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This page explains what it means to have a Human Character in the game.

Human Character

Please note- Information for humans will be updated with official game updates. As we are still in Beta- humans have not been coded completely and will have tons of new stuff in the future.

Additionally, there is an article on Human Classes with further information.

Starting as a human

Role Play Time Period: Post-vampire holocaust, present time.
Place: Southern Canada near the US border, a city called Harper Rock
History: The history can be found in the section of this wiki labeled "The story so far"

Upon character creation, you are asked to choose between playing a human or a vampire. Starting as a human, you can further choose whether to play a standard, unclassed human or a classed one. Currently, class choices consist of Blood Thief, Sorcerer, or Paladin. If you choose to start as a normal human, you can choose to pursue a class later.

Classed Humans (Blood Thief, Paladin or Sorcerer) start at level 1. Normal humans start at level 5. Humans have a much harder time in gaining experience and leveling. Classed humans gain experience easier than a standard human, though it is still at a lesser rate than a vampire. Human stats are much lower than their vampire counterparts; this is to follow the realism of vampires vs. humans.

Humans have 10 pints of blood. They gain 1 pint of blood at each sunrise, if they are lower than their max. Vampires can feed from humans, which lowers the human's blood by 1 and relocates them to a random part of the grid. The random move is a survival technique that makes it harder for a vampire (or set of vampires) to drain the human dry.

If a human is drained of all their blood, and brought to 0, they will be immediately hospitalized and given one week to recover. It is therefore impossible for a human to die, unless the player kills them off under the 'Settings' page. Should a player kill off a human, the character is sent to the Shadow Realm. Currently, humans cannot return from the SR.

Should a human choose a sire, they will become a childe of that vampire, becoming immortal themselves. A turning request can be sent to the desired sire from the 'More Commands' page. At the time of the request, the human choose their path and their stats will increase accordingly once the request has been accepted. The vampire will then have the choice to either accept or reject your request, turning you into a vampire or leaving you to remain human.

Human Powers

Hunter Aid

This skill allows humans who recognise at least 1 vampire (and thereby know of the existence of vampries) to call on NPC hunters to come and hit the target on their behalf. The hunter will pop up, hit the vamp anonymously, and go away again. The hunters have decent stats, so you might find yourself getting hit by this quite often. There's a catch to this power though! A human can only get hunters to help them hit a vampire if the vampire has more than $500 bounty. This is only because the hunters only keep files on those whose bounties go above $500 dollars, allowing them to know who they are supposed to attack.


As any good hunter knows, the best time to hit a vampire is during the daylight hours, when they are sleeping or weakened. This skill is only usable on vampires who have not yet moved since the sunrise hour, thus simulating the idea that the vampire was attacked during daylight hours (from their perspective, at least). What does it do, though? Well, if you catch a vampire sleeping, you're aiming at a sitting duck, so you get a certain hit on them. Not quite chopping their head off, Van Helsing style, but it's not half bad for a puny human, neither!

Required EXP for next level

If you are curious as to how to level a human character and get to the next level, the chart below will list the amount of EXP needed for each level.

((Level x 200) x ((Level x 0.2) +1) x2 for Classed humans) (x4 for Unclassed humans)
Level Classed Unclassed § § Level Classed Unclassed § § Level Classed Unclassed
1 Base Base 16 26,880 53,760 31 89,280 178,560
2 Free Free 17 29,920 59,840 32 99,440 189,440
3 1,920 Free 18 33,120 66,240 33 100,320 200,640
4 2,880 Free 19 36,480 72,960 34 106,080 212,160
5 4,000 Free 20 40,000 80,000 35 112,000 224,000
6 5,280 10,560 21 43,680 97,360 36 118,080 236,160
7 6,720 13,440 22 47,520 95,040 37 124,320 248,640
8 8,320 13,440 23 53,520 103,040 38 130,720 261,440
9 10,080 20,160 24 55,680 111,360 39 137,280 274,560
10 12,000 24,000 25 60,000 120,000 40 144,000 288,000
11 14,080 28,160 26 64,480 128,960 41 150,880 301,760
12 16,320 32,640 27 69,120 138,240 42 157,920 315,840
13 21,280 42,560 28 36,960 147,840 43 165,120 330,240
14 21,280 42,560 29 78,880 157,760 44 172,480 344,960
15 24,000 48,000 30 84,000 168,000 45 180,000 360,000


Upon being drained of blood down to 0, humans will be hospitalized in HR General. They are able to move around the hospital without any problem, but are too weak to step outside for 1 week, regardless of level. They will show as having a critical wound, but it doesn't affect any of their stats, it simply shows up in order to remind the human roughly how long they have left before they can leave. While in the hospital, they cannot be attacked, as the security in there is too tight and there are too many witnesses.

Humans can now receive non-critical wounds in all of the same ways as a vampire can. (Traps, sentry, summoned NPCs, skirmishing, powers.) Instead of feeding on them for 2 blood when you click "attack them", it will act as a normal attack instead, and yes humans can also attack humans now too, if they recognise the target.

Powers (quick casting or normal) will also list the humans you recognise in your square, allowing you to do things like throw them out of heavily populated areas or whatever else you can think of.

Humans will be defeated when they reach 0 blood, at which point they will be transported to a hospital, the same as if they were "killed" by feeding. .

Admission Desks

Hospitals have been updated recently, and both of the buildings now have "admission desks", which act as a hospital reception where you can check yourself in to get your wounds healed up. This is a human only feature, due to the average vampire's rather abnormal biological properties. Each treatment in a hospital costs $500, and will patch up 1 selected wound, making it 1 stat-point less damaging. Wounds with only 1 point of damage remaining wont show up as treatable, because even after getting a wound stitched up you're going to be a little weaker for a while. The duration of the wound cannot be decreased, and wounds cannot be fully healed, they can just be made to cripple you less.

Human Statistics

'Basic Human Stats’
Starting Stats
Strength 3
Dexterity 3
Charisma 3
Intelligence 4
Willpower 4
Skill 4
Stamina 0
Healing 0
Arcane 10

Game Play Stats [Taken from Dex's Guide]

Energy: 10.0 / 38

Energy is AP, it tells you how many moves you can make in a day. Different actions cost different amounts of energy.

Blood: 8 / 10

Blood indicates your health. Once you hit 0 blood you will be taken to HR General Hospital.

Anima: 3 / 20

Anima is basically AP for magic casting. Currently, humans are unable to gain or use anima.

Cash: $100

Pretty self explanatory, used to purchase goods and services.

Human Roleplay

Because you are a human, you have a few roleplay rules that come with the territory. As well, we will include some general tips on roleplaying a human in the Path of the Vampire Universe. Hopefully these should help you develop your character.

Human Guidelines

  • Right off the bat, you should know as a human, you only have one crownet you can post on, which is located here. This is where humans discuss the "crazy" legends of vampires or other issues. Be aware that vampires can post here, but that as a human, you should try hard to have your character not believe them. However if your character has seen a vampire feeding or fighting, it is quite acceptable for you to believe and or perhaps pursue the life of being a vampire hunter. Be forewarned, this road is not easy.

  • Once your vampire is turned, you will then be able to start a roleplay here, and then move onto other parts of the roleplay and crownet boards.

  • If you have a specific siring plan you would like or are looking for a sire, and want a feel for other characters, it would benefit you to post here. This way you can make your wishes know for a sire before the possibility of being accidentally or deliberately turned.
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