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For a regular human to become a classed human, they must complete a specific quest to unlock that particular set of powers.


Blood Thief

Blood Thief icon

Blood thieves are humans able to feed on and gain strength from the blood of vampires. To become a Blood Thief, you must find an NPC blood thief. They are willing to teach non-gang members how to use vampire blood to become like them. In order to be taught, you will need $10,000 on hand as well as the identities of at least 5 vampires. Once you have these things, an NPC blood thief will be willing to trade their knowledge with you. Simply follow the instructions on screen.


  • Blood thieves are able to steal blood from vampires in order to gain a huge boost in stats, as well as temporarily inheriting the powers of the vampire they drank from (starting duration is 1 day, and can be increased by gaining blood thief powers).
  • They do not become vampires, and they are still mostly human. They will be able to walk around in the sun, and are not targets of the fae.


  • This cannot be undone! Once you have drunk vampire blood, you are forever tainted.
  • Vampires will no doubt target you even more than before.
  • You will be unable to use regular human skills, such as Sandman (you feel the effects of daylight, and it does make you weaker, while not harming you) or Hunter Aid (most hunters are unwilling to deal with blood thieves).


Paladin icon

Paladins are a class of humans with special abilities, allowing them to more effectively fight the undead. In order to become a Paladin, you must find a Paladin Berserker NPC in the sewers. They will require you to kill 10 zombies and provide $10,000 on hand. Once you have met the requirements, the paladin berserker will be willing to trade their knowledge with you. Once you've learned the art of the Paladin, you will also be given 5 PXP and maximum anima to start you off


  • This class is designed to hunt and kill undead creatures (mostly vampires though.)
  • They do not become vampires, and they are still mostly human. They will be able to walk around in the sun, and are not targets of fae.


  • Realize that once you start targeting Vampires, you will become a major target for the Vampire community.
  • Blood thieves may have better combat oriented powers.


Sorcerer icon

Sorcerers are humans with the ability to focus a specific kind of energy, known as chi in order to produce magical feats. In order for a regular human to become a Sorcerer, they must track down an NPC Apprentice Sorcerer. For some strange reason, they require that you engage and flee from 5 wolves and provide $10,000. Once you have met these requirements, the apprentice will train you to be a sorcerer; you will be given 5 PXP and your maximum anima to start.


  • They have the ability to heal the wounds of any of their allies.
  • The ability to help someone (or themselves) gain energy for anima, or anima for energy.
  • Sorcerer gain +1 blood each day.
  • Their anima increases at the same rate each day as vampires, if their blood is high.


  • Being a generally supportive class, Sorcerer's aren't very combat oriented.
  • Blood Thieves and Paladins may have better combat oriented powers.
  • They only gain PXP if anima is used at least once per day.

Dual Classes

Classed humans may choose a second class. Your character will have to complete a slightly harder mission than the basic unlock missions to unlock a second class. This will cost you $50,000 and 50 PXP, but will allow your character access to the powers of the second class, at double the PXP cost. Each class combination has a unique "bridge" power per dual class, which means that a paladin who takes sorcerer will gain a completely different power to a paladin who takes blood thievery. There's also the option of "doubling down" on the original class, which also gives a unique power, and boosts all stats by +1 to make up for the powers you won't gain from the second class.

To gain dual powers, locate the NPC who hands out human class quest of your chosen second class. The missions are similar to the normal class missions, but with more difficult tasks. No matter which dual class is chosen, PXP, blood and anima are gained in the same way as the primary class. However, anyone taking blood thievery as their dual class will gain the ability to feed on vampires.

Dark Theurgy

Paladin + Sorcerer
Using one of your physical weapons, attack any vampire no matter where they are. Cannot cause critical hits.
Anima cost: 4

Notes: Yes, this only works on vampires. It can only be used once per day (or until they move) as it acts just like a skirmish attack. From a roleplay perspective, the attack is almost like a voodoo doll (without any voodoo involved). The attack transfers from thin air, into the body of the target. There are no portals involved.

Enthrall Vampire

Blood Thief + Paladin
Enthrall and command a low-level NPC vampire in complete secrecy.
Anima cost: 10

Notes: The vampire starts with stats of 8 in each attribute, and 2 for each skill. The reason they are weaker than even level 1 vampires is that the process of enthrallment has left them unable to concentrate properly, as they are being dominated against their will. Vampire thralls cannot level up, but they do get to spend the 10 PXP they start with, for use on their starting path (which is random). They do not gain PXP each day, however. One of the most useful things about a vampire thrall is that it can attack anonymously. Although the target will be able to tell they are a thrall, it will not say who the thrall belongs to. Additionally, seeing as vampires can tell others of their kind apart from humans, the vampire thrall will be able to spot any vampire. However, as their memory is hazy and their skills are limited, they are unable to pass identities onto their owner, so they act more as spotters rather than giving identities to their masters.

Numinous Intuition

Paladin + Paladin
Makes you able to sense vampires coming. Gives +3 dex while being skirmished, and ensures retaliation, sentry and sentinel modes are attempted 100% of the time.
Anima cost: 0 (always active)

Notes: A powerful talent which has no uses other than surviving PVP skirmishes. This will not let you spot vampires when moving around, though, because from a roleplay perspective it merely lets you know they are nearby and coming for you.

Trayonetic Necromancy

Sorcerer + Blood Thief
Create a trayonetic wolf, which can be used to stand guard, to fight for practice, or as a unique thrall.
Anima cost: 5

Notes: You have two options when creating a Trayon Wolf (who is essentially a dead wolf infused with vampire blood, making them more powerful than a normal wolf, and less brainless than zombies). You can either summon one as a guard NPC, who acts in the same way as a summoned zombie, but with a vastly improved chance to hit. This first type can also be used to fight for decent EXP and some valuable loot. Or you can summon one as a thrall / pet, who can be moved around to skirmish other player characters and hunt for prey. A thrall of this type will also attack anyone passing it by automatically, so it can double as a guard dog. It cannot pick things up, fight NPCs, or use most objects such as terminals. Its stats are as follows: str: 6, dex: 8, char: 0, int: 1, will: 7, ski: 4, sta: 3, heal: 5.

Yao-Jen Sage

Sorcerer + Sorcerer
Gain the power of the oracle, and foretell possible threads of the future. Can be used to find random events, and to get clues to possible chapter and mission outcomes.
Anima cost: 3

Notes: This power has potential as a solid EXP gainer, for yourself or for allies. It could also be used as an avenue of profit, allowing you to sell event locations to other characters in a similar way to the Oracle. However, it only has as many uses per day as your anima cap allows. There will also be added usefulness in chapters and missions, both of which will display extra, hidden messages for yao-jen sages that will give them clues to the best courses of action. In roleplay, this is not to be used to foretell how a thread will end, unless you have permission of all those involved. Also note that from a roleplay perspective, it is not 100% accurate as a method of divination, as it sees possible threads of the future, rather than certainties.

Attuned Lamarckian

Blood Thief + Blood Thief
Allows you to steal bridge powers when feeding from vampires. Anima cost: 0

Notes: This one is fairly simple, if you are familiar with vampire powers. It will let you steal and use all tier 1 bridge vampire powers that the target has unlocked.

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