))
  • Birthday: Send an arrangement that shows someone you appreciate that they were born. We can design floral "cakes", "cupcakes", etc. (($140))
  • Design your own: Don't see what you're looking for here? My florists can arrange anything you may need to send to that "special someone." (($120))

Our prices are extremely competitive being almost all arrangements can be made from something in one of my many gardens. It is also my belief that everyone should be able to enjoy nature's works of art when they desire it and not have to wait until they can afford it.

No order too big or too small for your floral needs!

Mirror Mirage


Type: Confidence Couture
Owner: Jayden
Founded: 2014-11-03
Property: Mirror Mirage
Located:9, 2
2014 Election Support: N/A
Business Listing: Link


Confidence Couture is what Mirror Mirage offers - We bring you a brand all its own. Complete with clothes, of course; but also accessories, make up and shoes. With its own dedicated fashion designers, makeup artists, fashion consultants, and hair stylists; we'll help you bring out the lovely you that already exists!

Pandora's Box


Located at 4, 5

For your spiritual and mystical needs. Some simply call it an 'Occult Shop' but we are far, far more than simple spells and hexes. Let Mistress Zodiac and her trained staff assist you in your quest for inner knowledge no matter where and what your faith is.

We offer ritual services, eternal bindings, card readings, discount purchasing services, we buy/sell and trade items for services and other goods as well as advise in your questions about the past, present and future. New services and options announced as they come into being. Stop in and see us (just don't step on the cat-she hates that.

Disclaimer: Pandora's Box and its owner and employees not responsible for injuries done by the cat in such situations.

Feel free to call for appointments, prices, and consultations. (YiM zodiac_pov )


Zodiac, Owner
Chaindog, Security
Zaphyra, Sales
Missy Styxx, Craftsperson
Eva, Craftsperson

The Pentacle Teahouse


Come one come all and enrich the spirit and refresh the body

Located at 5,4 (NE of Pandora's Box at 4,5)

Relax and enjoy in a tranquil atmosphere. Sip teas custom blended by yours truly and imported from around the globe. The Teahouse is a place reflect, take a break from a hectic schedule and get back in touch with your inner peace and balance. If tea is not your choice, we offer other beverages (non alcoholic) for various tastes. A free trading library can be found within and entertainment will be scheduled periodically as time permits.

So take a break, relax, and let our trained staff cater to your needs in this small port in the storm of existence. Peace be your arrival, peace be your stay, and peace be with you as you go forth yet again.


Zodiac, Owner
Mercy, Security
Lyana, Clerical
Karema, Janitorial
Jessica, Security
Alessandra, Clerical

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